About My Typist

Thanks for typing!

Thanks for typing for me!

I really can’t handle the keyboard itself, let alone the tiny keys to type on. So, She does it for me. She’s my peep and I tell Her what I’m thinking, then She puts it all on paper. Well, not really paper, but you know what I mean.

She’s a writer. People pay Her to write things. (Wonder if She’s keeping a tab on what She types for me??? I hope not because I don’t have a bank account to pay Her!)

So, if you need somebody to write something for you, like magazine articles, brochures, websites, news releases and stuff like that, just let Her know. Or leave me a comment and I’ll tell Her. She’ll even write your company history or a family history or, you know, stuff like that. Heck…She might even BLOG for you!

After all, somebody’s gotta help pay for my healthcare and food don’t you think? And I eat LOTS of green beans. Those things cost money.

Editor’s Note: Since Stuart’s passing, She’s taking dictation from Winston. And loving every minute of it. (Stuart trained Her well.)

27 Responses to About My Typist

  1. Ed and Evelyn Smith says:

    We met you today at the Urbanna Oyster Festival. It was great getting to know you and your handlers. We learned a lot about our scottie and how they seem to have skin allergies and we will be looking into the dog food you suggested.
    Our dog Chester (or as we like to refer to him as Magoo) sends his greetings too.
    Hope you enjoyed all the dogs today. Except for those K-9 ones riding in the golf cart.
    Have a great weekend, Ed and Evelyn

  2. Beth Carlson says:


    You stopped by my show at Dog & Horse Fine Art in Charleston, S.C. last week and told me all about your multi colored Scottie. I look foward to checking your blog out and seeing him! Thanks for coming to the gallery. Were you there for the snow?

  3. scottishdogs says:

    AHA! My human knew there was something about your typing and writing. She knew it. Your human is a professional! Mum said she was learning a lot from reading you. Now she knows why.

    I have written a book, yes me, Hector! and Mum has written a play and is working on a screen play right now. But she isn’t published like your mum, Stuart. We are both aspirational writers. And poor too!

    Still reading you for tips.

    HECTOR and his Typist.

    • About this “poor” thing. I think it’s contagious! Didn’t your peep also write about houses in Derby??? I think She downloaded that from your website because She found it interesting. I’d love to read your book!!!! Roodles to You and Yours, Stuart

  4. Judie says:

    Just found your site and love hearing about your adventures. I’m owned by two scotties, Hamish & Duncan and we live in Pennsylvania. Hope you’ll come by and visit my blog –

  5. Katie Wyatt says:

    Thanks for finding my blog http://www.westiejulep.blogspot.com! I look forward to reading your posts!!

    All the best, Katie

  6. Alyssa says:

    I grew up with two Scotties. One black-Robbie-and one brindle-Misty. We sure learned a lot about you guys when we first got Robbie. You guys have a mind of your own! This human sure loves that! I love that so much I took in a little stray doggy that looks just like a fox so we named him Mr. Fox. I know, we are not half as clever as you. He very much has a mind of his own and his own unique personality. I love reading biographies! Mr. Fox says ‘arf, arf, pant, pant’ to you!

  7. Alyssa says:

    Oh, Stuart, I forgot the most important thing – I absolutely love your white patches and that She saved you from doom!

  8. Katey Roo Magoo says:

    Hey, Hi ! I’s me again, Katey the chihuahua in Texas. So, OK my mom just read some of your blog to me and we have some things in common. I love green beans alot. My mom loves them alot, too, so we have them alot. I was an orphan. I was born first but then my big sister got stuck. The breeders didn’t even notice until the next day that my mom was dead! So anyway, I was bottle fed. When they took me to the horse show to sell me, I was sick with a cold. Then I saw this real nice lady passing by, so I stuck my white paws outa the blackcage I was in so she could notice me. I’m mostly black. I have some tan parts, too. Anyway, she paid to rescue me too. The next day she took me to her vet and I had new-moan-ya and mange. I was SO sick, all I did was wheeze and sleep. It took 3 months to get well. I still wheeze all the time but it’s ok coz my mom is allmost always home and helps me breathe better. OK, I better go. Mom sez she has other stuff to do ‘sides sit at a computer..

    • Hi Katey Roo,

      Nice to hear from you! We all love green beans! YIPPEE!

      I am SO DREADFULLY SORRY to hear about your momma. What a horrible story. I’m glad you’re OK and that your mom peep loves you a lot. I’m sure she does.

      You stay well and keep breathin’ my little chihuahua friend! Come back and visit again, OK?

      Aroodles, Stuart

  9. Hi Stuart and your typist –
    I’m so glad I found your site. It’s a real creative one; keep up the good work! I’m following you so I can always be kept up to date on your latest and greatest! 🙂 Roof Roof to you too!

  10. Teju says:

    hahaaa! loved the page title & your blog! glad to have stumbled upon you! 🙂

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  13. That’s pretty cool! My Mama used to sell air. She did that for 24 years, but know, she stays home with me & we do stuff together.

  14. Cindy Miles says:

    Arooo back at you Stuart and your writer are Dear to my heart. Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Green beans on the way.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving Stuart & Peeps! Boy, Katie Roo has quite a backstory too. The only Breeders we know would never be so….soooo….such cold, un humane bastards. There, I said it. Ok, nuff said. We are making a green bean dish in honor of you Stuart, to take across the street for lunch. Our next door neighbors are on their way to Richmond to celebrate with family. So it’s an all Stuart kinda day! Much love, and giving thanks to all peeps who Rescue us, and, the good Breeders of this world. Your pal Skyler

  16. Coco says:

    I also have a typist that types my blog for me – but she also tries to put in lots of stuff about plants that I don’t really care about. She also read me some of your blog and we are also sorry that the Bog Bad Wolf was elected but we have an even worse one in charge here.

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