Throwback Thursday

Dearest BoBo. The rescue who introduced us to the Scottie phenomenon. His mother was malnourished. It took five years to pet him. He ate pizza by the slice and loved us unconditionally. As we did him.

Here’s to BoBo. Who lived to his 16th year. The anniversary of his passing over the bridge is late next week.

Thank you dearest boy.

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Watercolor Wednesday


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Silent Sunday

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A red letter day

I rocked the Farmers Market this morning. No incidents. No tangle ups. No trying to eat other dogs.

You’re welcome.

And, hey, they even asked me to be on a dog calendar.

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A study in black and green

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To Grain or Not to Grain

grain free

This is good for you, that isn’t. Too much of this is great, not enough of that is terrible. What’s a pooch to do?

Do you grain free feed your furbaby? Or grain?

We recently had a conversation with our FABULOUS vet about diet. Sherlock’s peeps sent us the recent FDA news about grain free diets and DCM. (Where have we been?)

Now we want to know what YOU feed your Scot. (Or your pooch who’s not a Scot. All doggie diets are welcome here.)

We’ve been on the hunt. Researching. Asking around. Following up with others.

What’s the verdict? Here’s a clue. That bag of food next to Mr. Winston weighs twice as much as he does. Ugh.

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Silent Sunday

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