Silent Sunday


About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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13 Responses to Silent Sunday

  1. nordhuesn says:

    Ever vigilant! Whatcha lookin at Stuart? Is there a chipper under that bush? Or are you just meditating? Have a peaceful Sunday.

    • lucasmom says:

      Hi, Nordhuesn….Your Scotties are lovely! Are all three pure-bred Scotties, or is the one in the middle a mix?

      • nordhuesn says:

        Why, thank you! Actually the one in the middle is a black miniature schnauzer (Elsa). On the left is Duffy, a purebred Scottie and the right is Andy, a rescue Scottie. We think Andy has a bit of something else in him. All are equally loved even though each thinks they are more than the others.

        • lucasmom says:

          Ah-ha! I thought that little guy looked more Schnauzer than Scottie! I didn’t want to suggest that in case I was wrong because I can’t stand it when I am on a walk and people ask me about my black ‘Schnauzer” when I am clearly walking the most handsome of all breeds…..the Scottish Terrier. 😉

  2. Best to do your patrolling inside with the weather being so cold today !
    Keep safe and warm
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. The famous white patch alone is worth the visit!

  4. Ranger says:

    What-ya got dar Stuart?

  5. Are you barking at that intruder Stu? Looks like your cute little tail is in motion!

    Braeden, Seth and Riley

  6. theguster says:

    It may be Silent Sunday but I’ll bet you are growling at whatever it is you see. Go sic ’em, Stuart!

    McDuff & Mom

  7. corkscot says:

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  8. Kyla says:

    Always on the inside looking out.

  9. Is that a dreaded CHIPPER????

  10. PigLove says:

    Guard that house my friend. It has some valuable peeps in it 🙂 Love your shadow. XOXO – Bacon

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