Silent Sunday 

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From our home to yours, we wish you peace, joy and paws today. 

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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Silent Sunday 


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Home Again, Home Again…

We’re back. Winston didn’t forget us. Whew! And to top it off, we went to the farmers market a moment ago and he made us proud. He’s so well behaved.

Now he’s pooped.

Resting his head on the backseat.

Thanks for your comments about my silly paranoia. We’re his peeps for goodness sake.

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Sad Saturday

The Dad Peep and I have been away since last Monday. I had a conference planned for a while. Before the thought of Winston coming into our lives ever crossed our minds. The Dad Peep thought it would be fun to join me. After all, we’d have the chance to go to San Diego. We’d never been before. So, plans were made.

Then Winston came to live with us.

what a face.jpg

I can’t tell you how much we miss him.

But there’s an upside. He’s with Sherlock and his roommate, Banks. Those three are having a big time. (Seems Winston drags Sherlock around by the beard.)

But here’s my question: do you think he’ll want to come back home with us? Why would he? He’s living the big life. I could cry. What do you think? We’ll be home on Monday.

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Six-Month Sunday

Six months ago, on the 5th of May, little Winston burst into the world down in North Carolina. Little did he know he was hoped for, wished for and nearly missed the chance to come to us. But Angels Stuart and BoBo made sure the Dad Peep and I would cross paths with him and RedRox Scotties. (Thank you Jill Mashburn and to you, Donna, for letting us know about this wonderful wiggly friend who is now our own. Someone else let us know about Winston, too, but we’ll save that happy story for another time.)

Cross paths we did and now we’re looking forward to our 3rd month together as a family coming up later this month.

Happy Six Month Birthday Little Winston!

And thanks to you, our blog pals. You’re the reason The Scottie Chronicles is still going strong. All of you. All of you who visit, leave comments (or not), write, email, drop by our home, and keep us in your thoughts from far and wide.


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Lazy Saturday 

A good time to gnaw on a big yogurt container.

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