A Sunday Roo

I wish this picture had sound to go with it. Then you could hear my “Rooooooooo.” Which is what I’m doing here.

What You Learned Today:

  • “Arroo Roos” help us communicate.  They’re not barks, whines or whimpers. They can be loud of soft.
  • Sometimes they sound like little growls.
  • Each Scottie has a different way of Roo Roo’ing.
  • Some dogs “yap,” some dogs “Roooo Rooooo!”
  • “AAARoooooo!” to you and yours today!

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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4 Responses to A Sunday Roo

  1. Piper MacT says:

    I only arroo on Sundays, when the bells from the church on the next block start to ring for the 11:00 mass.

    Dad says I sound like an air-raid siren with a bad case of asthma…

  2. ARRRROOOOO, ROOOOO to you too!! You should hear us when we all get the chorus going.

  3. We would love to hear your roooooooooo, Stuart!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

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