My Thundershirt Arrived

My Thundershirt came over the weekend. My jury’s out. Her’s is, too. Here’s what it looks like unfolded.

It’s nice fabric. Sort of thick T-shirt material with lots of stretch. I believe they call that “spandex” of some kind. Who knows.

Here’s another view:

It’s got lots of Velcro as you can see. Great for getting a perfect fit. It came with a little storage bag that’s kind of cool. Nice logo. But, the instructions for how to put it on and when and how to wear it are on the Website, not in the package. (So, just know that if you get one for yourself.)

OK….wait for it…. here’s what it looks like on:

This is me while the vacuum cleaner was running upstairs. (The “bad machine” is what We call that thing.) I hate it. And while I can’t say that I was any calmer in my Thundershirt, I wasn’t any worse.

I still hunkered on the floor, beside Her chair.

See, you have to get used to it before you expect it to work. So, over the weekend, I wore it a couple of times. I think it’s hard to walk in, personally. And hard to go up and down steps. It’s not that it was too tight, but, I’m a Scottie, for heaven’s sake. We don’t take kindly to change. Some of us don’t anyway. And I’m one of them. And most of us are very particular about our furs. I don’t want mine messed with unless I’m on the grooming table. And this thing constricted my furs. (But, that’s what it’s supposed to do.)

I guess I’ll get used to it. I hope so…. got some FIREWORKS tomorrow night and the next night after the baseball games. And before they shoot off the fireworks, they shoot off A CANNON before the game. A CANNON!!!  (I know I live in Civil War Land, but really, A CANNON??? Hey, remind me to tell you a Civil War story….)

Wish me luck.

What You Learned Today:

  • I got a Thundershirt. Check it out here. (Thank goodness We can return it within 45 days if it doesn’t work. That’s a good thing. And smart marketing if you ask moi.)
  • Loud noises make me crazy.
  • This thing is supposed to help me remain calm. (Like they do across The Pond.)
  • How I wish I could Remain Calm and Carry On.

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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45 Responses to My Thundershirt Arrived

  1. A T-storm will be the real test…

  2. PS – you look neat in your new vest!

  3. Scout says:

    Stuart – you are so handsome in your Thundershirt! I hope it works for you.
    I got mine Friday too and when she put it on me all I did was lay down. I didn’t want to walk because it felt weird. She kept picking me up trying to get me to stand up in that thing but it felt better if I laid down. So, let’s hope these things make us feel better when all those bad noises start.
    Here’s to banning fireworks! Woof!!


  4. You do look rather cool in that Thunder-Shirt. We could do with a couple over here, but we’ll wait and see what you think after testing it out. The things you do for us Scotties ……. !!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Stuart……..just watched the ceasar milan and he said to actually get used to thunder shirt during calm or happy time…………if you wait to use during times of stress than thunder shirt will just be associated with bad stuff and be basically of no use at all……… 😦 he has a whole video about it if you’re interested.

  6. toursew says:

    Stuart……..just watched the ceasar milan and he said to actually get used to thunder shirt during calm or happy time…………if you wait to use during times of stress than thunder shirt will just be associated with bad stuff and be basically of no use at all……… 😦 he has a whole video about it if you’re interested.

    • Yes, yes…that’s why I wore it around a few times over the weekend. Once, for a walk. Another – with food on it – you read right. With food on it. (Actually, I wasn’t wearing it with food on it.) The instructions said to “introduce” the shirt as a plate with food because food is associated with good things. We did that, too. And I think I’m going to wear it a bit again today, too. Just so I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

      (I’m actually not a fan of Ceasar. Don’t know why…I’m just not. Blasphemous, I know. Maybe I should give him another try…).

      ArooOOOOO to you and yours, Stuart

      • Aspri and Mavri says:

        We are not fans of him either you gorgeous dog you and we think we have good reason. He is MEAN!!! He uses dominance and a lot of force and all that stuff that stubborn scotties hate. If you ask us, treat training and everyone just getting along is the best way. We do think he’s right on the lots of exercise front, though….just sayin! We don’t want to ever be less independent than we are…. and our peeps love that about us.

      • toursew says:

        LOL…..I’m not always a fan of some of his methods. But sometimes he does have some helpful hints (like when I used a couch cushion to seperate a food/treat aggressive/bad manners fur friend who was ripping up my little Moo’s Busy Buddy dumbell treat). I just happened to stumble upon a video of him discussing Thunder Shirts..and it seriously made some sense. I so hope it works for you as I’d love to get little Moo one to maybe help her with her fear of car rides/thunderstorms/any type of beeping noises~but also her fur friend Sammy who’s terrfified of thunderstorms/fireworks & gunshots.But we love treat/cheese therapy!

  7. Stuart… we live in SoCal and wonder what thunder is? Is it like the Disneyland fireworks and loud booms we hear EVERY night! Fortunately we have gotten use to this.. but we will NEVER get use to Mr UPS, Ms Mailcarrier, the street sweeper and the garbage truck!

  8. Sorry… since our mum typed this she forgot to sign our names… Katie MacBrindle and Fiona Vaughn Wheaten.. admirers of Stuart.

    • Oh you guys! I appreciate your visits! And thanks for commenting. Hey…sounds like you’ve got fireworks thunder at your place, too. But, you know what? My Godmother Carol says that thunder is disturbing to dogs, not only because of the noise, but because of the static electricity and barometric pressure changes that come with it. It can literally make long-haired dogs’ hair stand on end!

      Oh me. Glad you don’t have thunder where you are. (I can’t imagine that!)

      Aroo, Stuart

  9. I’ve heard some grreat things from my furiends in my rescue about Thundershirts. I know they don’t work for everydog, but hopefully they’ll help keep you calmer!

  10. Very nice fit – in the shirt they look like a man in a gray flannel suit! I don’t know why but it always makes me laugh when I put it on Duffy! We use the shirt but still might have to look into trying some ‘Pet Calm’ or ‘Rescue Remedy’ for the 4th! (Just wondering if anyone has tried and recommends these or another homeopathic product? 🙂


    Mom gave Rescue Remedy to Sid. I didn’t work. Hope you have a great experience with the shirt. Mom will buy one for Sid if it works.

  12. Joan says:

    Hi Stuart,

    You are very distinguished in your Thundershirt.

    My friend Mikiah is a service dog and his peep is in the band at church and she puts cotton or those foam ear plugs in his ears for band practice and it helps him a lot…don’t know if you’ve thought of or tried that with the storms and fireworks (or the vacuum) but that in combination with the Thundershirt may help. Can’t wait to hear how you do with the next session of fireworks.

    Have a great day!!!


  13. Kyla says:

    It doesn’t seem any different than strapping a canine life vest on. I never go into the pool and Kenzie is training for the Olympic swimming team so we never wear them. Kenzie wants to represent Scotland. Good luck with that-next he’ll be wanting a bobsled team for the winter games.

  14. That looks way cool on you, you handsome guy. We need a couple to wear the next two weeks for the NBA basketball finals, The OKC Thunder is playing. Sorry we have not be to see you lately, been busy working on the blogville olymplics for Frankie.

    Yo, ckeck out our last postie

  15. Cheryl S. says:

    Hope it works as well for you as it has for a couple of Shelties I know 😉 xo

  16. We hear the thundershirt works like a champ, Stuart, and you couldn’t have gotten it at a better time with thunderstorms and fireworks. We hope it works for you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  17. Lee says:

    Stuart Oh Stuart you are all swaddled in you thundershirt. I think it looks like it fits you fine. I have high hopes ~ the theory behind it is sound and it is used for many purposes. It has to be tight to work.
    Sweet William The Scot

  18. Dougall says:

    Oh Stuart I hope it works for you.
    It was the Queen’s Birthday long weekend here a few days ago and some people had fireworks.
    One of my human’s friends was looking after her son’s dalmatian named Lyra, she got scared and ran away. 😦 They still haven’t found her, she’s been gone 3 days now…

  19. littlemissjackie says:

    I have a Thundershirt too, Mr. Stuart! I find it hard to jump up on the couch when I’m wearing it, but it is relaxing, especially on chilly days because it keeps my tummy cozy. It helps me sometimes not to be so ankshus. I hope your Thundershirt works great for you! Dillon doesn’t have one, but he is getting a bit hard of hearing, so he doesn’t even notice the thunder anymore!



  20. Daisy says:

    Hope it works. We’d be frightened that that velcro would end up in our fur. We also don’t like clothes. We can’t move!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  21. zaidiesmomma says:

    Stuart, Dood! I r a 4 year old guy Westie named Zaidie an’ my Fundershirt r jus’ startin’ tu werk fur me now aftur a few monfs. It takes time an’ payshunts an’ pwactice an’ junk! Weally 😀

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