T-Storm Trauma

Oh good grief. There hasn’t been a storm in a while. Bite my tongue….here comes one. YIKES! I hate thunderstorms.

“Can I just hide here under your leg for a while my peep?”

“Yes, of course you can, little Stu. Just because you’re turning a big 6 years old in a couple of weeks doesn’t mean you can’t be scared sometimes. You’re always safe with me little man.”

“Whew. Thanks. I needed that.”

What You Learned Today:

  • I HATE thunderstorms.
  • It’s never a pretty sight to see a Scottie be scared, but, hey, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, right?
  • I’m never too proud to hide.

About The Scottie Chronicles

I'm an eight-year old brindle, black and white (yes, you read that correctly) Scottish Terrier with plenty to bark about! Come along with me on my journey through life. With two peeps. A couple of girlfriends next door. And lots of friends in the blog-o-sphere.
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23 Responses to T-Storm Trauma

  1. Scout says:

    Stu, I hate thunderstorms too! They are so icky. We had one Monday too and I dug at the rug in the bathroom until there were little blue threads all over the place (quite attractive I must say). I keep trying to get in the tub. It just seems like the bathtub will make it all better when my peep isn’t home to help me cope. I think she’s thinking about getting me a Thunder Shirt. Something she’s read a lot about that might help me. Have you tried that Stu? As long as it doesn’t make me look too ridiculous I guess I could give it a whirl. But, I’m right there with ya Stu. Storms – GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    • Hi Scout,

      I have to tell you that though I’ve never tried a real Thundershirt, our dogtor, Dr. Elliott, told Us about a similar idea when I was a wee pup. And it worked. See, the idea is that the pressure around your body helps you calm down. So, you can do the same thing with a small T-shirt. Just make sure you’re snug as a bug in that thing and you’ll be fine. We did it around fireworks time, too, when I was a little lad. I don’t use the shirt anymore, but I still hate STORMS AND FIREWORKS. Try the tight T-shirt and let me know how it works for you.

      Arooooo! Stuart

      • Scout says:

        Aroooo Stuart.

        Thanks for the info. I’ll have my peep get me a tight-T. So, Stu, it helped and you aren’t as freaked by storms or fireworks any more? That’s wonderful because I know starting the first of July I’m a mess for about 2 weeks from the idiots constantly setting off fire crackers, etc. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Thanks again!!


  2. Susie & Sidebite says:

    When I was a wee pup of 10 months the doggy doc had my peeps put me in a t-shirts for people fears, cause I would just hide in the dog house or my fravorite spot inside, my bed in the corner behind dads chair, it worked, now the back yard is mine, still I afraid of most people, except for mom & dad, and I sleep through the worst thunderstorms. Beside this was during the winter and it sure was warm out in the snow! Sidebite is a different story, he’s just like you, gets on the chair with dad, he is also 6 years old, wonder if that is an issue, hope I don’t catch it.

  3. Jazzi says:

    Oh I am right withya Stuart on this one. I HATE the thunder in the thunderstorm!! Good place to hide though. Keep safe

    Jazzi and Addy

  4. Douglas says:

    I don’t like fireworks, but as long as I’m inside with my Peeps, I usually just ignore them. Now, whenever it rains, I sit by the door like I have to potty so I can just walk around outside! If there’s a lot of lightning, Mommy will only let me go out if I really have to potty. If there’s no lightning, she just sighs and put on her rain jacket BOL!


  5. christina says:

    Oh Stuart! I’m so glad you have such nice people to help you through your fears! Jacque hates all loud outdoor noises like thunder and fireworks. He hides under the sink in the laundry room! Poor guy. I have thought about those shirt too, also that rescue remedy stuff. I’ve had a few people suggest that to me. I hope the storm is all over! You are never too old to be scared sometimes!

  6. Kyla says:

    Stuart, you’d hate it here. We don’t get thunderstorms but we get monsoons in July through early September. There’s a lot of wind, lightening and thunder with the rain being optional. It usually happens just around the time the sun goes down in the west. Sometimes there’s so much lightening, it looks like daytime. Kenzie and I are used to it and actually look out the window to enjoy the beauty. I guess it comes down to what you’re accustomed.


    Sid hides in the closet when it thunders or when there are fireworks. Mom tried Rescue Remedy and a tee shirt for Sid. They really didn’t work. Even though I am much younger than Sid, I don’t let anything bother me. Love Shelby.

  8. Daisy says:

    We think you’re getting braver, ’cause you’re usually in the upstairs bathroom. I, Daisy, always bark at the thunder and it usually goes away after awhile.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. edgar says:

    thunder doesn’t bother me…but those fireworks just undo me! i bark and bark and bark to tell them to just SHUT UP already!!! grrrrr!


  10. Lee says:

    I am not bothered by noise! What bothers me is the quiet with snow.
    I think those Thunder Shirts have the same principle as a straight jacket! Or making the cattle walk through a tight area before they get electrocuted. Temple Grandin who has autism got the principle started.
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Paws To Talk says:


    We hate thunderstorms too. Sometimes we hide in our humans shower when we sense one coming. We don’t know why. When the storm arrives, we hunker down in our beds clutching plush toys. We hope there are no storms today.

    Bella and DiDi

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