Snoozy Saturday 

First Farmers Market for Winston today! What a gentleman.

Time for a nap. 

Then, as if the day wasn’t special enough, Mac and Jennie left little man a surprise welcome gift!

How sweet and special is that????

What a great day! 

Thanks, Mac and Jennie! And, of course, your wonderful peep!

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Back in the Fold

Winston met Dr. Elliott last evening. It was a bit sad, but a very happy experience at the same time. We hadn’t seen her since Stuart passed.

Walking in with Winston was like being home again. We’re back in the fold. We ran into a Scottie friend and dog friends we’d recommended to Dr. Elliott years ago.

Dogs do bring people together don’t they?


12.8 lbs. A perfect puppy. He was so well behaved.

I wish I could remember this young lady’s name. The last time I saw her, she was furiously trying to get a platelet count from Stuart’s blood sample. She’s so kind. Gentle.

It’s nice to be back. Home again. And our house is now a home.

Thank you Angel Stuart and Angel BoBo.

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday Pals

Sherlock came for a visit last night. He’ll be with us for almost a week! These two are fast friends.

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Something Funny for Friday 

This little boy likes to bump his butt up on things. The side of his EX-pen, a door, a wall, a trash can, just about anything.

He also doesn’t mind when his tail is in his water bowl.

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How Quickly We Forget

Well, maybe not that quickly. After all, we haven’t been puppy peeps for nearly 11 years. Or thereabouts. It’s funny how many things we’ve forgotten over the years. And the habits we’ve broken.

“Got the leash?”


“How about the poop bags?”

“Darn it. No. Be back in a minute. Y’all go on ahead.”

Or sometimes, the conversation goes like this:

“Got the poop bags?”

“Darn it. No.”


“I thought you had it.”

“Where’s Winston?”

Gee whiz.

And let’s not forget what happens when one leaves one’s flip flops out in plain view. Or how closely puppies follow along and somehow you get tripped up or accidentally kick them in the face. Thankfully, they bounce back.

Day Three. And All’s Well. But the flip flops may not survive.


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Water Bottle Wednesday

Thank you all for your kind welcome to little Winston. It’s like a cloud has been lifted from over our heads. And we didn’t even realize it was there.

Since we really aren’t prepared, we don’t have many things for playtime.

But wait….there’s always a water bottle around when you need one.

Such a joyful little noise.

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