Throw Back Thursday

Shopping for tiles. And a countertop. From 2018. I loved to shop then, and I love to shop now. I just don’t have any money.

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Friday’s Foto Fun – Happy Fall Y’all

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Silent Sunday

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Watercolor Wednesday

An oldie, but a goodie. Stuart at the shore’s edge.
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I Am King

In lieu of Saturday Brushout this morning, I was treated to a jaunt in the park. Where I chased squirrels. In the rain. On a dropped leash of all things. Can you imagine? I ran my hiney off.

There is no image today. You’ll just have to imagine the moment. I. Got. The. Squirrel. I let him go. Because I’m the master.

I Am King.

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Throwback Thursday – Five years ago this month

From the very first day they saw me, to celebrating my 5th birthday last May, this is a Throwback Celebration to 2017. Five years ago this month. AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to all of my friends. You’re pawsome. And the peeps aren’t too bad either!

Winston? Are you listening?

What’s that? Stuart, is that YOU?

Yes. Aroooo to you. It’s me.

Where have you been? I haven’t heard from you in so long???? I thought maybe you’d forgotten me.

I’ll never, ever forget you. I’m always here. I’m always with you. I dropped by today to say how proud I am of you. You’ve made your peeps very, very happy. And that’s all I’ve ever hoped for.

Oh gee. It’s nothing really. I’m just myself. I’m glad they’re happy.

But Winston, I need to know. Are YOU happy?

Yes. Yes, I’m happy. It took me a while. You know how much of a loner I am.

Yes. I know. You’re a quiet little man. Maybe that’s one of the things your peeps love about you?

I dunno. I’m just me. I think I like them. Maybe. Maybe a lot.

That’s all I need to know. You might like them more than you know. Take good care of yourself little friend. Call me when you need me. Just bark out loud. I’ll hear you.

Thank you Stuart.

Thank you Winston.

ArrOOOOO! Rooo. ROOOOooooooOOOOOO!!!

You called?

I was just checking.

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Throwback Thursday

You gotta love a black and orange punkin.

Remember Stuart’s painted pumpkins? It’s that time of year friends. Punkin time. And it’s also time to remember your loved ones. Whether four-footed, two-footed, fin-footed or otherwise.

Here’s to all the bumpy, painted punkins in YOUR life!

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You know what day it is….time for a Winston Watercolor!

Check out those pearly whites!
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Friday’s Foto Fun

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Throw Back Thursday: 2017

October 2017. Was I the cutest pup ever? I think so.
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Watercolor Wednesday

A brand new piece of Winston’s Watercolor Wednesday. Just for YOU.
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Throwback Thursday – a loong time ago

From the very first post.

Yeeowsa! We’ve been blogging for 13 years this month. Can you believe that? We can’t. And THIS is the face that launched it all. Stuart at 10 weeks.

Just look at that those white toes. And that white beard. And those floppy ears.

Thank you all for following along. Through happy times and sad times. Through thick and thin. Through sickness and health.


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