Friday’s Foto Fun – Framed

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Watercolor Wednesday – At the fence

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Loads of Friday’s Foto Fun

I thought it’d be fun to load up on Foto Fun today. Enjoy!

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A wise Watercolor Wednesday visit from Stu


Stuart? Is that you? Isn’t that funny, I was just posting this wonderful artwork of you on the blog. Because today’s Watercolor Wednesday. And here you are!

Yep. Here I am. It’s been a while since we had a chat.

I’m glad you’re here. I’ve missed our talks.

I’m always with you. Remember that. And you can always call on me for a chat. Oh…by the way, that artwork is called StuART. The nice folks over at Kismet’s blog came up with that clever name.

StuART? I’ll have to take a look at that art. It makes me smile.

I’m glad Winston. Smiling is a very good thing. Did you know that you made The Peepstress smile today?

I did?

She almost cried.

OH NO! I seem to do that sometimes. Whatever I did, I didn’t mean to.

This would have been a good cry. But She couldn’t cry, because She was smiling so wide.

What’d I do?

Remember this morning when it was raining? And you decided to stay out in the rain? And wouldn’t come inside?

But I’m a Scottie. I like the rain. I really do. I like being outside and wet. Even in the cold.

I know, but your peeps worry about you whether they need to or not.

Oh. I wish They’d stop worrying.

When you let The Peepstress wrap you up in a blanket and hold you close in Her arms, you made Her the happiest person in the world. You didn’t wiggle to get down for the longest time. I’m proud of you. And I’m glad you’re growing into a caring young man. You can really be a sweet Scottie. When you want to be.

Well, I guess so. I do like Them. Sometimes. Well, OK, I like Them all of the time. I just don’t want Them to know.

Why don’t you rethink that little buddy? Your peeps don’t do well all alone. When I left, the world turned upside down for Them. Rethink letting Them know you like Them.

If you say so, I will. I’ll try.

Good. Call me when you need me.

Thanks for our chat Stuart.

Thank you Winston.

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Hoist a Pint Day!

Since it’s Stuart’s birth month, and he declared March as Scottish Terrier Month, it’s fitting that he send you St. Patrick’s Day greetings today. Even if he wasn’t Irish.

Hoist a pint to Stuart today and for of our furbabies, scalebabies, featherbabies, clawbabies and otherwise non-human friends.

ArrOOOOOOs to you and yours!

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Happy Birthday Angel Stuart

There’s not a day that we don’t think of you sweet boy. Thanks for sending us to Winston. Forever yours, The Peepstress and The Dad Peep
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Silent Sunday

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2 for 1 day

I had a great idea for a Throwback Thursday post yesterday, but didn’t get around to it. And since it’s Friday’s Foto Fun day, you’ll get two posts in one today!

Baby Stuart snoozing in the daffo-dillys.
Since it’s that time of year, this Throwback Thursday is very appropriate.
Speaking of Stuart, here he is being silly on Fridays.
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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means

Since it’s March, and that means it’s Scottish Terrier Month, and that was Stuart’s birthday month, I thought it might be nice to remember this Watercolor Wednesday feature from 2017. He was a real looker wasn’t he?

Remember Stuart? I hope we never forget him.

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Mulch Monday

I like grass, but I like mulch too.

We doggies eat grass sometimes and the verdict is out regarding why. Do we eat grass to make us feel better when we’re feeling uppy? Or do we feel uppy because we eat grass?

One thing is for sure. I’ve been eating mulch lately. And the outcome hasn’t been pretty. Do you eat mulch? Do you know why?

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Winston’s World Watercolor

Snoozing peacefully. I’ve been absent for a while….snoring.

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Sun day Sunday!

As much as I’ve had fun in the snow, I’m glad to see some sun!
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