“Madame! Madame!”

“Quick. You better hurry before she gets too far away.”

“You think I should? She’ll think I’m crazy.”

Out the door I went. Chasing after a woman with a Scottie on Boulevard St. Germain.

Paris’ Latin Quarter is full of lively restaurants and that’s where we found ourselves during my blog break in February. We’d planned the trip to celebrate our Valentine’s Day wedding anniversary, but when we almost lost Stuart in November, we put those plans on the back burner. Way back.

Originally we were only going for a week or so, but when Stuart passed, and the days and nights without him grew more and more painful, we decided to extend the trip.

So, there we were. In Europe. Grieving and trying to celebrate at the same time.

Thankfully, dogs are everywhere in Europe. They make us happy.


My husband was sitting where the long-haired woman on the right was seated in this photo. I was across from him when I noticed the Scottie coming right at me. How can you miss a Scottie? Even at night. That black cinder block shape with the upright tail was unmistakable.

Yes. She did think I was crazy. “Madame! Madame!” I said running after her trying to remember how to say Scottish Terrier in French. But people can communicate without words and I asked if I could pet her dog. “Uuhh…maybe not,” she stared. Somehow I managed to tell her that I’d lost my own Scottie.

She understood and eventually smiled. Then told me her girl was not well. A sick, 11-year-old Scottie. I could feel trouble in the pretty girl’s coat as I pet her and she gave me a half tail wag.

We frowned at each other and I cried.

That’s the only Scottie we saw in almost three weeks.



About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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38 Responses to “Madame! Madame!”

  1. indyandlucy says:

    One Scottie is worth a thousand……….

  2. My peeps do this whenever they are on holiday away from their furbaby, then when they are between dogs they get worse and every dog is fair game…..and yes, they have had many a strange look from other dog owners.
    But then my peeps are nutty *sigh*
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I understand you. When my father sees a foxterrier he ignores everything, just to see the pup, to ask if he can pet him and to talk some words with the owner…. it was 2005 as he lost Terry and till today he has a tear in his eye when he meets a foxy somewhere…

  4. gentlestitches says:

    I missed my anipals so much when I went on my big trip to Japan in 2014 BUTT we visited Yoyogi Dog Park and I spoke to many happy dogs there. Pup love speaks all languages. ❤

  5. Kismet says:

    You were lucky. We’ve only seen one Scottie that is new to us in FIVE YEARS. We miss Miss Kyla. You know the feeling.

  6. theguster says:

    I loved ❤ your story! And I understand completely how you nearly became unhinged at the site of a Scottie, in France! The same thing in reverse happened to me. I was walking my first Scottie, Gus, in my neighborhood and a woman out for a walk herself spotted us and nearly had a heart attack running after us. Breathlessly, she said “I just had to reach you!” She was still grieving for her Scottie, who had recently crossed The Bridge. 👼 She needed to talk about him, share her feelings about the breed, which matched mine, all the while she was very hands-on with Gus who enjoyed it.

    I’ll never forget her and am so happy she caught up with us! I do hope she was able to acquire another Scottie to love.

    McDuff’s Mom 💘💘💘

  7. Susan McCall says:

    i run after every scottie i see in public also. most people are happy to share the moment. some look as though they are going to summon the police. i can’t help it i do it anyway.

  8. bentley2 says:

    I went to Scotland a few years ago and the only Scottie I saw was on signs. I was so very disappointed not to see the real deal running around.
    Bentley’s Mom

  9. iloveschnauzers says:

    😥 made me cry thinking about my Miss D. I do the same thing, always noticing dogs on our walks, but a schnauzer is unmistakable from a distance. And I always would say, “There’s your cousin, Miss D! Another mini!”

  10. nordhuesn says:

    The Scottie sign is universal. We like to think it is unifying – language is not important, only the expression of love and a longing for what we had. Are you sure Stuart was not ghosting in her eyes just to say hello? We were in Germany a few years ago and ran into Emile, a Scottie from France walking the streets of Mainz. I also ran after them and petted him for 10 minutes as I was missing my furkids back home. It was comforting.

    • It may have been a bit of Stuart saying “hello” – especially in the “half a tail wag”. Thanks for giving me that suggestion. It’s nice to know that so many of us long for the comfort of dogs. Even those we don’t know. But, as you point out, maybe we do know them after all.

  11. hmm…funny how they pop up isn’t it? Scotties are so universal, we love this story.

    Edgar and his mum

  12. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Great Story!, We’ve been at both ends of this story also, prior to our Scottie passing people would stop and tell us of their love of scotties since past and ask to pet our Frodo, and since ours passed we too can see a Scottie a mile away and stop and love on them a little…..sigh….

  13. corkscot says:

    I have been stopping people with Scotties since I got the first one in 1968. Some might think that I am crazy, but who cares?

  14. My photos of trips abroad are mostly of the pups I have met . My friends are now expert at spotting Scotties, so, for example, in Sienna, Italy, I was in full chase. I find that the dogs and their Peeps understand….I think you met a soul mate of the tres bien kind….much love to you both!

  15. Oh I love that story! I bet that without your knowing, you brought that woman some comfort. Do you know I NEVER see Scotties? I can’t remember when I have last seen one in person! DakotasDen

  16. Rowena says:

    I have yet to meet a Scottie in our travels, and when I do, I will be reminded of your story. Have a nice weekend!

  17. Jackie says:

    I think we all long so see “our” dog when we travel because a piece of our heart is missing when we’re separated. I was in Scotland for 3 weeks and never saw a single Scottie, a couple of Westies, lots of retrievers and border collies, but not a Scottie. They do show up on a lot of signs, probably because their shape is so recognizable when drawn as a graphic.

  18. Lovely that you made it over to Paris. You were lucky to meet a Scottie at all as they’re really not that common in France.

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