We Have a Winner

Maybe I should go on a tomato diet?

Did y’all have fun trying to guess my weight? I didn’t have fun at the dogtor yesterday, that’s for sure. Not only have I GAINED weight since last year, I got my toenails cut – I. HATE. THAT. AND, I had a needle stuck in me. For a blood test. YIKES.

I know I’m a grown little man, and a Scotsman to boot, but really, I hate that stuff. Truly I do.

Enough of that. Drum roll please……. We enjoyed reading each and every one of your comments about my weight. Some were really HEAVY. Some were really LIGHT. But all were fun to read. We even figured out the kilogram stuff.

AND we found some new friends – or maybe they’re old friends who just commented for the first time. Thank you all for participating!

OK…here goes: honorable mentions must go those who were THIS close but went OVER:

  • Brandy over at Modern Scottie Dog – 24.5
  • Anonymous (sorry! don’t know who you are, but thanks for playing along) 24.6
  • Alyssa over at Mr. Fox Tales – 25.5

And to those who were THIS close on the other side of the scales:

  • Shelby Weinstein  – 23.7

Now, please join me in a big ‘ole Price is Right round of applause for Joules and Prescott! Their guess of 24.2 is just shy of my actual weight: 24.4 lbs (that’s UP from last year). These two lucky schnauzers have won a prize package that includes a link to their blog – see above and hop on over there – and an “Up Close and Personal Profile” to appear here at The Scottie Chronicles sometime soon. So, Joules and Prescott, email me at StuartTheScottie@hotmail.com so We can interview you for your profile. K?

Congratulations to all the participants and to each of you I say, “Bring on the Green Beans!! ‘Cause I’m hungry!”

What You Learned Today:

  • I went to the dogtor yesterday.
  • I’ve gained weight.
  • I weigh 24.4 lbs. (That’s 11.07 kg by the way.)
  • Scotties are supposed to weigh between 18 and 23 pounds I’m told.
  • I think that’s just too skinny.
  • So my dogtor told the peeps how to maybe help me lose weight.
  • It’s pretty funny, I’ll have to share her ideas with you sometime.
  • Actually, if I think about it, I could roll on the floor laughing about it.
  • Think I will. ROFL…..tee hee…I can see my peeps now, hiding my food all over the place so I have to hunt for it (to burn calories). ROFL!!!!!!! BOL!!!!!

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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28 Responses to We Have a Winner

  1. Kyla says:

    Very good, Stuart. You’re like me, under two stone. I can’t imagine an adult Scottie that is 18 pounds and is healthy. I’m 10.7 kg which is 23½ pounds and I’m really not overweight. I think that neither of us has to see Jenny.

  2. Dougall says:

    My uncle Fergus struggled with his weight too, so the dogtor prescribed special diet dog food. AND said no more treats EVER! Poor Fergus Dog…

    • You know Dougall, my food is low fat adult kibble. I love it. And my treats are green beans, these things called Lean Treats (go figure!) and Liver Biscotti. That’s it! OH…and a rice cake. Low sodium of course.

      It’s tough being a handsome hulky kind of guy. But I really don’t think I’m fat! Truly.

  3. Alyssa says:

    Mr. Fox used to have to hunt for his food on the street and he says he much prefers it delivered to him on plate-thank you very much. You are not fat Stuart. You just are big furred. Don’t those dogters know that fur weighs something? I mean really. And who wants to find an unfound, rotten green bean somewhere, surely not your wonderful peeps. I love you just the way you are Stuart!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  4. Modern Scottie Dog Duffy went to the vet today for a skin problem – and to schedule a dental cleaning – and he weighed in at 27 pounds! Yep but the vet wasn’t concerned so normal weight for Scottie’s actually covers a broader scale! Of course more exercize would be best but that’s been hard with the heat. Give Stuart a treat from Duffy!

    • YUM! Thanks for the treat Duffy….nom, nom, nom. More movement indeed…but you’re right, no go in this heat. Hey…did you know I brush my teeth once a week? Yeah. It’s hard with these toenails, but it works. Hope the skin issue clears up!

      AroooOOOoo roo, Stu

  5. Angus and Molly says:

    Hey Stuart….we weigh a little more than you and we don’t turn 1 year old until August 13th!! Angus was just at the vet 3 weeks ago and he’s around 26 lbs. Nothing but solid muscle. I (Molly) am probably around the 28 lbs mark….and have that long, lean look 🙂 Glad to hear all is well with you.

    • Hey you guys! Yeah, I think I’m pretty solid, too. Phooey on the weight. (But not phooey on my dogtor – I love her.) I’m not long and lean though, I’m kind of a stocky big guy.

      Aroooo! Stuart

  6. Lee says:

    Maybe you need more exercise Stuart and not so much sitting on your throne.
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. Congratulations to Joules and Prescott!
    Boy, were we ever off! Sorry, Stuart!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. starfighter441 says:

    11 Kilos? That is well within the norm according to the standard here in Germany.

    The Scottish Terrier

    Scottie, pipe cleaner, briquet dog


    The Scottish highlands


    In the old days, rat killer and tough den hunter on foxes and badgers. Today, elegant companion and funny partner of extraordinary people


    Height at withers approx. 26 – 28 cm, weight 10 – 12 kg,
    a powerful dog on short legs
    Thick, harsh double coat protecting him against wind and rain
    long furnishings and beard which nevertheless repel dirt if groomed on a regular basis
    The most common color is black, but also brindles and “wheatens” exist
    Very typical head piece with long beard, eyebrows and prick ears, a strong mouth with extraordinary big teeth

    Attention: he goes to the hairdresser regularly in order to maintain its typical appearance and the wheather-protecting jacket


    A dog for all occasions
    He impresses as a companion at shopping tours but this goblin also shows lots of energy in dog sport and hunting.
    Very self-confident presence, on the one hand independent and strict, on the other hand playful. He can lie in the corner of your apartment quietly for a long time, but all of a sudden he chases through the garden and expels all intruders.
    Despite his long coat, he does not loose much hair provided regular grooming


    His charming character combined with self-confidence and unique appearance can make you addicted!

    Once a Scottie, always a Scottie!


    Attention by and curious contacts with all people whom one meets with him. And a mate with whom one can undertake a lot in spite of the short legs

    • THIS IS TERRIER-IFIC! That’s me (and you, too, probably?)

      My peeps are addicted whether or not I have a waist. And I do think I’m a “goblin” – great word. I think I might have to lift this verbiage and use it (with attribution to you of course!).

      ArOOOOOO! Stuart

  9. wow! Good for you Stuart. I just told you that I am a svelt, thin Scottie and WHOA…I went to the doctor today too and I weighed in at 26.4! How did that happen? Too much lounging around in the California sun I guess and hangin out at the beaches. And I don’t eat much either. The good life is starting to show and I better take it easy with my peanut butter treats!! AroooooOOO…Brandy!

  10. Noodledog says:

    Stuart, I’m sure you just have heavy bones! I am very small for a Scottie. When they rescued me, I weighed 16 lbs & the 1st vet said I was fat. The much better dogtor that I have now says I’m at a perfect weight of 17.6 lbs.

  11. Jazzi says:

    CONGRATS on the win. Dont worry, thats not to much of a gain Stuart!! A few laps round the block and you got it off!!


  12. grouchoandt says:

    Well done J&P!!! Good job. And Stuart, I’m sorry to hear about the dog-ter. I do sympathise with the toenails – I had a very very bad experience once having my toenails clipped (butchered, I say, not clipped!) and since then, well, other than one lovely groomer, I have a bit of a meltdown when those clippers came out so you have my sympathy! As to the weight, GEEZ, I hope you haven’t been put on a diet cause yoru weight is up?? I have – it really is not much fun – I mean, I’m hardly overwhelmed with treats or human food as it is (as apparently it’s ‘bad’ for me – well, that depends on your definition of bad doesn’t it???) so this DIET is not making me happy!



  13. Seriously?!? 24.4?! You’re a featherweight, man. Me (Jake)…I weigh in at a solid 30 and Albert (my little cousin who my peeps call 3/4 pint size) weighs in a 25.2 or so… They say that my dad was a tank, which would make me the son of a tank… We might tip the scales a little, but we’re both super fit so no-one’s talking about hiding our food (at least not yet).

    As for those toenails…hmmm…my peeps are smart enough to not cut them. BUT they take me to the vet and the vet puts this thing that looks like a feed bucket on our faces…but without the food. I. H.A.T.E. the whole thing!

    Anyway, Stuart, come hang out in our pool with us and chase a few butterflies and they’ll be letting you eat all you like! arooo arrooo-ooo-oooo

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