The Very First One

OK. Being the benevolent guy that I am, I think it’s time I give my peeps a page on The Scottie Chronicles. After two years of hogging the blog for myself, I think I’ll share it with Them so They can share stuff, too. K? (Just a page, though, I don’t want to give Them too much. The world revolves around moi, not Them.)

First up, my shutterbug Peep. Here are some of Her latest forays into my backyard kingdom. (I gave Her permission to show these to you. After all, it is MY backyard.)

A pretty pansy. We’ve got lots of these.

Bubbles in one of my little ponds.

Nandina berries. We’ve got lots of these, too.

Water droplets on a, um, can’t remember what this thing is called.

As you can see, Her stuff isn’t about Scotties. I know, I know, I don’t get it either, but, after all, She and He take me to the DogTor and feed me and stuff. So, it’s the least I can do to appease Her don’t you think? And, hey, maybe She’ll do the talking Herself next time? WHOA….I’m busted, here She comes…ARRROOOOoooooooooooo

Here’s what happened next:

“Why thank you, Little Man, for sharing my photos! You sure picked some good ones!” She said. “And you’ve given your Pop Peep permission to post, too??”

“Yes my peepster! It’s the least I can do for all you and He do for me,” I said. “Just thought I’d share the love.”

“Now Stuart, don’t you think you’re being just a tad dramatic? It’s just a little page, after all. Just one page on your blog. Is that too much to share? With those who love you more than life itself?”

“Well, since you put it that way, I guess not. Go ahead and knock yourselves out with the Peep Page on the blog. Have at it. Post all kinds of stuff. Like how you love me and how I’m the best, most precious pooch in the universe and how March is Scottie Month, and you think I smell like Fritos corn chips sometimes, and stuff like that.”

“Stuart, that’s what the REST of the blog is for. All about you and your friends.”

“OK. I get it. I’ll share. I guess. If I have to. Since it’s you and all. I do love you, you know.”

“Thank you, Stuart.”

“You’re welcome my peep.”

There you have it. That’s what it’s like at Our house. Stay tuned for the next installment of — wait for it — THE PEEPS’ PAGE!

5 Responses to The Very First One

  1. Oooh, my mama just discovered the Peeps’ Page. She looooooooooooves it! Such pretty, pretty pictures. She likes flowers, too!

  2. Reegan says:

    Deep thought! Thanks for cotritbuning.

  3. Ranger says:

    I like da ‘Bubbles in one of my little ponds’ pic. Great pic.

  4. Erin says:

    Hey Stu! I think the pretty green leafyies are Gingko. They are seriously pretty pics!

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