Happy Weekend

Dear Friends,

I haven’t spoken to you in a while myself and I don’t want you to worry about me so I thought you’d like to see my anti squirrel skills.

I can push this tree over if I want to.

Don’t you wish you could do that?

Until next time,


About The Scottie Chronicles

Winston welcomes you to The Scottie Chronicles - a blog that began in 2009 as a voice for Stuart, a more than memorable black, brindle and white Scottish Terrier who captured hearts around the world. Stuart passed suddenly in December 2015 from cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a nasty cancer that took him far too early. If you love Scotties, please follow along. Arroooo!
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9 Responses to Happy Weekend

  1. noofmitchell says:

    Another squirrel detector to join the ranks. Bailey has yet to actually catch one which I am thankful for. Good to see you back!

  2. nordhuesn says:

    Love that straight “on point” tail. I miss seeing Duffy’s when he chased squirrels. Andy just ignores them.

  3. WestScott says:

    Send Winston to our house where he can further hone his anti-squirrel skills with our terriers. He’d get a ton of practice with an Oak tree in the back yard, and Walnut trees on both sides of the house. Let’s just call it “squirrel heaven”, though I’m sure they’d appreciate it if we would get a breed of dog that could care less about them. Fortunately no one has been caught!

    Winston looks so stylish in his red harness!

  4. Ya show does squirrels who are boss!

  5. Kismet says:

    Don’t. Don’t do it NOW, I’m sitting in that tree.

  6. theguster says:

    I give you an “A” for your determination, Winston! You may have better luck in your new yard when you’re outside and some brave but foolish squirrel scurries past you!

  7. Humphrey & Cherry says:

    Hey there Winston – Doing a good job of scaring those squirrels I see – My Mom has been ‘walking’ me in the nice weather – I am really liking it – (have seen squirrels too, but so far they are too far away to bother with) – Hope more good weather comes soon – this walking thing is fun! – Humphrey

  8. nordhuesn says:

    Your Sunday Firetruck post is not posting.

  9. Julia M Tedeschi says:

    Go get them! Climbing a tree looks easy enough … Ozzy

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