Tuesday Pupdate

Well friends, we’ve done it. Not only do we have folks actively looking for a Scottie boy to bring into our lives, we’ve submitted an application for a 14-month old gem in North Carolina. A puppy mill boy. Who had to be taught how to use the stairs and how to eat out of a bowl.

Can you imagine?


Don’t get me started.

Now, here’s a question for you. We’re going back and forth about this.

For those of you who have rescued your companions, what pitfalls might we expect? Do older rescues really “get over” their early life experiences? Are they more resilient than we give them credit for? How many questions can I ask at one time? Too many. (Keep in mind, we don’t know if we’ll be chosen for this little man. And, if we get to meet him, we don’t know that he’ll CHOOSE US.)

One can train a new puppy from the get go. With an older rescue, it may not be a good match. (Our BoBo was four months old when we rescued him. Still a puppy.)

I know plenty of happy, delightful, joyful rescue stories.

Please share yours in the comments.

Now, here’s your dose of StuART. A day early!



About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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27 Responses to Tuesday Pupdate

  1. Princess Leah says:

    I am beside myself with excitement for you. Although the peeps have had 3 pups, me being the youngest at 4 months the others were 5 months old, none of us were Rescues so can’t help you there. There are some wonderful peeps out in Blogsville who have lots of experience with Rescues and I’m sure they’ll be happy to pass their advice on
    Oh, oh doing a little happy excited dance here, can’t wait to hear further reports…
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I’d say go for it!! Especially since he’s going to be an only dog. You’ll have a lot of time to devote to the little feller!! I’m so excited for you.

  3. Kismet says:

    Wonderful! Both Kaci and Kali are rescues (as was Kyla). It depends on how traumatized they were. Kyla took a small bit of time to accept that nothing bad was going to happen to her anymore and that she was HOME. The first time that she was left home alone, the peeps went next door for 30 minutes. When they got home, a door stop was torn out of the baseboard. She didn’t take long after that to be the Kyla we knew. Kaci was scared of everything. When she was rescued, she was in a pen with other dogs (some big) also getting the axe soon and she’s settled down with the familiar places and peeps but is still scared of new things.She has a piece of ear missing so it must have been hell. Kali was also on death row in a kill shelter. She was adopted once before and returned because she was too wild. You couldn’t open a door to the outside even a crack and she was outside causing mischief. She was the “wild child” for a couple of weeks but settled down to be a great dog. Give your rescue time and love and when he figures out that he’s not going anywhere or going to be hurt, you’ll have the best puppy in town.

  4. Yes, I know from Skyler and Fiona that most everything can be overcome, esp at his age, with love and patience, of which you and Dad Peep have an abundance of. It just takes time. Fiona is 2 today and I got her this past January . She had been created most of her life ( she was an owner surrender). She had to learn about the outside, cars, loud noises, trucks, not to lunge at cars…we have homework to do together, but first she had to trust me. But now on her birthday, and out 8 th month together, I am very proud of how smart she is, and how far she has come. She is my first young Scottie…the other three were older…they adopted too. With all the love, kindness and patience you have to give, I know you and Dad Peep have got this! Xxxxx, the birthday girl & her Mama

  5. rjkeyedup says:

    Rescue dogs know when they are in their forever home… and they are totally grateful! You’ll see it in so many ways. Jesse, an eskipom that we rescued when we just had our Norwich boys Tog & Mac, was shy at first. He was found wandering the streets. He was timid about everything and paced along the fence in the back yard constantly when we first got him. I remember our Vet saying a rescue dog will take a few months not to fear he’s leaving this new place. And sure enough he came around, he stopped the pacing in the yard, ran around with the two other guys, was not shy about showing his affection, sitting in our laps, or snuggling next to us in bed.

    And then came Ozzy into our life – 8 months old, given up by a family on Christmas EVE! He was not housebroken, ran around like a wild man… the first night we brought him home he jumped from the loveseat to the coffeetable, and then vaulted to the couch. The next day he jumped onto the dining room chair and started walking across the dining room table. Ron yelled NOOOOO so loudly that he stopped in his tracks and never tried it again. I had to housebreak him, teach him how to walk on a leash… he never had any boundaries. But he learned thru diligence, patience, and love…. you and DaD peeps have those qualities! Today I would say Ozzy is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever owned… and NONE of those wild crazy behaviors are evident today.

    Our STCGNY rescue coordinator just lost her Dilly… she was a puppy mill dog for years – from the Amish country! [they consider dogs to be a comodity- UGH!] Dilly didn’t even know how to stand up

  6. Lee says:

    I don’t consider one year an old dog and not trainable. Sweet William was a puppy mill pup. I have found that they have lots of love in them for those that rescue them. They don’t want to be down and out and they know when someone cares.

  7. rjkeyedup says:

    as she lived in a crate to breed for so many years. But she too thru love and patience became so much more than a puppy mill dog! Dilly learned to walk, though not long distances. She loved being in her forever home with her other rescue brothers and sisters, sharing blankies, and snacks, and being held and loved and appreciated for who she was. She had respiratory problems, but was a trooper even up to the end of her life.
    RESCUE a dog and you take them out of a situation that often is too horrible to imagine. And they will love you back a hundredfold!
    Blessings on you and Dad Peep for putting in the application.
    And I have one other sign… how many months since Stuart passed ?? and how old is this rescue?? Seems like he might truly be the one.
    Callie & Ozzy’s Mommy

  8. Two French Bulldogs says:

    I was 5 years old when my family said, we don’t want you any more. Mom adopted me from the French Bulldog Rescue Network. I am the most mellow, well behaved, lovable boy pup she ever ever had. We are so lucky we found each other.
    Edward (& Lily)

  9. Auntie Meredith says:

    Oh Nan, I’m so happy for you and Jay! I can’t wait! Just remember, Sniggies is a rescue and she’s the sweetest thing in the world. The only rescue dog I’ve ever had that didn’t recover from the trauma of her early life was Ginger and when you all found her under your car, she was a very young pup. That said, every pet I’ve ever had was a rescue and they’ve all been the loves of my life in their own special ways.
    I’m sorry but I have some bad news to share – I think Sniglet may have had a small stroke on Sunday and she seems to be blind in her left eye. She told me something was wrong, but I thought she wanted a walk. Afterward, I noticed that she had trouble getting up the stairs and she couldn’t really see the hand with the treat in it, or eat the treat easily when she found it. She’s eating better today and going up the stairs is improving, but apparently there’s nothing to be done about her sight. We’ve had lots of tears and consolation hugs, but she’s sad. So am I, but I thought you’d want to know. Send loving thoughts to my sweet little hound dog.

  10. Kaci says:

    I was only seven months old when She adopted me. It didn’t take me long to be the loving doggie I am today. Full of kisses and love. Now Kali was a different story. She wanted to give her up after she tried to steal Kyla’s food and got bitten on the leg. She had to have surgery to remove some hairs in her wound. But, within two months, this Wild Child because the smartest, most loving dog ever. We all call her Velcro as she seem to love resting by putting her body next to one of the Peeps. She even like to sleep completely under the covers! Kali is my best friend. Be sure any dog you get is friendly with other dogs and likes car rides (except on way to vet of groomer which Kali seems to know within a mile of our house). So many Peeps that have adopted agree that an adopted dog is a happy dog – forever grateful!

  11. Love the photo! You also don’t want to get me started on puppy mills!

  12. How wonderful! We don’t have any experience with rescues but we sees others do.

  13. Glittermoon says:

    I cannot press the like button fast enough! Yippee! You can take it from me and from Emma P that all these things can be overcome. As my dad said about a year after I adopted her “it’s amazing what love can do”

    I’m so happy for you and We can’t wait to meet your new baby !

  14. Robert the Bruce says:

    I rescued a 9 year old with CA disease. She had been in the rescue for several years. She was very well behaved, but was totally blank when it came to giving or receiving affection. After 7 months, she suddenly accepted and was the love of my life until she died of brain cancer at age 17. Others often remarked at about how much she adored me. I spoiled her rotten. I have 2 more scottie rescues now that I got as puppies. There is no comparison between the 2. It is apples and oranges. I think an older dog may not remember neglect, but it certainly does affect their personality. Their love goes far deeper. Something almost spiritual.

  15. Ranger says:

    Yip, yip, yippee! We need another Scottie in da hood. So sorry dat he was so badly treated.
    Us NC boys are resilient and I’m sure wiff all da love you have to give, he will be pawsome.
    Pees. Luv da Stuart pic. I miss him.

  16. My Butterfly was eight years old when she was rescued from a puppy mill. She learned how to eat from a bowl, pee outside and bark at the mailman from her sister, and within six months she was running and smiling and begging for treats like any other dog! The amazing thing is that she continued to blossom as long as we had her. She had to make up for the learning she couldn’t do during those years in the puppy mill, at her own pace, and she did it beautifully.

  17. LB Johnson says:

    That’s wonderful news. Our Abby was a rescue, approximately 7 years old. Certain things would make her very sad – the sound of children playing, the smell of a cigarette but within six months she was completely happy and never gave me any more sad looks, they are MUCH more resilient than you think. We did get a trainer as she had never walked on a leash, and he worked with us all one on one at our home on that for a few sessions, including a graduation trip to the pet store. Having her in foster care first helped us know if she would be a good fit so ask questions of those caring for him now. Best of luck to you all.

  18. nordhuesn says:

    Oh joy!!! We are excited for you. Andy is our rescue. He was found wandering and has something along with Scottie in him. We were warned by his foster mom that he was territorial. Since we already had 2 other dogs, we were hopeful he would fit in…….and he did! But he does nip at Duffy from time to time (I think it’s a male dominance thing). He has not done this with Elsa (RIP) or Ruby. He is most affectionate. He has the occasional leg lift in the house, especially when another male dog has visited. We would not give him up for anything. The only thing we cannot get him to do is to come to us. He will go to the nearest corner and sit for us to come to him. Don’t know if this is a bad memory for him. He just turned 10 and we got him when he was a guestimate of 6 months old. He has a tattoo on his tummy – we think from a mill. GRRRRRR! Best of luck to you and we hope all turns out for your loving home.

  19. WestScott says:

    Go for it!!! 14 months is still a very young dog. He will be so happy to finally be in a loving, caring environment, that he will want to do everything possible to please you. We got our first dog 37 years ago for $10 from a dog pound. We didn’t know anything about her background, but she was the sweetest dog who just seemed so grateful that someone adopted her into her forever home and loved her. Our Scottie (dog #7) was a puppy mill dog bought by his first owners at a pet shop. We got him through STCGNY Rescue and fully understand the meaning of the “Who rescued who?” magnet that we now have on the back of our car. Rescues are special and deserve to be in loving homes. Keep us all posted!!!

  20. Rufusmom says:

    I wish you good luck. I have a great story for you about a puppy mill rescue Pearl is her name and she’s a toy poodle. They think she was about 18 months when she was rescued. It took patience and some perseverance because she had lived her whole life in a crate with other crates on top of her. And she is a fabulous beautiful normal dog now. I will try and get some pictures and send them to you through your email address site. And if Pearl’s owners have any suggestions I will add that to it

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  22. macladie says:

    I love the photo of Stuart. What kind of processing did you use on the photo?

  23. corkscot says:

    Corky was my oldest rescue at 2.5 years. She was a gem from day one. i have no idea about her background. Shelby and Drew were 10 months old when I adopted them( not together). They never gave me a problem. Rescues know that you are their savior.

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