Cupid’s Not Stupid

Waiting for my next shopping trip.

Hey, in just about three short weeks, Cupid’s coming to your town.  He visits Here quite often.  He especially visits around St. Valentine’s Day.  He’s not The Fat Man, who visits in December, but he does bring nice gifts.  I suppose he might be kind of like The Fat Man because he’s a chubby little guy.  But some people say I’m a chubby guy and I don’t look like Cupid!  But I digress….. so sorry.

I’ve got an appointment at a great store where I live to go shopping for Them for Valentine’s Day.  (Actually, it’s an appointment for Her to take me there so I can share my shopping suggestions with you.)  You’ll want to stay tuned because I’ll be making a gift list to share. I’ll be making my list around the first week of February, so check back in at The Scottie Chronicles to see what I’ve found.  Some of it will be Scottie stuff, there’ll be lots of dog stuff… and, oh, there’ll be lots of human stuff, too.  (Can’t forget about our humans, can we?)

Stay tuned.

What You Learned Today:

  • There’s another Fat Man named “Cupid.”
  • He visits especially around St. Valentine’s Day – that’s February 14 for all you folks who may not be in the know.  (We Scotties know just about everything, so it’s up to me to share what I know with you.)
  • Valentine’s Day is a great day to show people you like them, you care about them – heck’ you may even love them.
  • Stay tuned for my “Cupid’s Not Stupid Valentine’s Day Gift List”

About The Scottie Chronicles

As a nine-year old brindle, black and white (yes, you read that correctly) Scottish Terrier, I have plenty to bark about! Come along with me on my journey through life. With two peeps. A couple of girlfriends next door. And lots of friends in the blog-o-sphere. ArrOOOO!
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2 Responses to Cupid’s Not Stupid

  1. We can’t wait to see all the fun stuff you’ll be sharing with us for Valentine’s day, Stuart!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. We look forward to your Valentine gift suggestions – you are one savvy shopper.

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