Saturday with Sherlock

My buddy’s here. Gotta fluff up my favorite bush for him.

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Two Years Later

Lovely Boy 9 - 22

I wonder if Stuart knew what Winston’s personality would be like. As he guided us to him, did he know the pup who would become Winston was a loner? That we would wonder when or if he’d ever bond with us?

Two years ago this month we met that little boy then known as Zeke. I think that’s what they called him. He was one of a pack of littermates and an aunt and a momma. I think she was with him that day. Maybe not. He didn’t seem to care if we were there or not. He was four months old. And nicely groomed.

When we decided he was the one, he didn’t seem to care that he left them behind to come live with us that day. We learned that he’s very sweet. But not loving. He’s very, very smart. But only when he wants to be. He’s curious and stubborn. Stubborn to a fault. And sometimes, not very nice to other dogs.

In short, he’s a true Scottie.

Two years later he’s just beginning to come upstairs at some point after midnight. Maybe to check on us. Maybe just to be near us as we sleep. Could that be? One can only hope.

Not all dogs are the same. Not all people are the same. But one thing’s true: we love him ’til it hurts. And we think he likes us, too.

Thank you for sending us to him Stuart. Tonight, we may just throw him in the “big bed” with us and see what happens.


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Snoozy Sunday

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Sorry my Corgi friend

I saw you on our walk this morning. Your legs are a bit too long, but you’re still a Corgi. And you’ll always be my friend. Even though you don’t know me.

I saw you try to stop to poop so many times but your peep just kept on walking. Listening to something through those ear buds. She even saw you try to stop.

I saw you my friend.

Keep trying to tell her to stop. Maybe one day she’ll stop for you. Maybe one day she’ll pick up the poop.

And maybe one day she’ll realize you’re her best friend and she needs to pay attention.

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Mindful Monday

Pay no attention to the shop-vac that’s sneaking up behind me. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Like wondering why it’s 95 degrees F at 7:00 pm. It’s September already. Time to get on with fall.

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Silent Sunday Spa Day

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Help needed

This is my first hurricane. I’m not sure what to do, but I know my colleagues in fur need your help. So I’m barking at you and your two-legged ones to help them.

Check this out and do what you can.

And maybe you could share it too.

I don’t mind thunderstorms or fireworks, but I really don’t like hurricanes.

My paws are crossed.


I’ll be back with a Throwback Thursday next week. Thank you everybody.

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