Winston and the Water

If this scene looks familiar, you’re right. We were given the opportunity to visit our friends’ cottage at the beach after all these years. They’ve kindly offered before, but weren’t surprised we declined. It was just too painful.

Until now. Turns out, Winston is nonplussed about the waves.

I think. We’ll see.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone.

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Prince Albert

A sad day yesterday.

Stuart's Fund

If you follow us over on The Scottie Chronicles, you know that our Winston loves to go to the Farmers’ Market every Saturday. And you know that he’s sometimes a pissy Scottie.

There’s a lovable little Schnauzer he sees from time to time and this morning Prince Albert gave Winston the Schnauzer “lean in” and the two started to catch up with each other. Saying “hello” and “how’ve you been buddy?”

I noticed two shaved areas where coat was growing back and said, “aw, there’s a little IV shave.”

“He’s got hemangiosarcoma,” his peep told me.

I started crying and couldn’t stop. The searing pain of the shotgun through my heart when we learned Stuart had it came back with a fury.

Thank you for your support.Your gifts to Stuart’s Fund will help get rid of hemangio. The clinical trials your gifts help fund…

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Winston’s Bird

Winston loves to chase squirrels. And birds.

I couldn’t resist this little glass silhouette. It looks just like him.

And I love the other image, too.

Like I needed to buy something for the house. We just downsized. Twice. More things I don’t need. Unless, of course, it’s a Scottie thing!

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A monumental moment

They say there’s a first time for everything. This is the first time Winston’s sat on the sofa with us. Ever.

Santa came early this year.

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Snow Day!

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Snowy Sunday

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I Need to Remember

This is Winston’s favorite napping place. Under this particular dining room chair. Every time I pass by, I wonder if he’s happy, bored or not feeling so well because he’s sleeping.

Then, I remember he’s still a puppy. Only a year and a half old. DUH.

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