I’m So Depressed

Look how wide I am.

Oh me. Ever since I went to the vet earlier this week, I’m just beside myself. And I was looking at some pictures of me when I was a puppy. Noticing how slim I was. Now here I am, nothing but a fat old man. I’ll turn four years old next month and this is what I’ve got to show for it.


What You Learned Today:

  • We dogs get depressed, too. You humans haven’t cornered the market on that little emotion.
  • I exercise twice a day. They take me on walks.  TWICE A DAY!
  • When I need to run, I run. Let me tell you. If there’s a rabbit in an alley, I haul freight and chase it. I can really move let me tell you.
  • Why am I gaining weight?
  • Do you think it’s because I’m so good all the time and They reward me with treats? Could that be the trouble?
  • Sigh. I think I’ll just sit here in the yard for a while now that the snow’s gone. And think about it.

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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6 Responses to I’m So Depressed

  1. Abigail says:

    Scotties can be very sensitive, Pippi knows when she is being laughed at.

  2. You don’t look phat to us, Stuart! Maybe you just need a wee trim to feel slimmer?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

    • Oh Maggie and Mitch. What am I going to do? I’m keeping a food diary. Well, She’s keeping it for me. I tried some carrots last night. But maybe you’re right. A hair cut – down to the skin – now that’s GOT to be a pound or two???? Roo Roo, Stuart

  3. edgar says:

    i really think it’s just an unflattering camera angle. really – i do!

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