Dog Diet Dilema: Can You Help?

Seems I'm always thinking about food.....

Or am I? Y’all know that I’m dealing with a weight issue. I’m hovering at just under 25 pounds (by all the hairs on my chinny chin chin) and my vet doesn’t like that very much. Actually, my peeps are a little worried, too. It’s not that I’m obese or anything…but They don’t want my health to suffer from extra pounds. Breathing problems, leg and feet problems…you name it. Lots can happen from carrying around extra poundage.

Y’all have generously let me know your thoughts about my weight. And I’m grateful.

So here I am asking for your thoughts about my diet.

See, I had the best visit with my Godmother Carol a while ago. She trimmed me up around the edges. I’m looking fine…let me tell you.

I digress.

Come to find out, lots of dog food companies have been bought by big ‘ole human food manufacturers lately. And the consistency between bags of kibble, for example, can be a problem. Let alone all the filler and grains that are added and the sodium they add to make it taste better. (That adds water weight, too.)

We figured, Godmother Carol, my peep and me, that maybe I’m not eating too much stuff, it might be that I’m eating stuff that’s not the best for me or consistently manufactured. Know what I mean? I promise I don’t eat that many treats and I don’t eat too much of my kibble. And you KNOW I love my green beans and they’re not bad for me.

So, here’s my question: what do YOU eat? Do you have a food you really like? Do you eat homemade stuff? Vegetables and stuff? Are you on a raw diet?

Tell me what you think about my theory. ‘Cause I really want to know.

BTW – We’re pretty sure I’m healthy. My coat is quite stunning if I say so myself. No other issues, so We don’t think I have a thyroid problem or anything like that.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

What You Learned Today:

  • A dog’s diet is pretty important.
  • I’m eating the right amount of my kibble. I think.
  • But maybe I’m not losing any weight because I’m eating a bunch of filler?? Or too many grains???
  • Oh me. I can’t figure it out.
  • I’d love your thoughts.
  • Oh…BTW…I know I’m one of those Scotties who’ll be on the “heavy side.” My father was a stocky mass of muscle let me tell you!

UPDATE: Boy. You guys are great to share your diets with me. We’re going to re-examine my own diet and see what’s up. THANKS EVER SO.

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Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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16 Responses to Dog Diet Dilema: Can You Help?

  1. Jean says:

    Stuart: Maggie here. My mommy only buys me Natural Balance Fish (salmon) and Sweet Potato dog food that she gets at Petco. Us California Scotties are prone to allergies so I get nothing with any type of wheat product. The only snacks I get are dried chicken breast strips(nothing but chicken) and liver treats (nothing but dried liver) from Trader Joe’s. She also has found some Potatoe and Duck limited ingredient treats by Natural Balance at Petco. I think the key is no fillers which add weight and aren’t good for dogs anyway. No table food, no canned food. Mommy lets me self feed, not on a schedule, and I do just fine. Of course chasing the birds and doing my scottie run around the yard helps with the exercise. My mommy said she will send you some of the Trader Joe’s treats if you can’t find them back there. The liver is like the very bestest in the world!!!! Good luck!


  2. Daisy says:

    We’re basically on a raw diet. We eat kangaroo, chicken necks, and kibble with sardines. We have carrots, pumpking and green beans with the meat and sometimes rice. However, as I sometimes scratch for no apparent reason we’re about to try Canidae salmon with veggies and fruit. (The only product that is grain-free in Australia)

    I tend to be right on the upper limit for a scottie, but I AM a big scottie. (I also think the skin over my ribs is just extra thick….my opinion.) We do get a dog biscuit bone for breakfast and share a slice of cheese in the evening.

    Good luck, seems like whatever I eat just sticks to me. Bella and Kendra are just thin….sigh.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella


  3. Duncan says:

    Hi Stuart,
    I eat Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison. I get green beans, animal cookies, and a daily Milk Bone. I scratch a LOT. MyPerson just can’t say no to me when I want a treat. Not sure it’s the wheat in them but it could be. I also have my kibble limited so I don’t gain too much weight. I would eat all day if I was able. Good Luck with the diet thing. – Duncan

  4. Kyla says:

    I’ll eat anything-rocks, shoes or whatever. He feeds me pumpkin out of a can (100%-not the pie filling) and vegetarian kibble (mixes up Nature’s recipe, Natural Balance and Avoderm). Kenzie has IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and thrives on this so I get it also. I wonder about Kenzie. I get home made peanut butter treats but Kenzie doesn’t.

  5. Noodle Dog says:

    My mom feeds me only Natural Balance food. I like the venison & sweet potato kibble, with some of the same canned mixed in for my coat, & get the fish & sweet potato treat, & some times a little chunk of chicken. I’m tiny for a scottie (16 lbs) and I’m a very active girl. Mom worries about my weight, & feeds me extra when it melts off me. I am a rescue, and mom had a bad time finding a food that I could eat & not be sick from.

  6. Georgie says:

    well Stuart, since I live with big dogs, we get the 50lb bag every 2 weeks. I used to get my special food, but the ingredients were the same. now we all eat the same thing. but, since mums son in law spends all day with horses, we get the best stuff from the same people that make the horse food. farm supply stores are the best and they smell great. And, we are all thin. we eat 3 small meals a day, but, that’s the same amount other dogs eat in a day. NO people food… we are all thin…but we get a lot of exercise…thats the secret, exercise, and lots of it..

  7. Louise says:

    My Scottie eat a product call ‘Dr Bruce’s All Natural’ it is a natural wheaty mix of stuff you make up with Kangaroo meat. No fat there! All three of my Scotties eat it, and my 15 year old Westie cross. She has/had lots of skin issue and we haven’t seen any of them since she went onto this food a few years ago. If I have been slack and not made up the good food in time, I feed them Nature’s Gift. The only problem I see with all my useful advice, is I am not sure any of this food is for sale in the US. Good luck 🙂
    Louise 🙂

  8. Mitch eats Eagle Pack Holistic and I’m on a home cooked diet to spare my kidneys.
    We were just at Tula’s blog and she lost a lot of weight and looks wonderful, Stuart. You might want to stop by and ask her how she did it.

    Good luck!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Hi Stuart,

    We eat Kirland Brand Puppy Chow from Costco, even though we are adults. Mom always gives us an Omega-3 capsule on top of it at night and a bit of olive oil on our morning food. We also get green beans, pumpkin, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, salmon, sardines and a rice/beef dish that Mom makes for us. She varies our diet from day to day.

    We are stocky – and probably weigh between 20 and 27 pounds – Ruairi is the smallest and Carrleigh is the largest, but we are in great proportion and our Vet doesn’t think we are too heavy – we have nice coats too. If we were hitting the show circuit, we would be more concerned about our weight, but as we are not doing that, it doesn’t bother us. Our Mom likes for a Scottie to feel muscular – and our Vet says picking up one of us is like picking up a cinder-block with a head on it – hehehe!

    We do get some people food too – on Friday night we had some small slivers of pizza. And one night last week we got a spoonful of taco meat with some cheese, lettuce and tomato on top of our kibble. Popcorn is one of our favorites!! It makes life fun for us!

    Have a fantastic weekend.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  10. Hey, Stu –
    Mu Mama feeds me only Science Diet – the small bites Lamb Meal and Brown Rice formula. I only get 1/4 cup (level!) twice a day and when I went to the vet last summer they were so happy because I had lost 2 pounds (down to 30). Mama doesn’t think I know it, but I am going back to the vet tomorrow for my — yikes — shots and annual physical – maybe I will have lost a wee bit more. Now, I don’t think I am fat (nor does anybody else) but they say they would like to feel my ribs a teensy bit more. They do think I have a nice svelte waistline, though. I digress.

    My sister – the Mean Cat — also only gets Science Diet food (she’s 10 years old now). the cat that preceded her, the NICE Cat (who I never actually met because I have only been in the ‘hood for 1 year and 11 months) – lived to be 18 1/2 years old and she ate Science Diet, too. Mama says she would have made it to 25 if only she had not gotten fibro-sarcoma cancer from her feline leukemia shot. But I digress again.

    That makes for a combined total of 28+ years on Science Diet food. Some people say that it is not all-natural, but you know, it works for us and there are some studies that say the “all natural” approach may not be the elixir it is supposed to be.

    Also, my Grand-peeps fella, Travis the Golden Retriever, just had a (very expensive!) bout of pancreatitis which was brought on by too much “peep” food in his diet – and especially too much fat. Gotta watch all that peep food.

    Hope this helps. You know, as my Mama says they say in Weight Watchers, it’s al about portion control. We have a vet friend who says the amount of food which they tell you to give on the side of the bag is almost always too much. Ask your Dr to give you just the right amount for you. We did.

    ANd we all agree, your coat is just bee-u-tee-ful!

  11. Hoke says:

    Hi Stuart…hope you aren’t letting this get you down. I’m a big westie…almost 25 pounds but us terriers have lots of muscle. I get a food by Merrick called Before grain buffalo…no preserves, no grain, no fillers. I only eat once a day and they leave the food for me until I finish it. I get about 1/2 cup a day and they mix it with a little wet food from merrick too…just to add some flavor. Treats are lamb Lung from merrick and free range bullysticks…but not all at one time. Hang in there Stuart…you look perfect to us.

  12. Saxby & Stephanie says:

    Hey Stuart,

    Saxby from TN here….nothing wrong with a couple extra pounds..but I hear ya…my Mom and my Vet say maybe time to shed a few….

    My Mom is a big dog food health nutrition nut. She feeds me and my non scottie siblings all grain free. My bro “Vinnie” the craziest PBGV has tons of allergies to grain. She says grain free is health as long as it is a high quality grain free. She rotates our diet alot…different proteins etc. So…for kibble we eat a mixture of Orijin and Acana and she rotates between Orijen 6 fish, Adult (Chicken) and Regional Red…and then all 3 Acana. Whenever she wants our weight to come down she does 3/4 Acana to 1/4 Orijen. On top of our food she gives us a few supplements – let me know if you want that info…and the best Stella & Chewey’s Dehydrated raw patties. I get a whole patty and about 1/4 cup of the kibble. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yummy! They come in 5 flavors and she does them all!

    We take 2 walks a day, used to take one, but now two…as long as the weather holds…my Mom doesn’t like rain too much.

    Good Luck Stuart with the diet regime. I’m a proud 24 pounder. When I look at myself in the mirror I think I look pretty good!!

    Saxby in TN
    & my Mom Stephanie

  13. Lisa says:

    Stuart, your beautiful!
    When my Biddy got to where she could “pinch an inch”
    I decided to put her on what I called “The Little Dish Diet” I used a small dish that would hold no more than she needed. Also I heard recently from a woman who fed her scott only veggies every 10th day, and reduced the kibble by 5 grams. Over time she said the weight corrected itself! Best wishes!

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