Hydrangeas and Sally Bell’s

Y’all remember I added a “Peep’s Page” a while back. For non-Scottie related stuff. (Really? There is such a thing??)

Until They figure out how to add posts to that page, We’re just gonna add pages here. Confusing? Oui.

There are so many hydrangeas in the yard. It’s nice to bring them inside. Oh…and that wall you see there? He painted that!

Here’s a nice bouquet. If you like this shot, you should really check out the hydrangea photos over at Lucky Ginger Studio.

If you missed the May issue of Bon Appetit magazine, no worries. Here’s the piece about Richmond’s own Sally Bell’s Kitchen. Where the chicken salad and potato salad are smack ‘yo Mamma good. Oh, and the mayonnaise is homemade. Nothing better.

Thanks for visiting the Peeps’ Page!

4 Responses to Hydrangeas and Sally Bell’s

  1. Kyla says:

    What’s Sally Bell’s area code and does she deliver? Like far away? Does she accept shredded stuffies for payment?

  2. theguster says:

    Goodness, Stuart, how did I ever miss this page? I mean, I did see it once before when I found your great blog but I didn’t realize we could post from this too! So here I am today snooping around and I found this! Yippeee!

    Now I ‘d like to tell you that the beautiful painted wall of clouds your peep did is so lovely, and ethereal. Blue is my favorite color, too! In fact, my son, who lives in Tucson, AZ is a faux artist too and does beautiful things like this. Is there any other artistry in your house that your Peep Dad did? My son can create marble, wood grained wood, rust, verdigris, you name it, he is really awesome! And I must tell you, hydrangeas are my FAVORITE flower! I love them in their many shades of blue and lavender. I planted them in my yard years ago and enjoy them so much every year. I know that you love the ‘dillies’ and I love them too!

    And Stuart, I would just like to thank you for this wonderful blog and for being you! I look forward to whatever you have to say each day and getting to know you, and reading about all your adventures has filled a void since I am no longer a Scottie Mom….which makes me sad. When I do get another Scottie, you’ll be the first to know and, I hope he is a lot like you!

    Gus’ Mom,

    • Well, Karen ARROOOOOOSSSSS to you for being a Scottie Mom! We’re so glad to have you along on Our journey! We appreciate your visits.

      My peep does lots of faux stuff. Marble, slate, wood…y’all would have lots in common!

      I’m so happy you’re snooping around at The Scottie Chronicles. Make yourself at home and be sure to bark at us. A lot. We love it!

      ArooOOOOOOOO! Your pal, Stu

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