POTP for My Anonymous Friend


Would you all join with me in a little power of the paw for a friend of mine who wouild rather remain anonymous?

I’ve known this Scot for a while now and of course I know the peep. And my peep knows the peep.

As I sit on my slate beside my little pond, I’m reminded of how important it is for our peeps to check our pee.

Yes. I said check our pee.

It’s easy to check pee if I….say….peed on the slate. Or on concrete. Why? Because if there’s any blood, the peeps can spot it easily.

On grass, not so much.

Why is this so important?

Because the pal I’m talking about and his peep have just received heartbreaking news that at eleven years old, he’s been diagnosed with TCC. (Transitional Cell Carcinoma, known as Bladder Cancer).

Ironically, if he had access to grass everywhere, his peep would never have noticed blood in his urine.  When he goes outside, it is only on concrete decks.  An ultrasound confirmed that it was (in fact) a mass in his bladder.  The peep also discovered, through an extensive study done by Purdue University on TCC, that Scottish Terriers are the dog breed most prone to getting this type of cancer – with an 18-20% higher risk than other breeds.

Now, I don’t mean to make you sad. I’ve been sad enough about this, but We wanted to spread the news about checking pee for signs of blood.

Godmother Carol told me on Sunday that she starts checking Scottie pee when her pups are around eight years old.

I’m nine. And you can bet the peep will be ON THE GROUND LOOKING AT MY PEE.

So, if you see Her doing that, pay no attention. It’s perfectly natural.

For more information about Scotties and bladder cancer and the studies at Purdue, check this out.

Back to business, if you could just join me in some POTP for my buddy, he and his peep would appreciate it. I and my peep would, too.

He’s on medicine and he has his ups and downs, but as his peep reports to my peep, he’s a proud Scot and he relishes his good days with gusto.

Let’s hope his good days outnumber his not so good days and that when the time comes for him to saunter across the bridge, he’s able to hold his head up high and go with comfort and grace.

Thank you so much.

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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66 Responses to POTP for My Anonymous Friend

  1. Count me in Stuart! We are going to a big Scottie Throwdown next May – the Door County Rally, where there are Dogtors from Perdue who do screenings. I am 5, this year Mam ordered bloodwork so we could establish a baseline. It’s nasty stuff, and it is taking waaaaay too many of us. Paws up to your pal, and his Pawrents.

  2. of course I will send POTP and a lot of get well wishes to your friends. and I will cross my paws for your friend and the furmily…

  3. nordhuesn says:

    We have your back, our friend. We have 3 POTPs coming his way for sure. Mom would not have seen Elsa’s bloody urine if Elsa had not gone on a gravel road one day. Thankfully, hers was bladder stones and she is managing well (for now). She gets ultrasounds and urine tests every 6 months. Your friend should relish his days as we all should. Life is shorter for some than others, Peeps included.

  4. Lee says:

    Yes we will definitely pray for the little guy.
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. we are sending POTP to your dear friend…..sending much love

  6. bentley2 says:

    Sending POTP to your friend and his family. May he have lots and lots of good days. Hugs to you and your peeps and your friend and his peeps. Prayers do make miracles.

  7. rottrover says:

    Oh Stuart! Extra-strength rottie POTP on the way.

    -Ruby and Otto

  8. Toby and Banks says:

    Here are 8 POTP on the way! Purdue is where our peeps used to work and the Dogtor School is one of the best!
    4 frog dog Scotties paws and 4 big pointer paws are sending their best for your Scottie buddy.

    Toby and Banks

  9. Kismet says:

    POTP for the victim of “C”. Does the fact that I only poop and don’t pee mean I won’t get “C”?

    • Kismet says:

      I forgot-our vet told us to feed the dogs green stuff-organic kale is the best. It has C-fighting stuff and works to prevent C. Yes, Scotties are very prone. When we had the yard sprayed for weeds, we tried to get no 4-2-D which is so bad that it is illegal in places like California. Now He does it himself so He knows what’s being put down where the dogs run.

  10. Gavin says:

    K, Stuart-POTP fired up here and running full blast! Wish we could give him a nickname to use for prayin’? Next thing- can you ask Godmother Carol to tell the peeps how to check my urine if there’s no concrete? We only have grass and river rock gravel. Also the peep wants to know how often does she check, etc.?? Thanks!

  11. we are sending lots of POTP too

  12. fergusnguinness says:

    Here is another link to the Purdue TCC research: https://www.vet.purdue.edu/pcop/clinical-trials.php Second paragraph down, Scottish Terrier Screening Study; click on the link in this paragraph which says click here for exciting news, etc…. opens in PDF format so no link to copy here. BUT the research is already showing exciting news!!!!! Please educate yourself about bladder cancer and PLEASE also donate to the Purdue research. There will be links on their site on how to do this. The research cannot continue without enough money to fund it. Thank you Stuart for bringing this to attention. It will benefit all our Scotties as well as other breeds and hopefully humans too.

  13. Oh, you gots it Stuart! Sendin’ TONS of POTP your pals way!!! I will keep my paws crossed real tight for him! and lots of {{{{hugs}}}}} for his peeps!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Ranger says:

    I’m sending up loads of POTP for your furfriend. I’m also gonna make sure dat I have Mom check my pee.

  15. corkscot says:

    POTP for your friend. Sidney is the same age as you Stuart. Luckily, he has terrible aim and always winds up peeing on the sidewalk. I always check.

  16. Oreo says:

    Oh thats awful. You bet that we will remember to pray for your friend. Paws crossed here.


  17. Kaci says:

    When the peeps first got Kyla, our wonderful vet said that Scotties were very prone to bladder cancer. He suggested giving her lots of kale and collard greens. Not so much spinach, though. Kyla did cross the bridge from cancer, but not bladder cancer. Kali and I still get kale or power green mixtures every night in our dinner. Cooked or raw, we both love it. And, we get it organic!

  18. theguster says:

    We are sending out mega POTP to your fur friend today, and we will keep him in our daily prayers! You are such a good friend, Stuart, and we thank you for reaching out to all of us.
    Everyone’s love and prayers have created an invisible circle of love around your friend, and may he and his family draw strength from us all.

    McDuff & Mom

  19. Sendin POTP to your pal.

  20. Riley Puppy says:

    Dear Stu,
    Most certainly we are sending lots of POTP! May he be healthy and happy always! God bless him and his peeps! We hold them most tenderly and lovingly in our prayers, thoughts and hearts!
    With deep concern and affection for them and all sweet furfriends especially Scotties,
    Riley-Puppy, Tessie-girl and Mum!

  21. Love, pawsitive thoughts, & PUPPY POWER to your buddy & his family!!!

  22. Cherry & Shadow says:

    We too, lost our Tobias just recently to the ‘bladder cancer’ disease! It is not nice at all – but if treated early has some good results – the testing being done at Purdue is a really good thing for the Scotty group! Hope your friend does well and we will keep him in mind also. Be Well, Be Happy and above all Be StuArt! – Our best – Cherry, Shadow and Tobias

  23. Sending POTP for your friend and love and licks too.
    Wally & Sammy

  24. gentlestitches says:

    Sending POP, prayers and will check our critters pee. ❤ ❤ ❤

  25. This is always the hardest news to take… POTP to your friend Stuart! Please take care too my dear friend.

  26. PigLove says:

    POTP on the way my friend. Humans here at the Hotel Thompson have a fascination with all of our pee and poop. You would think that we were creating gold sometimes the way mom interrogates it. Great post my friend for others to be aware. XOXO – Bacon

  27. Piper MacT says:

    Hoping for the very best outcome for your friend.

  28. POTP and AOTP (Aloha of The Paw) to your buddy.

  29. Laura Rivers says:

    We lost our wheaton scottie Gordon in December of 2013 to this disease. We will be praying for you.

  30. Sending healing thoughts right now!!!

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