A Moment of Silence – Make That Several Moments

I’m suggesting a moment of silence today. Make that several moments. Lots of moments. Too many moments to count on four paws actually.

Because after yesterday’s killings at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, – only a few hours from where I live – I just can’t think anymore.

I thought about suggesting that we all take a moment to remember Alison Parker and Adam Ward who were killed by a mad gunman while doing their job as journalists. But then, I thought, I should also remember the other names.

The names of the people in the church in Charleston, the people killed by police officers and the police officers killed by people. The people in schools and colleges and in a movie theater. All killed. By crazy people.

But I can’t remember all the names. There’ve been too many. And it wouldn’t be right for me to single out a few.

Because all lives matter.

Why are there so many guns in America? Why do we have more murders involving guns than anywhere else? Why can people simply walk into a gun store and buy one?

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Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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41 Responses to A Moment of Silence – Make That Several Moments

  1. Lee says:

    Stuart sadly we just keep hearing about these tragic events. You know “weeping is not the same thing as crying. It takes your whole body to weep, and when it’s over, you feel like you don’t have any bones left to hold you up.” Lee says it is getting harder to hold ourselves up with all these events happening almost every day.
    Thanks for being a friend for by being friends with one another we will pull ourselves up and be better.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. I was simply devastated when I heard the news. I agree with you, something needs to be done about the process of buying guns in this country. DakotasDen

  3. Scout says:

    I agree with you Stuart 100%. Why is the US so in love with guns? Is this the wild west again? Should every single person and dog be armed? NO! That’s not where we want to live. I know they say guns don’t kill – people do, okay so what’s wrong with our people????? It’s the combo I suppose: way, way too many unstable people + guns = disaster. It’s so sad.

  4. Stuart, as you know it is very, very close to where we live. And it feels like we have lost a member of our family. But we know that guns don’t kill, people kill people. We agree there should be stricter measures on allowing people to purchase guns. Our Mom is a big proponent of firearm education and letting people know what death is up close and personal at a young age. Too many people think using a gun is like playing a video game and that the victim will get up and walk again.

    Please remember all of these unfortunate people in your prayers – and also the families of the person who took away their life.

    Piper, Celti, Argie and Ivy

  5. Bella, Roxy & Macdui says:

    Apparently, they were only two of the 88 Americans killed by gun violence that day…..

  6. Stuart and other friends of Stuart’s blog- as a Quaker, Mama thanks you for as much time as you can give to silence, in order to clear minds, and truly mourn all who have been lost to senseless violence. As our dear FB friend Caymus says everyday, life can change in an instant. Let us not take our good, rich lives and friends for granted. It is all a gift. Much love and in peace, Skyler

    • Lee says:

      Skyler you interest me. My Lee has been to many Friends Meetings she is a descendant of Stubbs and Mote both Quakers in the Genealogy of Southwest Ohio. We hardly here anyone say they are Quaker anymore. Have you done any genealogy research?
      Sweet William The Scot

      • Hi, Sweet William! Mama is not of Quaker descent. Her Mother and Father decided to become Quakers. She grew up in Philadelphia, and was a lifer at Germantown Friends School, and graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. You are right, the Quaker population is shrinking. Thanks for your interest, Skyler Braveheart

        • Lee says:

          I have never known one who decides to become Quaker. Yes those who marry into a Quaker family, very interesting. So far on that side of my family because Quakers kept great records I have traced family to 1764 in Richmond County Georgia.
          Sweet William The Scot

    • How beautifully said. Thank you.

  7. rjkeyedup says:

    Stuart and all in this blog…. we have been very quiet today – mourning the state of this country. Mommy says how many more deaths do we need to finally take the NRA and sink them in the ocean… she has been saying no to guns and war toys since the 1960’s. We try to cheer her up and cuddle with her, and make her smile – easy for us scotties to do! Make each day a special one, try to live in the moment, and pray for peace in this country and world.
    Ozzy & Callie & Mommy

  8. Tobias,Cherry, Shadow says:

    Hello Stuart – just getting to read your notes of wonderfulness – it is a sorry thing that happens when people are killed by others, probably especially with guns. However, our country has an integral history with guns; something that we should respect and honor as well as look at as if we should get rid of them. Only people have the ability to kill other people. Regardless of what weapon they choose, they make that decision. We belong to the NRA here and our Dad is a big advocate of the ‘right to have a gun’. He also does not believe that people should use them indiscriminately! They should be treated with respect and used only in case of ‘need’. We hope that the families of these young people who were killed recently here in Virginia realize that, again, only people can hurt others. Such a shame all the way around…Sorry to be so long, but not everyone who buys or has a ‘gun’ is a bad person. We think you are the greatest, just to be able to bring all of these worries to the forefront — Humphrey, Shadow & Cherry.

  9. It does seem like dere’s too much sadness lately – but unfortunately, crazy evil people will always find ways to be crazy and evil. 😦

  10. Gavin says:

    We agree with all the others posted here re these senseless tragedies. We are reminded of how quickly our lives can change-how grateful we are for kindness, love, and friendship with others near and far. Sending love, peace, and healing to you all and to all in the universe.

  11. nordhuesn says:

    Our silent prayers and thoughts for those families in their loss. Too much tragedy in the whole world. We do believe in the 2nd Amendment, but people have lost their ability to know right from wrong. It seems there are no boundaries anymore. The internet and social media have opened doors to behavior people are not prepared morally and ethically to handle. Anyway, we know there are differing views on this gun topic, and there should be, that is why we are the United States of America. Our founding fathers fought for us to have the right to debate heady matters like this. Thank you, Stuart for allowing some discussion on this.

    • I don’t mean to say that guns are bad. But I did say that didn’t I? You’re right. It’s the people who don’t know right from wrong or how to deal with conflict. Bullets aren’t the answer. Thank you.

  12. corkscot says:

    We share the same views on the availability of guns.It is supposed to be better in Florida. There is a waiting period for buying, but my understanding is that you can buy privately without waiting. it was also the anniversary of the little girl that killed the gun instructor with a rapid fire gun. I don’t understand the need of a child to have such a thing. My kids did not have toy guns when they were younger and they survived without them.

  13. Laura Marec says:

    It’s just devastating and unbelievable that people think so little of taking a life! Whether it’s people or animals, people think it is just plain OK to kill–just can’t stand to have a being free and enjoying life—-it must be killed. What kind of sick thinking is that? I just don’t get it, but I pray and pray for a miracle that people stop thinking they “NEED” guns. They say to “defend” themselves when I ask them why. How come I’ve never had to “defend” myself with a gun? I certainly don’t feel the need to carry a gun “just in case”. That’s just saying that if a person thinks they need a gun they’ll have one and they’ll use it, but that’s just it, they go out wanting to have an excuse to use it because they are carrying one! Come on, admit it, gun lovers, it makes you feel complete due something else you may be lacking, and guns are used due to seeking provocation and bad judgement is used, and that’s it! All of the killings we hear about aren’t about those killers defending themselves! This is no longer the “Wild West or East” or whatever! Stop trying to live out your horrible violence pornography video games. Do something good for anyone or any animal who needs it or for a good cause to bolster your ego instead of worshiping your guns! If a gun makes you feel safe or good, then there is something wrong with your attitude and you need to stop being around people like you who are supposedly out to kill you so that you don’t “feel” like you “need” to defend yourself, or move somewhere you won’t “need” a gun. Even if you are poor, if you want to badly enough, you can find your way out of a place where every one it shooting it up, (unless it’s in your imagination). If you HAVE TO be around guns, join the military and get some training and defend our country. Transfer your dependency ON GUNS to something good and worthwhile in your life. It is so easy to find a good cause to work on. A gun just makes these types of people who love guns feel like a big shot hero like in the movies or in their bloody video games! But that is a fairytale!
    Mum says she’s sorry she got on her rusty soap box, but she knows you’re right—people DO NOT NEED GUNS!
    Stay safe, Stu and all of you. May God help us!
    Riley-Puppy and Tessie-Girl

  14. theguster says:

    Once again, our hearts are heavy today as we grieve for the lives of two young people who were senselessly murdered in VA yesterday. This is but another despicable act in a country where the slaughter of human life has become way too frequent.

    The pundits, politicians and the American people all have ideas as to why this happens and how to prevent it, and prevent this we must. The consensus seems to blame the NRA and our gun laws. However, when you consider the massacres at Columbine H.S., Sandy Hook Elementary School, The Colorado Movie Theater, Ft. Hood Military Post, The Tennessee Army Base, Charleston Church, Kathryn Steinle and yesterday’s tragedy, every life was taken by a mentally ill individual. Where is the outrage over that? What is our country doing for that segment of society that needs help, often desperately. Many of them are untreated, they fall through the cracks, are released from hospital treatment prematurely, many are homeless yet all of them somehow managed to obtain firearms. Gun control? Enforce the ones we already have. Something drastic needs to be done about the healthcare of mentally ill people in America or this insanity will never stop.

    McDuff & Mom

  15. gentlestitches says:

    it shocked the shit out of us here too. I don’t have any answers but I think perhaps now would NOT be a good time to disarm. There could be a storm coming.
    your aussie mate
    ps. I read all the comments and I agree that more has to be done for the mentally ill or perhaps more done for people to protect us from the violent mentally ill.
    Don’t let it ruin your happiness. Bless all those affected including your peeps.
    Aunt Sharon. XX

  16. I will remember all that people with you, who had to die … and I hope we all will be able to see the signs of mental disease earlier to avoid such horror. (remember the german pilote who killed all passengers of the airplane)

  17. Two French Bulldogs says:

    That was so sad
    Lily & Edward

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