A Moment of Silence – Make That Several Moments

I’m suggesting a moment of silence today. Make that several moments. Lots of moments. Too many moments to count on four paws actually.

Because after yesterday’s killings at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, – only a few hours from where I live – I just can’t think anymore.

I thought about suggesting that we all take a moment to remember Alison Parker and Adam Ward who were killed by a mad gunman while doing their job as journalists. But then, I thought, I should also remember the other names.

The names of the people in the church in Charleston, the people killed by police officers and the police officers killed by people. The people in schools and colleges and in a movie theater. All killed. By crazy people.

But I can’t remember all the names. There’ve been too many. And it wouldn’t be right for me to single out a few.

Because all lives matter.

Why are there so many guns in America? Why do we have more murders involving guns than anywhere else? Why can people simply walk into a gun store and buy one?

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Watercolor Wednesday – A Pretty Face


Yes. I amaze even myself with how handsome I am. But, the way things are going, I’m not going to stay that way for long. Gotta find me a groomer who can do my face just so! Still looking.

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You’ll Just Have to Picture It

So, Snigs finally made it to my house. She was tap dancing in her kitchen when We went to pick her up. I love that. She was either excited to see me, or it was dinner time. I like to think it was the former.

Snigs on the Sofa

See her up on my sofa? Where I watch TV at night? Things like Downtown Abbey (can you believe the next season is the LAST? To my friends across the pond, please don’t tell me how it ends), the Real Housewives of New York City (Sonya has a dog), MASH and Mission Impossible (the old TV show, not the movie with that weirdo Tom Cruise).

This is my place. I hop up here every night and snooze next to one of the peeps. Under the ceiling fan. With one eye open (so I don’t miss anything). EVERY night.

You’ll just have to picture what happened last night. There she is. Splayed out. Kind of like in this picture. And the peep on one end and me stuck in the middle. As you can see, there IS no middle.

So I just did what any Scottie would do under the circumstances: thrust my nose between the two big lumps and made myself real small next to the peep. In the MIDDLE.

Oh me. It’s going to be a long, FUN week! Woooooot! ARRROOOOOO!

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Snigs is Coming!

So my gal pal isn’t here yet. Her peep got off to a late vacation start.

at the water bowl

So, I’m waiting for her to come over. To stay with me for a whole week. Waiting…


And waiting.


And waiting.

What is it with you girls? Why does it take so long to get your stuff together?

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Silent Sunday

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Where In The World?

Oh boy. Here’s a funny one. If your face was toasted, where would YOU be?


I think I’d be in France. Good bread. Good butter. Good jam. Yep. That’s where I’d be. How about you?

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Friday’s Foto Fun – Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner? And Breakfast? And Lunch?

Oh me. I can’t wait. My gal pal, Sniglet, is coming my way soon.

You remember Sniglet:

Sniglet Fun

She’s my gal pal next door and I love to sniff her butt. Can’t wait. I think she’ll be coming over maybe tomorrow or the next day. A WHOLE WEEK she’ll be with me. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

Sniglet snoozing

Ah me.

Before I forget, here are a few things I’ve been meaning to tell you:

  1. More puppy pictures are coming your way soon. Promise. Those little critters are seven weeks old now. Can you believe it? Scroll down for a pic, just to keep you going until I get more photos.
  2. I’m still taking Scottie stripper/groomer recommendations. So, if you know of anyone who can keep me handsome, just let me know. I live in Richmond, Virgina, but I’ll travel where I need to go. To maintain my gorgeous self.  Woooooot! Thank you in advance my pals.

Now, the puppy picture:

puppies 7-31

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