Welcome Winston


We had a perfectly lovely time at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton, Va. over the last few days. It’s a big, old place that was renovated a while back. DOGS are welcome. There were two others on our floor.

This is only the second time we’ve stayed in a hotel with Winston. And he’s a great traveler. Loves to wander around. Very well behaved.

The antique stores and shops are very dog friendly, too! (More about those later.)

Winston was welcomed in Staunton. Yippee!

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Happy Valentines Day!

What a great day!

The Dad Peep took us all on a surprise trip to celebrate Valentines Day and our wedding anniversary today.

Winston is behaving like the dream boat that he is and even slept with us last night.

There’s no better gift of love than being together with sloppy Scottie kisses.

Here’s wishing y’all a wonderful day of joy!

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Snow Feet

Please tell me why Winston loves to go after my feet. All. The. Time.

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Saturday Stumper

crate stumper.jpg

Just after I took this photo, I went outside to play with Winston. He immediately came out of the crate, which had been removed from the car to  make way for two chairs we’d had reupholstered, and sauntered away from me. I loved on him for a while but it became clear he wanted nothing to do with me.

I went back inside the house and looked out of the kitchen window. He was making his way back inside the crate.

When a dear and trusted friend noticed the post about getting him a dog house, she said, “you know, if you do that, he’ll never come inside” to which I replied, “he stays outside anyway – not at night though.”

He loves to be outside. Or, is it that he doesn’t love to be loved inside? I’m stumped.


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Anywhere, anytime

it’s bitter cold here. And that’s Winston asleep outside with his head hanging over the step. He loves to be outside. We’re looking for a doghouse for him. Any suggestions?

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Plant shopping

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All Night Long

Just when we thought all was lost on the sleeping-with-us front, Winston managed to make it a threesome on the big bed a couple of nights ago.

As you know, he usually sleeps in the dining room

For some reason, he watched TV with us then fell asleep on the sofa. Well, I couldn’t let that experience pass, so I slept with him. Sleeping on a sofa squished with a furry friend isn’t always comfortable, but I didn’t care.

Around midnight I said, heck, I’m going to pick him up and plop him on the big bed with us.

Yep. There he stayed until daylight, when he jumped down and finished his long winter’s nap on the settee at the foot of the bed.

Boy. Happy New Year to us! Weeeeee!

Epilogue: last night he had nothing to do with us.

Scotties. Who can figure them out? No one. But it’s fun trying.

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