No Pets in Bed??

All tucked in. Ready for nighty nite in the BIG BED.

I just read a blog post here on WordPress that I thought you’d like to see. Check this out.

Get this. It seems there’s a couple of “scientists” who think people who sleep with their dogs and other pets are kind of crazy. That’s my take on it anyway.

Now, I ask you, are your peeps guilty of “excessive pet care”??????

Here’s a question for today:

How many of you and your pals sleep with their peeps?

What You Learned Today:

  • Glad to know that my peeps and I aren’t the only ones who think pets BELONG in the big bed!
  • Now, I understand if somebody has allergies and stuff. Or if sleeping on the big bed is against your house rules just because, or if you’re just too darned big to FIT in the big bed.
  • There’s a study that says it’s the wrong thing to do. Sleep with your peeps. Uh, make that – for you human readers – “sleep with your pets.”
  • Do you sleep with your peeps????
  • You gotta tell me ’cause I’m dying to know.

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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33 Responses to No Pets in Bed??

  1. Peggy says:

    Being raised in a family with no animals allowed in the home made it harder for our parents to accept our dogs being inside.Button is still not allowed in my mom’s house. And Button has been taught not to get on furniture or the beds. She’s on her special quilt on my lap for ball games and tv. Has her own cozy bed and blankie for night time in the laundry room. The neighborhood cats were waking her with their prowling and the 2 am barking was too disturbing. So she’s happier there and we all sleep better.

    • I know this happens. No pets inside. And, to tell you the truth, They really didn’t think They’d ever let me sleep with Them. But, I do.

      I only get on three pieces of furniture. And big beds – covered up mind you! – when We travel.

      Aaroooo! Stuart
      PS I have three beds of my own in the house, but only sleep on two of them. Go figure.

  2. georgie says:

    Scientist = people that get paid to say stupid things…are they crazy? why would anyone sleep on the floor when we don’t take up much room in the bed. not to mention, the peeps like to snuggle too. the scientist probably think we need to be tied up in the yard too. lets see how they like sleeping on the floor or being tired up out in the yard.. grrrrrrrr. how upsetting,…I need a biscuit after all that.

  3. edgar says:

    holy moley stuart! what a silly correlation those people made. i sleep in the big bed with mom and sammy-cat while charlie sleeps on the sofa. i slept in my crate until i was 1 and 1/2 (she didn’t trust me not to chase the kitties and have an accident – i declare!) sometimes in the summertime when it’s too hot in the big bed i still go in my crate to sleep – or on the cool wood floor.


    • I do this, too, Edgar. Sometimes, I don’t get in the big bed until late, late or early in the morning. (Boy – to live with a kitty! that’d be fun!)

      Arrooo, Stuart

      • edgar says:

        we had another thought too stuart…isn’t mental health and contentment just as important as physical health???



          Like I said, I don’t think them ‘ole scientists have pets. At least I wipe my feet before I crawl jump into bed. I shudder to think what’s in people’s beds without pets. If it’s all about the germs, then go live in a bubble!!

          ArrrrrooooOOOOO! Stuart

  4. Fily says:

    Well what nerve those scientists have!!! The four of us sleep together on the VERY big (king-sized) bed because we’re kind of a pack, after all, and we all love to snuggle!!! Of course, by morning, the two human members have been shoved to their respective edges of the bed, and the much smaller Scotties have somehow taken over the entire middle. Sometimes the Scotties end up on the pillows cuddled next to the humans.

    On vacation we cover beds and couches with clean blankets and then let the Scotties up on them. Those are the places that allow dogs inside, that is. The only ones we go to! Guess we won’t be visiting the scientists any time soon…..

    When we had our big dog, Bella (malamute shepherd mix) she would cuddle with us on the bed before lights out, then go to her very cozy basket bed next to the big bed to spend the night. The three of us just couldn’t get comfy together, and really, it was Bella’s choice.

    So, cuddling is a priority with us and our four-legged companions, it seems! But we do remember that dogs are dogs, not humans, and we make sure to show them the respect of treating them like dogs. We expect good manners and dog-like behavior. And they expect us to act like humans, not dogs, so it all works out!!!

    Arrooos to all!
    The Chester Scottie Clan

    • That’s quite a sleeping arrangement you have there! Sounds like there’s even room for ME! You know, you bring up a very good point. Dogs are dogs and humans are humans, but, We’re all a pack aren’t We??

      Maybe those scientists don’t have any pets. I feel sorry for them, don’t you?

      ArrOOOOOO! Nice to hear from you guys, Stuart

  5. We think pets who sleep with their hoomans are lucky! We have our own plush cushy beds with a blankie but we see all of the other doggies sleeping with their people and we want to try that out too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

    • Y’all would fit nicely in your big bed, don’t you think??? But you know what? I like to sleep in my own little bed from time to time. Like I’m about to do now. While She transcribes my thoughts for me…. a little snore, a little typing. Ahhh…. it’s a good life.

      Arrooo Rooo, Stuart

  6. Jean says:

    Stuart: When I was just a puppy and would hurt myself if I jumped off the bed, my Mommy would take a nap and hold the end of the leash so I could nap with her. I now sleep with her and Daddy every night, just like God intended. My auntie has six small dogs and she and her husband sleep with all of them.

    If that is crazy, then we are proud of it!!!!


  7. Duncan says:

    We hang out with our peeps on the sofa but sleep in our crates. Both of our people have allergy problems and decided that keeping the bedroom pet free was a good idea. (We have two cats in the house also). I like sleeping in my crate. I feel like I’m ‘off-duty’ then. Don’t have to keep my eyes and ears open for any unexpected critters or people. I’m really happy to hear that so many of your friends sleep with their peeps. You can’t believe everything you read.
    – Duncan

    • Did I ever tell you guys that She has allergies, too? And Her doctor said “no sleeping with your dog” and She said, “No way!”

      I do understand the pet allergy thing, though. Crates are GOOD!

      Arrroooodles, Stuart

  8. Hey Stuart,

    Our Mom would probably let all of us on the bed, but our Dad is a bit of a meanie! He says no dogs on the bed, but occasionally Lilly sneaks up there, especially if Mom is sick. Lilly sleeps in her own bed on the floor, but the rest of us sleep in crates at night. We go to be around 10:00pm and no one hears a peep out of us until about 10:00am. We love our crates.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

    • I think I would have loved my crate, too, if I’d stayed in it after being a little wee one. She just couldn’t put me down, so here I am, all up in Their faces ALL the time. Well, almost. I do love my crate when We travel.

      I snore. Do you guys snore?

      ArrrrOOOOOO! Stuart

  9. Kyla says:

    What’s that about fleas in the SW? In parts of Nevada and Arizona there are no fleas and ticks. The only time I get medicine is when I travel (like to Montana last August).

    I’m welcome on the bed but Kenzie the Westie is not. If someone (including me) moves, Kenzie has a loud fit. Kenzie is locked in a crate because he really wants to come to our bed and disturb our sleep. I wonder about Kenzie.

    I beat them to the bed. I arrange everything just so. They call it “landscaping” when I arrange the covers and/or pillows just the way I like them. I sleep on His side and He can really play the pretzel trying to avoid me because I usually take all the pillows or plop myself down in the middle of where He wants to sleep. I’m a little devil, aren’t I?

    • You know, I thought about you when I read that part of the study. Fleas in the SW? What? We don’t have them here in the SE or Mid-Atlantic (depends on who you ask as to what’s called what in this region)??? Are fleas out where you live bigger than you are Kyla?? I doubt it.

      Ah me. Time to rearrange the bed. Dig a nice, warm hole in the middle of the covers and hunker down. And, yes, you are a little devil. But show me a Scottie who’s NOT.

      ArooooooooOOOOOOO! Stuart

  10. Piper MacT says:

    I’m not allowed up on the bed, but am allowed on the couch when we watch tv, or dad takes a nap. It’s not too bad, I do have a nice traveling crate that I sleep in, which is at the foot of their bed, and a comfy doggie bed in the living room that I like to curl up in.

  11. Mayzie says:

    No, me and Brudder Ranger don’t. We sleep in our condos. But mom and dad take plenty of naps with us and stuff. And in the mornings we get in bed and snuggle with them. They say it’s not cuz they DON’T want to sleep with us. They say it’s cuz we ONLY have a queen size bed and it would get TOO full with 2 humans, 2 kittehs and 2 doggies on the bed. I pawsonally think they just need to buy a bigger bed. Or kick the kittehs out.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Daisy says:

    Scientists work with rats. And we can see why they don’t want to sleep with them; but US? That’s just rediculous.

    We like afternoons on the big bed, but not all night. SHE is too restless and we can’t sleep properly.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. Jazzi says:

    I will take naps with my Mom but at night time, I sleep in my crate in their room. I dont mind it cuz I would be to squished with them!! I sleep bout anywhere during the daytime.


  14. Hoke says:

    I have a mind of my own…I’m allowed to sleep on the bed but sometimes I would rather sleep on the floor or the step or maybe in the closet so I jump off the bed. I do need some steps though cause shes afraid I will break a hip. That would stink. I also read that scientists say that you can get sick from sleeping by your dog. Bonkers is what we think.

    Let me ask you this Stuart…do you take up a lot of room in that bed? They say I’m a bed hog. Can you imagine???

  15. Tobias says:

    Hey There Stuart – I sleep on my Dad in the recliner during the daytime, but do take turns with the girls also. Am afraid of heights so do not sleep with Mom in the evenings, curl up on my own fleece bed right next to her. The girls, Mom and both sisters sleep with Mom at night and various places during the day. We all laughed at the ‘no pets in bed’ report on TV. We like that our peeps let us stay with them..Best Tobias

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