Twins for Thursday

Can you tell the boys apart?

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Nose Kisses


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Winston the Wonder Dog!

Graduation. What a joy! Not only did he get his diploma – complete with mortar board headgear – but he also earned an AKC STAR Puppy certificate. Who knew?

Winson Grad 2018

That Winston. He’s a Wonder Dog! Woot!

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Lazy Sunday

For the first time in about two years we brought the chairs out front. We used to sit- the other three of us: me, the Dad Peep and Stuart-and watch the world go by.

Today, we and Winston sat out front and had lunch.

It was a very good day.

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You Know What Day it is!

And we just had to share a bit of the dillys today, too. The luck ‘o the Irish to you all! ArrOOO!

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Knock Knock. Stu There?

Stuart? Are you there? It’s Winston.

Here I am little buddy.

Sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday yesterday.

Don’t worry about it. It’s Scottish Terrier month and you can wish me a happy Bday any time you want. Everything OK with you? How are the peeps?

I guess things are OK.

You guess??

Well, I did something last night. And those people really liked it. I think. But I don’t get it. I’m so confused.

First things first buddy. “Those people” are your peeps. And don’t you forget it. He’s The Dad Peep and she’s The Peepstress. They take care of you. They feed you. Keep you healthy. Play with you. But most of all, they love you. You know what love is don’t you?


It’s why I picked you for them. It’s what I feel for them. It’s what they feel for me. And BoBo. It’s a feeling you have that you just can’t explain. But you know it’s there. When they reprimand you for heading into the street without a command from them to cross, that’s love.

It sounds like yelling to me.

Well it’s not just yelling. It’s love. When they pick you up and get all in your face, that’s love. When they take you with them in the car, that’s love. When they throw you in bed with them, that’s love. Got it?

Oh. That’s why they acted so weird last night.

You’re confusing me.

Twice this week I’ve stayed with them when they turn the lights out at night. And last night they put me on the big cushion with legs and I stayed there. All night. Then, I curled up in my bucket on the floor when she – uh, The Peepstress – got ready to go for our daily ride in the car.

You’ve never done that before? Stayed with them at night? In the big bed? It’s not a cushion on legs, by the way, it’s a big bed. You’ve got a bucket, they’ve got a big bed.

I kind of don’t like that big thing. But last night was different and they got all happy about it. And I got all happy about it. I think. I just don’t know what’s going on. I’m confused.

That, my boy, is love. And you’re getting the hang of it. You’re still a kid. It’s OK to be confused. I’m here to help. I’m always with you. Just like your peeps. 

Thanks. Stuart, where are you? Why can’t I see you?

You’re welcome, little Winston. I’m here. I’m always with you. Always. Remember that.

But why can’t I see you? Stuart? Stuart?


Angel Stuart iron.JPG




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Silent Sunday Sort Of

Now I lay me down to sleep……with my head in a flower pot.

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