Scotties 101- Updated

OK. So, you’ve come to The Scottie Chronicles by hook or by crook and now you’re wondering all about my breed. You’ve landed at the right place my friend.

If you’d like to contribute to this page to help educate folks about Scotties, please send me an email: WinstontheScot@gmailDOTcom

Ten Facts You Should Know About Us Scotties:

  1. Not all Scotties are black. We come in black, brindle, wheaten, black brindle, silver brindle, brown brindle. Sometimes, even red brindle, too. But not white. (Westies are white. And their heads are groomed round, ours are not. Jus’ sayin.) Some wheatons, though, are really bright and may look almost white. Don’t call us white, though. Really. Don’t do it.
  2. Scotties are groomed to achieve our characteristic eyebrows, beard and skirt. We don’t grow this way naturally.
  3. As terriers, we dig. We’re earth dogs!
  4. Our ears don’t perk up until we’re a few weeks old.
  5. We’re usually a one or two peep dog, but some of us love families.
  6. We’re fiercely loyal. Fierce. VERY fierce.
  7. We’re stubborn. Sometimes to a fault, or so say my peeps, but I don’t think being stubborn is a bad thing. Not at all. Nope. Not me.
  8. We get our way. Always. Don’t forget that. If you know what’s good for you.
  9. We speak. Yes. Really. That’s what, “Aroo ROO!” means.
  10. We can be a bit aloof so don’t think ill of us if we ignore you. I ignore people all the time and nobody seems to care. At least, not that I know of. But, if I’m ignoring you, then how would I know? Huummm…….

Other tidbits:

  1. Some people confuse us with Schnauzers. Nope. We’re not Schnauzers. Only Schnauzers are Schnauzers and Scotties are Scotties. Got that? (Say it real fast. It’s fun.)
  2. We were bred to “go to ground” to rid the world of vermin like small animules that would make a mess of things.
  3. You can pick us up by our tails. But don’t try to do this A) if you don’t know us and B) if we’re little babies. We need our tails to get all situated before you pull us around by them. Actually, you’d never get to pull a Scottie around by the tail without having a little trouble. Don’t. Pull. Us. Around.
  4. Speaking of tails, when we “go to ground” we’re pulled out of holes by our tails. Cool, huh?
  5. We pronk. Yep. Just like gazelles. We leap in the air and land on all fours. Especially when we’re stalking critters in the grass.
  6. Fierce tail wagging accompanies pronking. I love to pronk.

33 Responses to Scotties 101- Updated

  1. Mamas says:

    Hi Stuart! My name is Mamasita, but people call me mammies, and mamas. Listen my human was looking for a cute valentines picture of Scottish terriers today and saw a picture of you! yes you, with what looks like MY best girl friend mooney, but it’s you with snowy scout! we couldn’t beeleeeeve it!! identical, I want to send you a photo of us so you can see! 🙂 have a happy valentines day!

  2. veraersilia says:

    oh yes Stuart I already know all about Scotties but I never tire to hear it again and again. I’ll add a few very complimentary things about Scotties later. Thanks, V.

  3. veraersilia says:

    Latricia: were you talking about my blog “ilghepardo” or about the Scottie Chronicles ??? your comment came to me somehow …. was it for me or for the noble adorable Stuart ???

  4. jchoo123 says:

    I love your Chronicles Stuart. I’m just wondering… My mom is very patient but getting annoyed at me and dad says that it’s just in my terrier nature… Yu see, am I the only one who does this??? When I see another (friend) from far away I can’t walk anymore, I just lay on the ground and wait till he or she comes close to me , then I get up so I can size the 4legged friend, as so she likes to call them. I’m not too sure!! I like to smell but do not let them aproach me, if they try I become a lion. My mom tells their peeps before hands that I’m not friendly so usually I don’t have to endure all that and as soon as they go by, we continue and people laugh at me. It’s soo insulting. Does this happen to you?? I can’t help myself, eventhough she tugs at my leash I wont move so now, I trained her well, she knows Arrroooooroooooo!She stands and waits till I finish my little thing.

    • Jimmy Choo – so sorry I missed this note from you. Thanks for writing.
      I, too, can be a bit standoffish. If I see a furry friend down the street, sometimes I wait until they get closer to me. Then, I decide if I want to be friendly. Or not. Most of the time, it’s “Not.” I’m not really mean to other dogs, I just kind of steer clear of them or ignore them entirely.
      I love my girlfriend, Sniglet, though. I LOVE HER. And there are a couple of furry friends who I really enjoy. Otherwise? Not so much.

      Hope this help!

      AroOOOOO, Stuart

    • Joana says:

      Just found your blog, and you’re gorgeous, Stuart! Your bent tail renidms me of my darling Henry he was rescued from a puppy mill at 10 weeks old, and his tail has a permanent bend at the tip. I guess we’ll never know what happened to him, but we’re so glad to have him in our family, just like your family! So glad to meet you you’re a true original.

      • Over a year later and here I am! Thanks for popping by and leaving me a note. Don’t you worry about that bent tail. It happens to the best of us. And I should know!

        AROOOOO to you and yours!

        Thanks for visiting, Stu

  5. Cathy N says:

    I’ve watched your blog for awhile but have not explored until today. How fun you are! My mom and Dad put up with me, my name is Duffy MacGreagor. I have a black brindle step-brother named Andrew. We have an alien schnauzer sister called Elsa. She is black as well so most peeps assume we are all the same, but we’re not. But we all live together very happily. You are too funny and remind me of myself most times. Thanks for the reading and pix! Aroooooo roooo!

    • Well, where was I when you wrote this note to moi? Sorry about that.

      Thanks for popping by and thanks for the note. You’re right about four-legged ones thinking that Schnauzers and Scotties are the same. Nooooooo. Not true.

      All the best to you and yours! Stu

  6. Scottie dogs were originally bred to hunt foxes and badgers especially when they had “Gone to ground” hence their stocky front end and love of digging .

  7. iolosdad says:

    Wuff from Wales I’ve never learnt to do the ArrOOO0

  8. maijaharrington says:

    I just found your blog, and am enjoying your stories & photos. I think your white markings are beautiful! I’ll be following your blog from now on.
    If your peeps like to read dog stories, have them check out, where I’m posting chapters from my book-in-progress, Funny Tails: Adventures & Misadventures in Living with Pugs. It’s a lighthearted, humorous look at my life with our 3 pugs as well as various pugs we’ve fostered for Pug Rescue of North Carolina. So far, readers think the book is really funny. (It’s G-rated. And it’s free, not trying to sell you anything.)
    Maija (pronounced My-uh)
    PS. There’s a Scottie in our neighborhood, but she’s so rambunctious that our pugs prefer NOT to play with her.

  9. Hey Stuart, me boy! I’ve been reading over your list of breed traits and I see we have much in common. I’m a Westie boy. But not one of those namby-pamby over-groomed and coddled show dogs. No sir. I am a country Westie and I don’t stay white for long. Chasing squirrels and deer is my occupation along with occasionally notifying my mother of a snake in the garden. I live in Virginia on an old farm. I am eight years old and I have an older Westie brother, Berkley, who is almost fifteen. He is not interested in meeting you but I am! I need a friend now that he is slowing down. Caught any tasty moles lately?

    • Hey There! So glad you popped by to see me! Where do you live? I smell a Scottie meet up….uh, make that a Westie meet up! Sweet!

      Moles….I found something today that I can’t stop stalking. Mole? Chipmunk? Oh me. Can’t wait to get that little critter!

      ArOOO, Stuart

  10. I live in Central VA in Amelia County. My mother met a Scottie at the vet’s; his name was Arthur. He was grouchy and aloof. She rather liked that attitude as she is the same way. A meet up would be fun! ArOOOOO, Max. P.S. Berkley says ZZZZZZZ

  11. Ranger says:

    Dis is da 1st time dat I read dis page. Well said!
    Pees… I never knew what pronkin was. You are soooooo smart.

  12. Erin says:

    Really like this page, though I hadn’t previously noticed it. Dachshunds also have strong tails for being pulled out of holes when hunting 🙂 I have to compliment you for being so knowledgeable about your breed!

  13. angusfala says:

    Prospective Scottie owners need to remember #7. And #8. That’s real important.

  14. judy says:

    hi just discovered your story luv it lost our beloved mac last year at 15 years would luv one like you

  15. nordhuesn says:

    Andy and I had to show Mom #7 and #8 AGAIN!. When it’s humid and warm out, we ( especially moi) do not like to walk fast. We like to dawdle and I like to lay down for a bit before proceeding. SHE had to pick me up for about 1/2 block and SHE did not like it. But – we always get our way, yes?

  16. Our Scotty looks up in the air a lot. Does anyone notice this with theirs, or know why they do this?

  17. Marilyn Ketterlin says:

    My Brody, a brindle Scot, rules the household. He comes to let me know when it is doggie dinner time. He starts out with a small guttural sound. When I ignore him he moves around me trying for eye contact. When I continue to ignore him he will start jumping up to the edge of my chair and increase the volume of his request to a very loud bark. If I ask him if he is ready for a “doggie dinner”, he twirls in circles, joyously announcing to the world it is kibble time with 1/2 teaspoon of wet food. He will shake hands with me and stands like a perfect gentleman when he comes in from the rain, waiting patiently for me to dry his coat. He then lifts each foot as I work around his body drying his feet. He is my buddy and favorite guy. I could tell you many cute stories about my boy, but I don’t want to consume too much space.

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