Me and Sniglet

Y’all remember Sniglet. She and Stuart were buds. She needs the power of the paw. She’s a 13-year-old grand lady who has the C-word. I’m very sad about that.

And since I’m only 1, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever felt sad. And it doesn’t feel good.

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Cinco de Winston!

Raise your favorite glass to Winston today. He’s 1 year old and has been officially indoctrinated into the wearing of celebratory headgear.

Thanks go out to his pal Lisa who presented him with his light-up birthday hat.

Love you Winston! Happy Birthday!!!

Your gift from me is your very own Instagram account.

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Funny What You Keep

Winston seems right at home at the temporary townhouse doesn’t he?

Today is furniture moving day. That means emptying drawers and shelves. Fun. Uh, no.

But it is fun to find things that have been stashed away for years and years.

Why have we kept Stuart’s cremation receipt?

I understand his eyebrows and a big shock of his white hair. And his baby teeth.

And BoBo’s eyebrows. And the gajillion collars. And the Thundershirt. And the Ralph Lauren grey cashmere turtleneck sweater when BoBo had his belly shaved after the mass in his liver was discovered. I was determined to keep him warm on our walks that January. And I didn’t care what it cost. It was on sale. Easy decision.

As hard as this process is, it’s a learning experience.

Glad you’re with us Mr. Winston!!!

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My New Place

I went to see my new house today. Let me show you:

The 2-legged ones brought this rug over. It doesn’t quite fit. It’s the only room without carpet. I don’t think I like carpet.

This is my new backyard. Small, huh? I don’t think I like that either. At least I have a place though. It’s called a patio. I’d call it a petite patio.

Boy this grass is high. I do like that! And the 2-legged ones don’t have to cut it!

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I’ve heard two versions of the grass story: dogs eat it because they like it, or because they don’t feel well.

What’s your take?

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Here We Go

Boy. Moving is tough work. The Dad Peep and I have moved only twice in 30 years. The last time was 20 years ago. It may be hard for us to be out in just two weeks, but our main concern is Winston.

We’ve found temporary housing in a two-story townhouse. A little less than half the size of what we just sold. WEEEE. What an adjustment. Until we find our forever home. (The market is crazy here.)

But I’m worried about the Winst. We decided on a temporary place with a little patio. So he can have a place to sit. And watch things. Like what he’s used to.

At the back door

It’s one thing for us two-legged folks, but for him, it might be confusing. And sad. Or is it only sad for me? Of course it is. Sad to leave behind our beloved home and beautiful gardens. Sad to leave our great neighbors. But won’t it be just as sad for Winston to leave his four-legged friends? And his familiar surroundings?

We’re excited about our move. Time to “downsize” and declutter. No more cutting a half acre lot of grass in the middle of 100 degree F temperatures. More time to be together. To enjoy just being in the moment.

People say they’re jealous of our decision to shake things up a bit. And I believe them.

I hope Winston will be OK. He’s part of us now. We’re a pack of three.

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Silent Sunday

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