Silent Rainy Sunday

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Sorry Sherlock

Hey, Buddy,

Thanks for coming to visit me.

Peepstress says I should apologize.

She says lots of things I don’t understand, but here goes:

Sorry I dragged you around by your cheek. And your beard. After you leave later, I’ll go around the house and pick up all the fur so you can put it back where it belongs.

Sorry I grabbed your tail to pull you around, but isn’t that what a tail is for?

Sorry I thought you liked to play bitety face. All the time. ALL the time. Apparently that’s not the case.

Sorry I put my mouth on your dinner in your bowl last night. And thank you for pointing out that I shouldn’t have. Under any circumstances.

Let’s see…what else did I do to you…..I guess that’s about it.

Thanks for letting me sniff your stuff.

Hope you come back real soon. No really, I had a great time! Didn’t you?

Your friend,


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Dear Banks

Dear Brother Banks,

I hope you’re having a good time at the vacay kennel while our folks are away. I’m over here with Winston.


He leads me around by my beard. He barks at me. Shows his teeth a lot. That kind of stuff.

But that’s OK. The food’s good, the big two-legged ones take me for walks and I play Humpty Dumpty with him. (And I don’t mean falling off a wall if you know what I mean. LOL.)

Well, I guess it’s time for some more fur to fly over here.

See you tomorrow brother.

Here’s my picture just in case you forgot what I looked like.

Later gator.


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These two are wiped out.

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WOW Wednesday

Two Scotties at our house. WOW! Welcome Sherlock!

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Saturday Snooze

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Twinkle Toes

There’s always evidence after a crime.

Yes. That’s blood on my sweatshirt. Poor Winston.

For me, black hair, black skin, and black nails do not add up to a happy ending. Especially when toenail clippers are involved. But I did it anyway.

Never again.

He’s fine, but last night looked like a crime scene. On top of the quick I cut by mistake, we discovered that the nail had mysteriously split some time ago.

Poor Winston.

And he’d been licking it for a while. But Scotties lick, so I thought nothing of it.

Bad Peepstress. Even though he romped in the snow this morning, I didn’t get a kiss goodbye before work.


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