All Night Long

Just when we thought all was lost on the sleeping-with-us front, Winston managed to make it a threesome on the big bed a couple of nights ago.

As you know, he usually sleeps in the dining room

For some reason, he watched TV with us then fell asleep on the sofa. Well, I couldn’t let that experience pass, so I slept with him. Sleeping on a sofa squished with a furry friend isn’t always comfortable, but I didn’t care.

Around midnight I said, heck, I’m going to pick him up and plop him on the big bed with us.

Yep. There he stayed until daylight, when he jumped down and finished his long winter’s nap on the settee at the foot of the bed.

Boy. Happy New Year to us! Weeeeee!

Epilogue: last night he had nothing to do with us.

Scotties. Who can figure them out? No one. But it’s fun trying.

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Museum of the Dog

Who knew there was such a thing? Apparently everyone but us. The AKC’s Museum of the Dog relocates from St. Louis to New York City this month.

Head Rest WCW 1

They need some Scottie artwork in that museum.



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Sunday Buddies

Meet Nora. She’s my next door neighbor. When she’s bad, her peep calls her Nora Jane. Real fast.

But really, I don’t see the problem with yanking off a few bush branches and chewing them up. Do you??

She taught me to do it, so now I yank off a few low hanging camillia branches in my own backyard. And I taught Sherlock to do it too.

Ain’t friendship grand?

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Cheers to new beginnings

Here’s to a New Year with less drama, more compassion, and good cheer for everyone.

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An Important Reminder

As the year draws to a close, let us all remember….
…one very important fact:
…that friendship makes all the difference in life.

Thank you, friends, for being you.

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Double Trouble

Welcome Sherlock! We’re glad you’re here with us. Now, let’s see what kind of trouble you both will get into over the next few days.

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Sorry to go

Hello. Winston of few words here. I’m really sorry to leave this place. A beach. It never ends. I could have run all day. Is there an end to it? Probably not.

Even though I had a good time chasing things, I’ve got to get home.

Sherlock is coming over and I’ve got to rest up. He’s staying for a couple of days.

So stay tuned.

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