Friday’s Foto Fun – Happy Summer Solstice!

Misaki and Gizmo's beach party photoSince today we’re celebrating Summer Solstice and that marks the first day of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and there’s no better place I’d rather be on the longest day of the year than the beach, I thought it’d be fitting to show an oldie from my barkday pawty. (The one Ranger and I threw for ourselves, you remember.)

Misaki and Gizmo are having some summer fun. (They always do.)

Oh boy! Can’t wait to get to the beach. Sometime. Soon. I hope. Maybe.

What are you doing to celebrate summer where YOU are?

What You Learned Today:

  • It’s Summer. And the living is easy. At least for a Scottie.
  • Too bad it gets so darned hot. At least where We live.
  • HEY! I’m going to the spa today. To get my furs tidy-ed up. All nice and handsome. I just love that.
  • If YOU’RE all tidy-ed up and want to send me a picture for Friday’s Foto Fun, do it now!
  • Send it to:
  • I double dare ya. It’ll be fun!

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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17 Responses to Friday’s Foto Fun – Happy Summer Solstice!

  1. Merlin & Pixie says:

    We love it Stuart!

  2. I hope I will have some summer fun too – we have still this boring rain (not good for my hairstyle LOL)

  3. Ooooh, love is in the air 🙂 You and Misaki look really good, having a summer fling on the beach

  4. Gizmo says:

    What a great day that was…Misaki and I had so much fun at your Beach Pawty…Now Momz is bobbing around singing “Hot Fun in the Summertime” BOL! Maybe I can get her to take me to the beach this week…

  5. mollieandalfie says:

    Love is in the air, I can feel it all around 🙂 That beach pawty was terrific fun. Have a wonderful weekend xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Kyla says:

    Now that Annette isn’t with us anymore, we still have Misaki and Gizmo.

  7. sue ellen says:

    Mind if we snooze under the umbrella while y’all play in the sand????
    come on Stuart…it’ll be great!!!

  8. Misaki says:

    Perfect way to spend a hot sunny day, least on the beach we can cool off in the sea (unlike here…)

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  10. Kia says:

    This is the perfect picture for the first day of Summer! Love it! Wish I was at the beach right now 🙂

  11. Daisy says:

    Our day is supposed to be one second longer!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. starfighter441 says:

    We have a bit of a pagan fest here on Saturday, they light a huge bonfire at sundown, and the kids run around it, but mostly the humans just drink beer and eat wurstsalat.

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