Watercolor Wednesday – Remembering Kenzie

KenzieTwo years ago my girlfriend, Kyla, lost her best buddy. Kenzie was a hoot. A special kind of best buddy. We all loved him.

He came to her in a dream the other night. She blogged about over at her place. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever read. If you like a good laugh, read about it here.

So, today I thought we could all use a smile for Kenzie.

And, if there’s a special best buddy in your life, like Kenzie, then this one’s for you, too.

No tears. No crying. No worries. Just great memories of those we love – and always will – who left us too soon.

Here’s to Kenzie! And to those who crossed the bridge ahead of us. And are patiently waiting.

But, lest we forget, they never really leave us. They’re with us every day. In our hearts. Sitting beside us. Guiding us.


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Being Present for Kyla

She sent me a gift. And a letter.

She sent me a gift. And a letter.

OK. Today is my first installment of being present for Kyla. You know what I mean.

Being “present” – and I just thought of this, so I think it’s pretty clever – being present means that there will be no moping, no worrying, no sadness, no crying eyes. It means being in the moment with happy, supportive thoughts, words and deeds. To help Kyla and her peeps.

Got it?

OK. So, my being present for Kyla means that I’m smiling today because I’m thankful she came into my life and loves me. See, a few years back she sent me a box of cookies. She made them herself. Really. She did. And she wrote me a letter asking if I’d be her Valentine. Can you believe that?

Of course I said, yes, but it was late because of the mailman. Don’t get me started. You can read about it here, but I’m not dwelling on sadness and bad postal service today. Nope. Not me.

Today, years later, she’s still my Valentine. And she’ll always be my Valentine.

That makes me happy and I hope it makes her happy, too.

I’ll never forget those cookies….oh me. This brings a smile to my face.

What You Learned Today:

  • My girlfriend is, well…she’s…let’s just say she’s in the twilight of her wonderful life and she needs our help to stay happy and strong.
  • She’s loved by everybody. Including me.
  • But I love her more than anybody.
  • We don’t live in the same town or even in the same state.
  • But that doesn’t matter.
  • Scotties can be close that way.
  • So, I consider it my duty to stay positive.
  • You can, too.
  • I think it helps to stay positive. But from her hilarious post today, she’s already on the positive trail. Check it out. You’ll bark out loud.

Here I am Kyla!




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A Letter to My Girlfriend


This is my girlfriend, Kyla. I love her so much.

A Letter to Kyla,

Because you mean the world to me, I’ll do anything for you. If only I could. I’ll cry for your pain, I’ll send you love, I’ll try to make you laugh, I’ll share a secret, I’ll weep in silence, I’ll bark at your peeps, I’ll feed your hunger…I’ll do anything for you.

But I can’t make it stop. I can’t make the cancer go away.

You mean the world to me. So, I promise, from this point on, I won’t be sad.

Instead, I’ll be the happiest boyfriend you’ve ever had. I won’t dwell on the the pain of what you and your family are going through. Instead, I’ll celebrate each and every day that you’re in my world. We’ll celebrate together, okay?

I’ll arrooooo rooo at you, we can exchange pee mails and share nude photos with each other.  Yeah! That’s it! We can sext each other! Oh boy! I’m feeling better already, aren’t you?

It’s time to savor every moment. Every second. Every green bean. Every single, solitary thing…. if it makes you happy, it’ll make me happy.

Arrroo Rroooo like nobody’s listening, eat like you’ve never eaten, and chomp those tails off of those lizards any time you want.

Because you’re my friend and you mean the world to me.

Love Always and Forever, Stu

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Silent Sunday


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Where In The World?

This looks like a nice piece of slate.

This looks like a nice piece of slate.

This Saturday’s installment of “Where In The World?” isn’t so much a city or town or country as much as it is a kind of a place.

Where do you think I am?

Sorry, no prizes for the correct guesses. I still have to mail out my LAST contest prizes. And I’m looking right AT THEM as I write this post. Come on peep! Get a move on and mail those things out! I know you’ve been worried about me lately for heaven’s sake, but this is ridiculous.

What You Learned Today:

  • Today is Saturday.
  • That means I’m somewhere.
  • Somewhere else.
  • Other than home.
  • Sometimes, it’s a real place.
  • Sometimes, it’s a “fun with photo” place.
  • I know exactly where I am today.
  • Do you?
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Friday’s Foto Fun – Oban Turns 9

Oban at 9

THIS JUST IN:  I really don’t mean to rain on my friend’s Barkday Parade (see below), butt We just heard from my dogtor. BENIGN, BENIGN.  My test results are in and I’m in the clear!!! Whew. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE POTP! Now, I’m keeping my paws crossed for all of my friends waiting for their test results. And you know who you are. Love you all! (I won’t do a happy dance until I hear about my pals in Blogville, and those not in Blogville, who are waiting and dealing with their health issues.)

My buddy across the pond, Oban, turned nine years old this week.

His mum made him this cake. Look closely. SEE THE SQUIRRELS???? That cake is surrounded by squirrels. No. It. Isn’t. Oh my!

No wonder he’s staring at it so intently. As a terrier should!


What You Learned Today:

  • Barkdays are fun.
  • Especially when you get a cake with squirrels on it.
  • I’ll have to speak with my peep about that….
  • Hey….you, too, can be a Friday’s Foto Fun.
  • Send me your photo to StuartTheScottie@hotmail.com
  • We’ll have fun with it and post it here one day!
  • Easy peasy.
  • Hey…and thank you all once again for all the healing love.
  • I’m still feeling it….


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A Little Out of Sorts

brows 2I’m a little out of sorts today. Don’t know why, I just am.

Today I put my collar on for the first time. We didn’t want to disturb my little stitch where the little mole was removed. Now you don’t see it. Well, duh, it’s gone. But you don’t even know where the stitch is. Interesting.

So I’m going to go back to my little nap. I just wanted to say hi.

So, “Hi!”

Or as We say in the South, “Hey!”

What You Learned Today:

  • I think I’m still recuperating from my little “out patient surgery” on Tuesday.
  • I’m fine. Really, I’m fine.
  • The peeps are fine now, too.
  • Thanks to the POTP you guys sent Us.
  • And We appreciate it.
  • As I’ve said many times before, y’all are the best.
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