Time to press PAWS

Time to take a little summer break. While the Dad Peep and I press pause PAWS for a little rest and relaxation, y’all take a stroll through the archives. K?

Be back when the batteries are refreshed.

Coopers Island Foto Fun

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Silent Sunday

flower pin

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Friday’s Foto Fun – But First…

Yes, friends, it’s time for Friday’s Foto Fun, but first, a little update and a note of thanks.

The Dad Peep and I are adjusting to our decision to open our lives again and welcome a Scottie into our home, which at the moment isn’t a home, it’s just a house.

I can’t tell you what that feels like. Making and announcing our decision was cathartic. Like taking the plug out of a full bathtub, lots of emotions and old “stuff” holding us back just went swirling down the drain.

Did I tell you we went to a psychic fair last weekend? Yep. Call us crazy, but sometimes one needs to get in touch with the universe to see what’s happening. My Tarot card reading resulted in a “green light” for us to move forward. The house will sell, yada, yada, yada.

AND, I’ve been directed to so many Scottie rescue organizations with fostered Scotties to place! Not to mention the Scottie lass who’s expecting in a few weeks, for which we’re on the list. I’m sure those little ones will go quickly. And that’s OK. We’re in a good place. We’ll stay on the list until next time if that doesn’t work out!

It’s all happening the way it should  be happening. And the Dad Peep and I have you all to thank for the confidence, the good Karma, the support, the friendship and so much more.

Gracias. Merci. THANK YOU! Can you hear me ARrOOOOOO’ing at all of you? I’m doin’ it. Thank you my friends. It’s a journey and we’re glad you’re along with us for the ride.

And to our Angels Stuart and BoBo, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You’re leading us down an exciting path. We’ll make you proud. Promise.

Time for some fun:



Sherlock Shoe

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StuART – July

You know what day it is: Watercolor Wednesday.  Have at it. Lots to enjoy today!

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Silent Sunday 

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And now, we wait.

July is a good month to think about things. The year’s half over. The rest of the year is about to unfold. Change is in the air. For better or worse, you’d better settle into your seat because the world keeps spinning and it’s best to just hang on and see what happens. And hope for the best.

Our house is still on the market. No offers. And the world keeps spinning.

Our big future plans are on hold for the most part. And the world keeps spinning.

Freddie Tucker Betsy Girlie

It’s time to get a pup. Remember these precious things? I think they’re about a year old now. Maybe two? Could it be?

Hard to imagine these little sausages growing into big, strong Scots. They’re so little! And precious! But they did. And they’re beautiful big babies. I think I saw them on Facebook today. They’re so happy. Their peeps are, too.

The Dad Peep and I can’t wait anymore. For something to happen. So, we’re on a list.

A waiting list. For a Scottie boy.

It took a lot of thought. Maybe too much thought. But that’s the way it had to be. Grief takes its toll in so many different ways. On different people. Differently.

Late last week, we took the plunge and asked a trusted Scottie fount of knowledge and experience for help and advice. Will there be a Scot pup in our home sooner rather than later? Maybe not sooner, but the answer is “yes”. At some point.

And that makes us very, very happy. We’re ready.

Maybe there’s a rescue for us? Could be.

Please stay with us as we travel along the path of this new journey.

As Stuart always said, “It takes a village with you people. The Peepstress can’t do anything herself. She needs some help.”

“Yes, I do little man. I need all the help I can get. So point the Dad Peep and me in the right direction, would you?”

Oh yeah, he already did that.  ; )  And now, we wait.

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new blue pot stu

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