Time to Update the Blogtionary!

Whoa!!! It’s time to update the blogtionary! Some of you may recall that We started a Blogtionary last fall. I may have updated it since then, but, uh, I don’t remember, so let’s just update it now, shall we?

Add your words in the comments and have some fun!

What You Learned Today:

  • Blogs seems to have languages all their own.
  • Since this is a “dog blog” the words are kind of skewed to the canine world.
  • But if you have other words, just join in and let everybody know.

Here’s what We’ve got thus far — thanks to all those who helped update the first edition of Our Blogtionary!!! (Oh, and, uh, sorry it’s not in alphabetical order. But, I’m the alpha in Our house and that’s about all I know how to do.)

  • BLOGOVERSARY – What you celebrate when your blog gets a year older.  I celebrated my 3rd blogoversary last month. Woo Hoo!
  • AROOO ROOOOOO! Scottie language. Aroo RooooOOOO to those who have inspired or provided these terrier-ific blogtionary entries! ArOOOOOOO!
  • PAWTICIPATE – Take part in (uh…make that “pawt” in) Did you pawticipate in this year’s Blogville Olympics?
  • PAWSOME – Very cool. You know, I’ve got some pawsome friends who stop by my blog.
  • PAWRENT/S — Your peep/s. The folks who take care of you. I don’t know about you, but I’m kerazy about my pawrents! (I think I picked up “kerazy” from Mazie.)
  • FURIEND – Friend. You know, I’ve got some pawsome furiends who stop by my blog.
  • FURS – Coat, hair. I just love it when I get my furs stripped and bathed.
  • PEE MAIL – Email. Without a computer. Every morning my peeps take me out to check and send pee mail.
  • SMELLPHONE – What you check your pee mail with. Otherwise known as your nose. I use my smellphone to check my pee mail about twice a day.
  • FUREVER HOME – Where you live with your peeps. I wish all dogs and kitties and animals in shelters had furever homes.
  • ZOOMIES – Running as fast as you can. With your tongue hanging out. Can’t wait to hit the beach and do zoomies up and down.
  • BITEY FACE – Saying “hey” to your friends with your teeth exposed. Sniglet and I play bitey face every time we see each other.
  • STUFFIES – Stuffed toys. I don’t get stuffies too much anymore ’cause I tear all the stuffing out and eat it.
  • PEEP/S – The human/s you live with. My peeps take me to the beach for zoomies every Christmastime. It’s pawsome!
  • TWO LEGGED ONES – Otherwise known as “peeps” and “pawrents.” Also serves to describe human caregivers. Wallace, Samuel and Groucho are going to have a talk with their two legged ones about taking them to a dog friendly restaurant. Soon. Even though they live in different countries.
  • TERRIER-IFIC – Terrific! Wonderful! Fabulous! Green beans are terrier-ific!
  • SQUEAKALICIOUS – A favorite squeaky toy that’s seen it’s better days. That flat chipper was so squeakalicious, it doesn’t squeak anymore! Darn it!
  • CHIPPER – A chipmunk. Ooooooh how I hate those chippers who run around my backyard kingdom!!!
  • DOGTOR – The vet. Thank doGness my dogtor cured me of those nasty whipworms.
  • BOL – Bark Out Loud. Kyla makes me BOL!!!
  • GOTCHA DAY – 1.) The day you celebrate as your birthday when you don’t know the real one. 2.) The day you were rescued. 3.) The day you went to live with your peeps. Woo Hoo! My gotcha day is May 31.
  • PANT-RY – Where dog food is kept. Get outta my pant-ry you kitteh cat! Your food is in the KIT-CHEN!!
  • PUP-CHEN – Where dog food is prepared. Get outta my pup-chen you kitteh cat! Your food is in the KIT-CHEN!!
  • PAWTY – Party. Of any kind. On my birthday, We pawty like it’s 2099!
  • SMELLOBRATE – Celebrate. We do some serious smellobrating at my birthday pawties.
  • TERRIER-TUDE – The undeniable attitude of a terrier. When I’m out walking with the peeps, I can throw some serious terrier-tude. Why, just the other day I completely ignored the hand that feeds me.
  • WESTI-TUDE – The unmistakable attitude of a West Highland White Terrier. Boy, that little white dog sure is cute, but it’s got some Westi-tude doesn’t it?
  • SCOTTIE-TUDE – The mother lode of all Scottish Terrier attitude. Can you believe that Scottie-tude? I walked right up to Stuart to give him a scratch on the ears, and he turned around, put his butt to my face, did a quick back step in the dirt, and walked away. Geesh.

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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32 Responses to Time to Update the Blogtionary!

  1. Lee says:


  2. mollieandalfie says:

    That’z so funny, wez waz gonna do a post what all theze new sayings mean..coz we didn’t have a clue..Fank youz, wez will keep this.. xxooxx
    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Daisy says:

    There were a few new ones there for us…

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We’re laughin’ at Sweet William being a ‘Sot’.

  4. Don’t furget FANGTASTIC!

  5. Kyla says:

    There’s the MOON WALK where you appear to be doing a victory dance after doing a good poo but are actually running in place. Lawns (mine is astroturf) are great for moon walks.

  6. You should include the word ‘hoomans’ which is what some of us call the two leggeds. And ‘little hoomans’ for the pint sized versions!

    Otherwise this is great. Some other furries blogs are making a lot more sense now! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  7. Jazzi says:

    Snoopervise~you making sure that everything is done correctly.
    Snazzi~means really super cool.
    ROFBOL~rolling on floor barking out loud.
    Foodables~food that our peeps drop
    Pawgraph~someones autograph

  8. Kyla says:

    There’s a synonym for “zoomies”, it is FRAP. You can use it as a noun (“Stuart and Sniggles enjoyed a five minute frap”) or verb (” I wanna frap”). It’s derived from Frantic Random Activity Period.

  9. sue ellen says:

    Wonderful “blogtionary”…

  10. sue ellen says:

    SNIPLET….when someone ‘sneaks’ us a tiny bite when no one is looking…. ie the other scotty.
    (shhhhh…this is from Mac)

  11. robynwp says:

    What a terrier-ific, pawsome post Stu!! And grrrreat additions Kyla & Jazzi! – we are going to share this post with all our peeps and hoomans.

    Have a grrreat weekend everybuddy!
    Wally & Sammy

  12. Many thanks and a big Aroooooooo! for this. Sometimes Dad just sits there and looks stupid at us when we are telling him what to type, then says “What did you say”. So we copied this off on the “PUTER” printer and posted it next to the key board for Him & Her. We wonder how “THEY” or “THEM” managed to make it this far in life without us. Well time to go for a yard check with our smellphone and a “NAPPIE POO”. Be sure and check our love post tomorrow!!!!

    Susie & Bites

  13. Ranger says:

    How about BPP (Best Puppy Pal)?

  14. robynwp says:

    Reblogged this on The Chronicles of Wallace & Samuel and commented:
    We thought this a highly educational and useful post for all our furiends and furmily! Thanks Stu for the mention and the grrrreat blog!!

    Wally & Sammy

  15. Scottish Terrorists…we have two of them in our house!! I think you know what I mean. 🙂

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