Pericardial Effusion Caused by Hemangiosarcoma

Pericardial effusion caused by hemangiosarcoma = a life threatening event caused by a terminal disease for which there is no cure.

It came on so suddenly. As it so often does. Out of the blue. Out of nowhere. None of the three of us saw it coming. Not me (the peepstress). Not Him (the dad). Not Stuart (the best friend anyone could ever have and the toughest little man in the world).

We thought it was a bad bout of pancreatitis with an obstruction caused by that damned chicken foot. How I wish that were the case. If only that were the case. I’d love it if that had been the case when we left Dr. Elliott’s last night.

But it’s not the case. Stuart is in the emergency hospital where he’s been since last night. With cancer.

We’re waiting for another call. With results from another ultrasound. With results from more blood tests. To tell us if the swelling around the heart has gone down. To tell us if his platelet count is up.

To tell us if we can bring him home.

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever written.

But this is the easiest: Thank you for your love, your caring and your friendship. Each and every one of you. Hold him close to your heart.

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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100 Responses to Pericardial Effusion Caused by Hemangiosarcoma

  1. How scary! I am so, so sorry to hear this! We are sending all of our positive, healing thoughts your way!

  2. Carroll says:

    Sending lots of prayers and love your way.

  3. Sweetie, I am sorry to hear about Stuart’s struggle! It is so hard to handle a pet’s illness–big hug from all of us up here in NY!!! Please keep us posted & best wishes to everyone.

  4. Laura Rivers says:

    We will keep you all in our prayers. My heart is breaking for you. We have followed Stuart for a long time. Our Scottie Simon Henry just turned 10. Sending Stuart a big Arooooo to get better.

  5. Oh no, this is so sad. Sending big hugs and lotsa POTP to Stuart.

  6. Susie says:

    My heart is breaking here for you! I’m crying at my desk. I always look forward to little Stu’s
    posts. He is such a brave little man. My Malcolm is almost 11 and just went through a scary
    breast tumor that ended up being benign. We are sending our prayers for your little man.

  7. Scout & Abby says:

    I’m crying at work at my computer while reading this. I cannot tell you how stunned and heart broken I am for you guys and Stuart. What I can say is that we all will be talking to the big guy upstairs about getting all the help he can give for all of you. Just know Stuart is getting the best care he can get – you acted quickly and that has to be something in his favor. Sending you all good and healing vibes. You can’t keep a good Scot down. P.O.T.P
    Hugs, Carol, Scout & Abby

  8. campaale says:

    We are praying for you. My Scotties and I are keeping all fingers and paws crossed. Arooooo!

  9. Kismet says:

    This just in-I’ve been asked to relay this message. We have a lot of people and animals up here pulling for you , Sut!

  10. MaryAnn Banta says:

    You are in my heart and prayers. Katie and MA

  11. Nan and the dad, my heart is breaking right along with yours. Our love and prayers surround you. I adore Stuart.

    Piper, Celti, Ivy and the Sweet Buglets and their Mom Lynn

  12. Gavin says:

    Our hearts are breaking, Ma is just sobbing- we will pray so hard that Stuart can come home. We will pray so hard that you can be together for as long as Stuart is comfortable. We will pray and pray and…. Love to all three of you❤️

  13. Kali says:

    Fight it like the tough terrier you are. Love, Kali

  14. Me and Nellie are very sad to learn about Stu’s illness. Our doggy thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

  15. Jackie says:

    I am so, so sorry. My heart hurts for you….I will pray for Stuart and for you, as well.

  16. Erin says:

    I’m sooooo sorry to read this, and I hope everything gets better 😥 ❤

  17. Teresa says:

    We are so sorry to here this!! Our hearts are bursting with hurt for you and Stuart! Paws together with great big prayers.

  18. Lee says:

    I am so sadden by this news. Dear Stuart you have our prayers, thoughts and love coming your way for you and your peeps. We pray you are not in pain.
    Sweet William The Scot

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  20. Cindy Cooke says:

    Will keep you and Stuart in my prayers.

  21. bentley2 says:

    I can not believe how fast this came about. So very sorry to hear this news. I have not followed Stuart as long as a number of your other friends but I feel like you are a very dear friend and I hurt for you. We are sending love and prayers with hugs to you and your peeps.
    Bentley & Mom.

  22. indyandlucy says:

    Our hearts hurt with that news. Bless your family. We love you , Stuart.

  23. mollieandalfie says:

    We are here sending super healing vibes, love to you all and prayers. We love you xxooxx

  24. Oh noes. Stuart, i am so sorry to hears this…I am sendin’ lots of loves and slobbery kisses your way….I gots my paws crossed for you and your peeps. {{{hugs}}}}
    Ruby ♥

  25. KK says:

    Pawsitive thought coming your way. Such sad news but will hope for great things. Hugs to your family.

  26. toursew says:

    Oh Stuart, Mom & Dad-so sorry to here this. Please know you are all in our thoughts. Much love, Deb, Michi Moo Moo, Peanut & Ms. Samantha.

  27. MacLeod says:

    Oh, Stuart and peeps,
    I am so sorry to hear this news. Sending you all the positive thoughts and wishes I have in me to send.

  28. Fozziemum says:

    Oh Stu..Mum and Dad..i am having a hard time typing through tears…i am sending all my hugest POTP your way…i have no words..none..we will not stop sending love and praying for some better news..

  29. Fozziemum says:

    And i hit the wrong button ..we love you and will not give up..hearts hurting here this morning…love love love Fozziemum 💖💖💖💖💖

  30. gentlestitches says:

    I have no words but I am here and praying for the wee fella and his peeps. ❤ ❤ ❤

  31. macjenn says:

    I’m crying at my work computer, too. This is so hard to absorb. Much love coming your way.

  32. we are sending every ounce of Power of the Paw we can – we just pray that what ever happens Stuart isn’t in pain.

  33. oh God my throat closed while I was reading this and the tears began. I am in shock, and I hurt so badly for ALL of you. No one expected this, no one. I am praying when they get more results that there has been some sort of awful, awful mistake. I am praying with all that I have. I am sending love and prayers and I wish I could hug you all.

  34. finleywestie says:

    Oh no! Such bad news… sending big hugs and loads of Power of the Paw for Stuart…

  35. Bella, Roxy & Macdui says:

    All we can do is stand by, hope and send hugs.

  36. lauramarec says:

    Oh we ARE holding you 3 so, SO close to us in our thoughts and hearts and constant prayers. Our DEAR little Laddie. Sweet, SWEET Boy! Our hearts are broken. We are with you and we feel so badly about this terrible news! With good care we believe he could be well and back with you at home. We are praying for that! God bless you three and give you sustenance, dear loved ones!
    We are so very sorry to hear this Awful news!
    With love and Best Wishes for a quick recovery,
    Riley-Puppy, Tessie-Girl and their Mum

  37. rjkeyedup says:

    OMG….. thru the tears I’m trying to type….. we will be praying and hoping for pawsitive news! Hoping Stuart can come home and be with you and NOT suffer. Any doggie acupuncture vets in your part? When my Norwich terrier Tog had brain cancer 5 years ago it helped with pain management in the end months.
    All our love & Special prayers – Mommy, Daddy, Ozzy, Callie & Mac [our other Norwich]

  38. Marty the Manx says:

    Oh MOUSES!!!! Was praying last night that all would be OK. This was NOT what I expected to read today. Praying hard and sending you all the POTP/positive karma I can that sweet Stuart will rally and be able to come home and be with you. Going to have a good cry now…..
    Luvs to you and our favorite Scotty
    Marty’s Mom and the Gang

  39. You don’t know me, but me and Mom just heard this terrible news through Kismet. We are praying even now. POTP for Stuart.

  40. Two French Bulldogs says:

    we are sick. Sending love, prayers and hugs your way
    Lily & Edward

  41. Toby and Banks says:

    Love, love, love, love coming your way for all three of you.

    Hugs and kisses,
    Banks and Toby…..and their humans

  42. Dear Dear Stuart and peeps, we are sending some special pug POTP and prayers for you.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es
    we have put a post for you on the POTP blog – rounding up as much support as we can!

  43. cecilia07 says:

    Dear Stuart we are so very sorry to read that you are feeling so very bad and your peeps are very very scared. Please know we have you all in our hearts
    madi and mom

  44. We are sending you tons of thoughts and prayers and AireZen and POTP, Stuart. Our paws are crossed for you.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  45. theguster says:

    The shock of this very sad news is more than we can bear. This just can’t be! I am crying so hard I can barely see to write this – but McDuff and I want you to know that you are all in our hearts and prayers and sending our best POTP. May you all have the strength to see this through, and we join you in never, ever giving up hope. God Bless you all.

    Love and hugs,
    McDuff & Mom

  46. Omg. I don’t even know what to say. I feel sick. I feel like I’m right back to the day we were told Khia had cancer. The day after she was out in the yard running and playing. I’m praying as hard as I can that you get more time with Stuart and that he’s not in pain during that time. If you need to talk, I’m here. ~Samantha

    Noodle sends his *ear licks* to you, your hubby, and Stuart.

  47. Stuart — Just heard from kylascott about your illness and we here are all so upset — we know what it is like to be sick, so we are all sending the POTP and will keep you in our thoughts. We know from experience how much the potp helps!!

  48. tweedles says:

    Dear Stuart and family.. Blogville is circling around you right now in love!!! We want you better. We are sending all the POTP we can find,,, and every healing thought in the world, We love you and your family.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Nan – my heart goes out to you. I understand we had a similar scare with our Bailey, but the good news was he is doing fine now. I hope the same for Stuart and the both of you. Lots of prayers for all of you. Linda, Petie, & Bailey

  50. corkscot says:

    All of us are devastated by the news of Stuart’s illness. He is the reason that we started reading blogs and why we started our own. I always look forward to his daily missives and beautiful pictures. Our thought, prayers, and love are with the family. We hope that Stuart will be able to come home to the family.
    Susan, Sidney, Shelby. and Sophie

  51. dorysbackyard says:

    We are sending prayers and tons of POTP !
    Soothing Snuggles,
    Dory (and her brothers!)

  52. Just saw the post on POTP.
    So sorry to hear this!! We are praying for you!!
    And sending pug hugs.
    And their mommy and daddy

  53. We are so sorry to have received this sad news. If only our sincere, heartfelt wishes, hopes and kind thoughts could effect a cure and bring Stu back to full health and peace to the peeps.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Oh, no, not Stuart. I’ve been following him for so long now that I feel I know him. God bless the little man, my heart aches for your family.

  55. sue ellen says:

    This is the note I never wanted to write to you….Our prayers are for a gentle journey sweet Stuart. May your peeps know how many of us are praying for their strength during this heartbreaking time.
    L&M Sue ellen & Butch

  56. Dear friends, you opened your home and heart to Stuart and have given him such a good life and so much love. We thank you for sharing your precious little man with the world. He has given great fun and much laughter to us day after day. Our hearts are breaking with you as we pray for wisdom, peace and comfort for you all. Jolie Amie & Granny.

  57. Crap, crap, crap! That vile cancer, in our Stuart? What Mama and I are thinking is what so many friends have already expressed. What can we add? We love Stuart, we love you. Our hearts ache at this diagnosis. In your pain, we hope you can feel the love for Stuart and you, his peeps that surrounds you, and wish that it brings a modicum of comfort in such a wretched time. Please continue to keep us updated, as you feel able to. XXXXXX MVG and SB

  58. sue ellen says:

    I am writing this for “GRAMMY AMY” Grammy wanted me to tell you that you and family are in her prayers. She has thought of Stuart as ‘her’ grand Scotty boy for years…We both read your daily notes then talk about your tales and laugh at your antics ! You have brought joy to so many sweet little man. Needless to say we are in tears over this devastating news.. Know you are loved by so many. xoxo from Grammy Amy Nopson Washington state…

  59. LB Johnson says:

    We are not frequent visitors here, but your dogs have become like family, as dogs tend to do. We are so very sorry to hear this. Know that a redhead and her senior lab mix are crossing paws and folding hands in prayer for comfort for you both in this trying time.

    LB and Abby the Lab

  60. raisingdaisy says:

    We just found out about you through POTP. We are sending out lots and lots of big POTP to Stuart and you all, and Daisy sends extra special Havachon hugs. We’re very nervous for him, he’s such a sweet little guy. Many prayers being sent to you.

  61. Mr H. says:

    May our prayers be with you this difficult time. This is way too sudden and too premature. We share your pain and anguish. Hope Stuart is comfortable.

  62. nordhuesn says:

    Our hearts are full of much love and prayers for our precious Stuart.

  63. All best wishes and hopes!

  64. Murphy & Stanley says:

    We’re praying for the best treatment and the strength to make all the best decisions. POTP to you all!

    Your Pals,


  65. vera ersilia says:

    All of us who lost a beloved pet to a sudden event or a long drawn-out illness are thinking about your hours of fear and grief at this time. There is not much that we can do but stay as close as distance allows. We love Stuart and send that love along to you. Take comfort in the fact that all is done that can be done.
    I lost a great Scottie to lymphosarcoma 8 years ago – he still lives in my heart as great as he ever was.
    Hugs. Vera

  66. Oreo says:

    Oh Im soo soo sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you. It is so hard when it comes out of no where…I can contest to that. Jazzi was fine one day and not the next day. Prayers for decisions and for results to be good. We all love Stuart and our thoughts are with you at this time.

    Diana and Oreo

  67. This terrier and his owner sends his love and support from Scotland.
    Love and hits,
    Bertie (and Gail).

  68. Daisy says:

    We went you to know as we send up our prayers, we are giving you hugs and holding paws across state lines. What a scary time for all of you. We know Stuart has the best dog-tor and you have the support of all of Blogville!

  69. Stuart I send hugs and POTP to you and your humans… what a horrible night they had…. I hope for good news when they get the results of the ultrasound and the bloodwork… and I hope hope hope for a miracle….

  70. Dearest Stuart and your peeps, sending you all lots and lots of luffs and hugs, so sorry to hear this news dear fella. Paws croseed
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  71. Sir Jamie of the Highlands says:

    So sad, so mad, so sorrowful. Prayers, hugs, and love for Stuart.

  72. Our heart is broken for you. POTP.

  73. Fozziemum says:

    We are popping back just to say we love you..and have had you in our prayers all day long…<3 ❤ ❤ Love Fozziemum

  74. Rowena says:

    Prayers, hugs, and pawsitve thoughts for all of you.
    Mister Bentley and Maddie

  75. Lee says:

    Stopping by again to see if there is any news and to let you know how dear Stuart is to us and we continue to keep him and you in our ongoing prayer for strength and hope to get through this difficult time.
    Lee & Sweet William The Scot

  76. Oh my! We are sending every ounce of love, pawsitive thoughts, and puppy power we can muster!!! 🐾❤️ Stay strong, Stuart!!!!

  77. stella rose says:

    We came over from the Idaho Pugs page, and wanted to let you know we are thinking of stuart and praying for your family today….blogville is magical with their potp.
    stella rose and momma

  78. The OP Pack says:

    We are all too aware of the evil of cancer in dogs. We are so sorry to hear about Stuart. We have our paws crossed and are sending prayers from Mom for the treatment to help little Stuart. Our hearts are breaking for you too. Hugs.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning and Mom too

  79. Gavin says:

    You are in our thoughts constantly, and prayers continue for either a miracle or the gift of time together in comfort , surrounded by love and peace. Much love to the three of you🙏🙏🙏

  80. Piglove says:

    OMP! I’m crying here my pal. NO WAY! Unbelievable – I *hate* this cancer crap. We are not giving up yet my friend. We fight to the end! Sending prayers and healing vibes your way STAT! XOXO – Bacon

  81. fergusnguinness says:

    We are hurting so much for you Stuart and peeps. We found you many years ago and you were the highlight of our day. You are still a star in it and your pain is our pain. Too many of us know this shock and we are all in this together for you Stuart. I hope it gives comfort knowing how many lives you touch and how many strangers think of you as one of theirs. Hugs….

  82. We came by from Power of the Paw to leave some hugs for all of you.

  83. Oh no! We are so very sorry to hear this diagnosis. Stuart is a tough guy, and if anyone can pull through this it’s him! He has all the power of Blogville’s prayers behind him!!!

  84. Frankie and Ernie says:

    NO NO…. we are SOOOOO sorry to hear this…. butt STUART… you FIGHT like a SCOTTIE and we will send our strong POTP to you and your Peeps.

  85. Very sorry indeed to hear of Stuart’s condition. He’s in great hands. Sending love and prayers to the little fellow.

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  87. Emma P says:

    Sending hearts full of love, hope, and peace to you all.

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