Silent Sunday

Macleod Beach

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At the market

Sherlock’s peeps took him to the farmers market this morning. We met them there and everyone had a big time. He turns six months old tomorrow. Sweet thing.

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Friday’s Foto Fun X3

Greetings pals. It’s Friday. And you know it’s time for some fun. Here you go:


I know there’s food under here.

Dogs know everything. And they can figure out how to get what they want. Just like that guy. And because he looks like an Easy dog to me, here’s a funny foto of Angel Easy.


Hey, Easy, say ArrOOOO ROOOO to everybody where you are, OKAY? Find Angel Stuart and give him a big belly rub from all of us.

my bandana

And tell him that even though he wore it well, I’m sorry I made him wear a bandana. (He was such a good sport.)

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Watercolor Wednesday – StuART

I love me some StuART. I also love me some Angel Kyla household that coined the term “StuART”.  Thanks pals. And thanks to all of you who have been so patient and supportive as the Dad Peep and I attempt thinking of bringing a 4-foot loved one of the Scottie persuasion into our home. Wherever that may be. And whenever that may be. It might be sooner than we think.

Here’s to StuART! Please enjoy!


He loved riding on the ferry between Jamestown and Surry. And I love this one. Hope you do, too!


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Silent Sunday


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Friday’s Foto Fun


What would Stuart say if he knew I’d missed so many blog posts over the last few months? Hum? What would he say if he knew I hadn’t been making the rounds to visit his friends’ blogs and to say hi?

He’d arrOOOOO, I know that. And he’d be mad. I always hated it when he was mad. He made no bones about being mad.


mad Stuart

From his perch on the stairs…he was mad about something.

And he let you know what was on his mind. Always.


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I do know this. He loved Friday’s Foto Fun.

So, let’s have some fun.

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Sorry I’ve been AWOL Angel Stuart. I really am. To which he’d reply, “Hey Peepstress, don’t apologize to moi. Say you’re sorry to my friends why don’t cha?”

And he’d be right. Sorry friends.


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Silent Sunday 

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