Foto Fun Interrupted…

We interrupt Friday’s Foto Fun for an important announcement and a question. No wait, you can’t have Friday without a little fun, so here goes:

from Rangertumblr_nabc3d9EJu1qdtee3o1_1280

OK. That was double the fun.

Here’s the announcement: Sherlock is coming to visit me and The Dad Peep for DAYS in April. I’m not talking about an overnight, I’m talking about MULTIPLE DAYS after which he will NOT be returning home because we’re planning to puppy-nap him. (Don’t tell anybody.) So get ready for some Sherlock.

Now, we need your help. Some advice. And recommendations. As you know, Sherlock is just a wee lad. He hasn’t even had all of his shots yet. Including his rabies shots, which he’ll need before he can go to a groomer.

But, he’s quite the fluff ball. In fact, I wonder if he can see out of all that fluff! So, my Scottie friends, what should we do about his coat? His peeps are wondering if they should start stripping now, which I can help them do. And we’re all wondering if we should take some scissors to his face. Yikes! The Dad Peep and I gave his peeps Stuart’s grooming table, so he’s been on it to get familiar with it, but that’s about it. What a mess!!!

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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16 Responses to Foto Fun Interrupted…


    I’d call a groomer or your vet and ask what to do.

  2. Wylie, Ruby and Pat says:

    Ok, personally, I like all that fluff when they are tiny. So adorable!! It’s like short britches on little boys. But that’s just me!

  3. Hellen Die says:

    We have Scotties! Idaho winters can get brutally cold so we have a full wardrobe of jackets and warm gear for our fuzzy friends. We got ours from the pet store but there are lots of great tutorials online for turning toddler sweatshirts into puppy sweaters. Good luck and post lots of photos!!!

  4. theguster says:

    LOVE the picture of Stuart with the red tartan jacket and motarboard hat! Is he really pulling that

    Gus and McDuff were mature adults when I got them from Scottie rescue, so I can’t offer any advice about Sherlock’s puppy fur. Calling a groomer as Susan K. Buettner suggested is a good idea.
    Would you take pictures or a video of Sherlock’s transformation so we can see him before and after? What a hoot that would be!

    Bet you’re so excited! Enjoy your visit with him!

    McDuff’s Mom

  5. My mom always watches videos at YouTube when she needs questions answered about groomies.

  6. rjkeyedup says:

    Got Callie in July at 4 months; loved her fluffy hair and face… but alas by 7 months we got her groomed – wanted her to look like a scottie when we went to the Rescue Parade that October.
    BUT think you should just enjoy Sherlock the way he is and cuddle him night and day and ask him for help in finding a Scottie or two to live with you. ARooooo.. Mommy

  7. WestScott says:

    I know a number of people who breed Westies for show, including the woman who grooms our Westie and Scottie (though she no longer breeds Westies, she has many “clients” she grooms), and all of them get the puppies “up on the table” very early to get them used to being groomed. Because show Westies are only hand-stripped, that means this also starts early. Our groomer is always excited when she gets a new “client” who’s a puppy. I will ask and add new comments if I get some specific, useful suggestions.

    Love the Fun Fotos, and can’t wait to see pictures of Sherlock and hear of his adventures!

    • WestScott says:

      The following advice/opinion is from the woman who has been grooming my dogs since 1993:

      “The first professional grooming on a dog of any age depends on how diligent the pet parent has been with routine “hands on” brushing and handling the dog….especially the feet. Personally, I find grooming the puppy at six months of age for the first time is best. The puppy has not had time (hopefully) to develop a hatred for this chore. Even with older dogs, such as rescues I have groomed and never have been professionally groomed, getting them to trust me is the first step. Though most puppies are trusting by nature, the next step is making grooming FUN! With puppies I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to accomplish this. The key here, which I have learned from experience, is to not let the dog see what you are doing by going from behind the head. Not easy, but with some trial and error it can be done.

      Puppies who come from a breeder have already been introduced to the grooming table and been taught good table “manners”. So what is the right age for a puppy’s first professional grooming? In my opinion, six months. Why? Because between the age of 9-12 weeks, the puppy goes through a “fear” period. Nothing new, like professional grooming, should take place. By six months old, the puppy has developed some self-esteem, so new things are not viewed as a threat to his/her well-being. This is not only my opinion, but has been well documented in research on dog behavior.”

  8. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Oh my dawg!
    Lily & Edward

  9. How exciting for everypawdy ! Don’t you have to strip from the get go….I agree with the asking a Groomer their advice. I know the three of you are going to have some great adventures!

  10. nordhuesn says:

    You could see if you have one of those mobile groomers that come to the house – or perhaps if you call around one would be willing to come to your place. The vet would be good to ask. Otherwise enjoy the floppy mop as it will not be that way again after shots are done. We are so happy “you can get your Scottie on!” Stay calm and Scottie on!

  11. bentley2 says:

    My boys got their first grooming at 4 months. The groomer was wonderful with them.
    Bentley and Pat

  12. I would ask your vet and after that you should enjoy this fabulous time with the pup ;o) with treats and cuddles and tons of fun :o)

  13. Kismet says:

    Doesn’t Sherlock have a voice in the decision?

  14. Rufusmom says:

    Call Carol!!!!! That is my go-to when I need some answers . I just use some scissors on Rufus to trim up around his backside so things wouldn’t stick. And I trimmed hair off his ears so his ears would sit up right a problem Sherlock doesn’t seem to have. But otherwise I just brushed at his age to get the loose hair out. I didn’t start using the stripping comb for a little bit longer.

  15. corkscot says:

    Put him in your lap and gently pluck the stray hairs with your fingers. Get him used to the feel. I’m afraid of going at their faces when they are so young and unable to sit still for any length of time.

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