All’s Well

Whew. Little Man is resting comfortably.

It was a long day at the vet’s. We’re told he’s a very sweet Scottie who didn’t mind being poked by needles and having a bit of hair trimmed for the snip, snip procedure.

Of course we already knew he’s sweet.

Too bad I can’t say the same for myself.

After leaving explicit instructions to call my mobile phone – NOT the home or office number – I didn’t hear a word all day. I had to call and ask how he was doing.

“He’s just fine. Dr. Elliott called you first thing this morning to let you know because she knew you’d worry.”

I TEXTED THE DAD PEEP IN ALL CAPS ABOUT NOT GETTING A CALL. WHY, I wrote, DID THIS HAPPEN?????? (Multiple punctuation seems to make a difference for some reason.) WHAT IF THERE’D BEEN AN EMERGENCY??????!!!!! WHYYYYY?????? WHAT HAPPENED?????

As we all know all too well, expressing oneself in all caps doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

I was off by one number on the “what phone number to reach you today” intake form when we dropped him off this morning.

One. Number.


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I Met Batman!

Guess where I went this morning? Yes. The Farmers Market. You know how I love to go there.

I’m told I did pretty well, too. Not too much pissyness.

The most exciting thing that happened this morning was Batman. I’ve never seen a Scottie at the market. Until Batman.

He’s 3. And I think we could be friends. Then, I met Erin and Patrick. They grew up with Scotties and asked The 2-legged one – the Peepstress – all about where I came from and who grooms me.

Think that’s a sign. Don’t you?

Bark at y’all later. Gotta go be pissy at the peeps.

It wouldn’t be Saturday without lots of pissyness. Even if it is all show.

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Ahh, Fresh as a Daisy

This photo doesn’t tell the story. Even though they say they’re worth 1,000 words.


Since we’re all three invited to dinner at friends’ tonight, I thought Mr. Stink needed a bath first. And since the dog-bathing facilities and washing equipment in our temporary housing are minimal at best, I thought last night, “Why not a trip to the dog wash at Pet Valu?”

Yes. Let’s do it, I said to myself.

Mr. Stink would have nothing of it. He didn’t even want to cross the street at the strip mall to venture inside the store. Where all kinds of things awaited his snooter. Toys. Treats. You name it.

Once inside, though, he was all about it. How crazy is that? Winston is such a character. He started to feel even better when a big ‘ole – and I mean BIG – golden sauntered up the steps to the tub next to us and climbed in.

Winston is no longer Mr. Stink. (Too bad the photo of him on the blow-drying table doesn’t tell the story.)

Sad to say his pal, Frankie, won’t have much to sniff tonight.


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2 Weeks and Counting

IMG_1485This precious face won’t be so happy in a couple of weeks. We’ve decided it’s time for him to be neutered. It’s the right thing to do for his health.

Hope his wonderful little personality won’t change too much.  Wonder if he’ll still be a “foot dog” – he STILL goes after my feet around 7:00 at night. After sleeping all day. TIME TO EAT THE 2-LEGGED ONE’S FEET!!!! he must say about that time.

Hang in there little buddy. August 7 will come and go before you know it. And you’ll be just fine!

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Got a Scratch Right There…..

Ahhh. That feels better! ArrOOOO!

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Run Free Sniglet


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Sniglet and Stuart are together again.

She’d been dealing with a mass pressing on her abdomen. You can even see it protruding from her side in the photo of her and Winston. She looks so tired in that photo.

We were away.  Knowing she’d been ill, I texted Auntie Meredith on the way home to ask about her Tuesday night only to learn I was about an hour too late.

The decision must have been gutwrenching, but Auntie had no choice. It was the humane thing to do. Breathing and sleeping were so difficult for Snigs at that point.

No doubt Stuart was waiting for her to cross the bridge. He and many, many friends welcomed her as she slowly sauntered across. A bit afraid, but calm I’m sure. Once those two saw each other, I’m sure they howled and ArrOOOOOed til the wee hours.

They’re probably still howling at each other in delight.

Such a nice thought that they’re together. Disease free. Happy go lucky. And sniffin’ butts.

Here’s sniffin’ at you pretty girl. Miss Sniglet. There will never be another.

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I Did it Again

Well, again I’ve done something wonderful and I’m not quite sure what or why.


This is how I usually sleep. All curled up on the cool wood floor near the front door. Last night I didn’t feel like it.

So, I slept in the big chair – excuse me, the big bed – when they threw me on it. All night.

For some reason. The 2-legged ones really, really – I mean REALLY – like it when I do that.

I don’t get it. But I might do it again.

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