Watercolor Wednesday – Gimme

Time for some StuART!

He was a puppy here. At the beach. One of his favorite places!

New Puppy.jpg

I think I remember him trying to tell me to “gimme” something. I always had good treats for that little man.

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Silent Sunday

Tribute SG.JPG

Tribute SG 2.JPG

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Taking a Break

To tell you the truth, I don’t know how I’ve been able to blog since Stuart passed in December. Your friendship and support have made it possible. You share such kind words about him. And we appreciate them all. We really do.

It’s time for a little blogging break. Time to wrap my head around life without that precious boy.

But don’t worry, I’ve lined up a few Silent Sundays and Watercolor Wednesdays to publish while I’m away.

I’ll be back in March.

Because March is Scottish Terrier Month. And Stuart always said so, so it must be true, right?

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Friday’s Foto Fun – Princess Leah

Leah wants to eat. And she wants to eat NOW.

Princess Leah.jpg

But how could you resist that sweet face? You can’t.

Thanks for playing along for Friday’s Foto Fun Leah! Why not hop over and see Princess Leah.

What You Learned Today:

  • We have foto fun on Fridays.
  • I’m so grateful for the fotos we’ve received here at The Scottie Chronicles. We’re going to have fun with all of them! So stay tuned.
  • But remember, as you can see, any anipal can play along. Not just Scotties!
  • And, we’ll soup up the photo so you don’t have to.
  • Send YOUR photos to StuartTheScottieAThotmail.com
  • On another note, do any of you live in Paris, Dublin or Amsterdam?




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A Talkie

My computer guru was over yesterday and today updating my system and doing all the things I don’t know how to do. Thank goodness for computer gurus, right? I thought, while he was here, I’ll ask him to update my phone and my laptop.

Look what I found on my phone that I’d forgotten I had! Turn up your sound!

How could I forget this sweet little movie?

That little voice. I miss him so.



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Watercolor Wednesday -Something New

What could be better than some new StuART on a drizzly day? Nothing!

WCW - new 2-3-16.jpg

Thanks again to Ranger who hosted the most wonderful blog hop tribute to StuART last Sunday. And thanks to all who participated.

It did our hearts good.

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The Kindness of Children

I’m not a parent of the 2-legged variety. Never have been. Never will be. But in our neighborhood, there are lots of children. And we’ve watched them grow – almost as fast as puppies. And you know how quickly puppies grow.

The three of us would take our walks in one of several directions. Sometimes we started out across the street where we passed a home with two little children. A boy and girl. At the time, I’d say they were toddlers. Maybe 3 and 1. But what do I know?

Every time we’d walk in that direction, the little girl would shout, “Hey Doggie!” Of course Stuart couldn’t have cared less. And kept on going.

This went on for years until she grew into a young lady. With another sibling added to her household. Now there are three children.

They liked Stuart a lot. When, “Hey Doggie!” stopped, it grew into friendly waves from across the street. But the little boys carried on the tradition. “Hey Doggie!”

children 1.JPG

children 3.JPG

children 2.JPG

The three of them liked Stuart. More than I ever knew.

How kind of them – the 2-legged variety – to create heartfelt tributes to the little Doggie across the street.

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