A Monday Scottie Fix

Yes. We all need our Scottie fixes from time to time. And today is no exception. Sherlock has morphed into a tiny teddy bear. Behold:


And lest I confuse anyone, he’s not ours. He lives with friends. But, he’s coming over for a visit next month. He just loves the Dad Peep. Sitting on his shoe, as you can see.

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Silent Sunday

got scotties

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Friday’s Foto Fun – Guilty?


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Meet Tico


Can you imagine living with this little guy? Just like Sherlock, he makes me happy just to look at him. He found a new forever home when a friend needed him most. They found each other. That face. Just look at that face.

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StuART – From the archives

It’s Wednesday. Time for some vintage StuART.


And then there’s this.

WCW Out the Window 3

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Silent Sunday

puppy pic

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Friday’s Foto Fun – Abby

What’s this? Abby Lab has something to say?


What do you think she’s saying? Huummmm…..I have a few ideas, but want to hear yours first.

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