The Costume Arrived

Butt you’ll have to wait. It’s scary enough to wear it for just a minute. So I can’t show you until Howloween.

This picture will have to do.

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Almost Spooky Time

This is my friend Nora. She’s ready for Howloween.

My costume was lost in the mail.

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Silent Sunday

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Thank you Winston

Pssst. Winston….

Me? Yes? Who’s there?

It’s me. Angel Stuart. Can we share a word or two?

Sure. I just got back from a big morning out. I’m pooped, but I can always bark with you.

Yes, you were having fun with the peeps. That’s what I want to bark with you about.

Did I do something wrong? Oh gee, I hope not.

No. You’re doing everything right my little friend.

Whew. I’m beginning to find my feet in this world, and I really don’t want to mess it up.

Just keep on loving the peeps. Even if it takes a while to get used to it. They’ve got your back. And they need you.

They need me?

Yes. They live for you.

Why did you leave Stuart? I really would like to meet you.

It was my time to go. It’s your time to be with the peeps. You’ve already met me sweet boy.

Where? When?

The day you went home with Them. The day you picked the grasses to plant in your new back yard. The day you met Sherlock. Last weekend when you helped decorate for Halloween. And this morning when you were having a big time.

I’m always with you. So are your two-legged peeps. Always.

Wow. Thank you Stuart.

No. Thank you little Winston.

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Wonders never cease.

How wonderful. Our Winston visited us upstairs after dinner tonight. And stayed long enough to snooze for a moment.

He left shortly thereafter. But maybe one day he’ll stay.

We’ll take what we can get.

Love you little man.

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Something’s in the air

Those are some BIG spiders! I snoopervised the Halloween decor installation on Saturday. Can’t wait!

I think I might even wear a costume. As long as it’s not a hat.

I. Hate. Hats.

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Follow Me!

Friends, remember my 1st birthday present? My very own Instagram account?

Well, The Peepstress finally got around to setting it up. A year later.

I feel like such a low man on the totem pole.

I’m the third Scottie my 2-legged ones have had.

Kind of like the third child.

Forgotten. Last. An after thought.

So, if you wouldn’t mind, would you kindly follow me? Or bark at me here? Or Tweet at me?

So I’ll know I’m loved?

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