A Summer Hair Cut? Nope.

Ah me. Just got home from taking a little off around the sides. And a little trim around the ears and feet, and a little more stripping to get out that old undercoat. Other than that, I’m good to go. (God bless Her. She does the best She can between my spa sessions, but never seems to get as much of the undercoat out as Godmother Carol does. Gee. Guess that’s why Godmother Carol is what you call a p-r-o-f-e-s-s-i-o-n-a-l. Duh.)

I can’t tell you how many people ask me about a “summer haircut.” Do people ask you that? They take one look at me on those 100+ degree F days and say, “he must be so hot under all that hair, you’re going to cut it all off aren’t you?”

Well, folks. The answer to that question is a big ‘ole “no.”

See, when PEOPLE get hot in the summertime, they might cut their hair to cool off. When DOGS get hot, we cool off through our feet and by panting.   As long as I can pant and perspire through my little feet, I’m fine. And being in the shade helps. (I tend to dig a little hole in the cool dirt under a tree to snooze in if I’m outside when my peeps are working in the yard on hot days.)

This is not to say that thick-coated dogs, like me, can’t overheat, because we can, but cutting off all my hair would be WORSE because, then, since I don’t sweat like people do, I’d REALLY overheat if I cut off all my hair. See?

Here’s something else, water helps us cool off, too. Why just the other day, I figured out that if I DON’T avoid the garden sprinkler, and stand right under it, it’s pretty cool under there. So, call me slow, but I really like to stand under the sprinkler and get a good covering of water. Some dogs have wading pools. That helps, too.  OH! And you can get one of those neck bandana things that hold those little crystalline beads that swell up when you put them in water and then, see, you can tie that around your pooch’s neck to help her cool off, too.

I’m just a plethora of information today. Just don’t ask me when I’m getting my “summer cut.”

What You Learned Today:

  • Dogs don’t perspire like people too.
  • We pant and sort of sweat through the pads on our feet.
  • Please don’t cut my hair off in the summertime!
  • Don’t worry when we pant. That’s how we cool off!
  • Keep us out of the direct heat of the sun at the hottest point of the day please.
  • If we have to go out during the heat of the day, we find shade.
  • Spray us with a hose to cool off!
  • Be sure to have clean, fresh water outside for us. Inside, too, for that matter.
  • AND NEVER LEAVE US IN A CAR in the heat!
  • Check out this website for more heat tips.
  • Apologies to my friends Down Under. I know it’s not hot now where you are.


About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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19 Responses to A Summer Hair Cut? Nope.

  1. Lee says:

    Oh my, I would never get shaved for the summer. If you happen to get shaved remember dogs, just like our peeps, need sun screen too!
    You look WONDERFUL Stuart.
    Sweet William The Scot

    • That is SO TRUE! We were talking about this with Godmother Carol. About sunscreen. Thanks for the reminder.

      Roodles, Stuart

    • Annu says:

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  2. Great scott you look cool as can be in the hair department..so cool you should wear shades. we need a trim too but might just do with a bath..ugh!!! the heat here is unbearable…but we are all out in the dirt yard in the shade..I guess you could call us 4 “redneck”‘ yard dogs right now..but we do live in Georgia and when it’s hot, we show no class..

    stay cool
    Georgie B

  3. edgar says:

    hmmm…sadly i do get my haircut stuart. mum doesn’t know anyone around here that does any handstripping. although it seems i am taking care of some that myself…i am having a case of the itchies real bad and have been leaving tufts of fur that i pulled out all over the place, she doesn’t know what to do for me 😦

    • OH EDGAR! I’m sure your peep cuts your hair just a bit shorter and doesn’t give you a summer buzz.

      Now, about your itchies. Have you examined your diet? Some of us scotties have skin allergies that can be caused by what we eat. And you KNOW we all hate those bug bites. Talk about that with your vet, OK?

      I don’t want to see tufts of your fur all the way over here where I live! Let me know what happens.

      Roodley-Roo, Stuart

      • Lee says:

        Edgar, excuse me for jumping in on this, but have your peeps tried dabbing your itchies with organic apple cider vinegar. I don’t like the taste so I stop pulling fur and it cools my hot spots when I get them. And it can’t hurt you.
        My peep got that from a holistic veterinarian and it really helps me.
        Sweet William The Scot.

        • Sweet William, you’re welcome to jump in any time to help our Scottie Friends!!!! Great idea,

          Roooodly-Rooo, Stuart

          • edgar says:

            hmm – thanks friends…i had a bath with some medicated shampoo and some benadryl…in the past i have had seasonal allergies kinda like people get. she has some cider vinegar, but not organic…think that would work too? have some red bumpy areas…not like bites, just raised areas and she’s not sure if it’s irritated from my itching or if that’s what itches. frankly i’m not sure either. there may be a visit to the doc in my future 😦

  4. Jazzi says:

    when I get my haircuts, she gets me the short summer shave. I dont mind cuz it keeps me cool!!


  5. Daisy says:

    Great cooling off ideas. We usually stay inside with the A/C going. But getting hosed on a hot day just makes us zoom around chasing each other…..so we do that on warm evenings.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We just have the same hair style all year around.

  6. Kyla says:

    Ooooh, big argument in our house. Kenzie is Her dog and She tells the groomer to cut it short in the summer. Kenzie once even hid under the bed for a week except for food and potty because he was so embarrassed. I’m groomed according to His instructions and He tells the groomer to give me a normal cut. I do pant and so on, but we wonder about Kenzie who goes outside and tries to sunbathe (at 110 in the June Arizona sun at noon). I stick to the shade. Most of the time we’re indoors but when it is pool time-we’re there. Kenzie even has his own raft (a couple of Fotofun Fridays ago shows him).

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  8. noodledog says:

    Noodle gets itchy a lot. Go look at the Scottish Terrier News site, under the itchy header. Ann has tons of suggestions. And try an oatmeal shampoo, that always helps Noodle

  9. Abigail says:

    Dad just commented today that he thinks I need another trim! I think we need to move to cooler temperatures.


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