Monday at the Movies – My Skirt

It’s been a while since I shared a little movie. What better time than after a nice grooming session, yes? I thought you might like to see my skirt. No. Not a kilt, my furnishings. All nice and neat. Take a look. I walked slowly, so you could see it.

Yippee! I look like a Scottie again! Thanks Godmother Carol. That’s where I was on Saturday.

a new hairdo

Ah, that’s better. I was so hairy, I must have lost a pound or two. Or three.

OOOooooooh! And look what my Godmother Carol gave me on the way out. BABY DAFFODILLYS! My favorite! She’s the best.

baby dillys

Hey. Two more days of Scottish Terrier Month. Enjoy it while you can.

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Silent Sunday


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Where In The World?

old man

Uh…based upon yesterday’s hint, I think you can guess where I am today. Or at least this morning.

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Friday’s Foto Fun – Blue Sunshades

Ah….Friday! It couldn’t have come soon enough.

blue star glasses

Ready for my closeup. Hey, I’m getting a haircut tomorrow. ArrOOOOOO. Maybe I’ll start to look like a Scottie again. Sweet.

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Thunder Thursday

Oh boy. We had a doozy of a thunder-boomer this morning. I almost shook myself off of my little sofa I was so surprised.

The peep had to come hold me so I’d feel better. WOW.


She didn’t even have time to run for the Thundershirt. So there I was all shaky and quivery without it.

behind the toto

I didn’t even have time to hide beside the toilet!

Oh me. Glad that’s over. WooooWEEeeeeeee!

You know what? I don’t think my Thundershirt fits me anymore. I’m rather portly these days. Sigh.

At the back door in my Thundershirt.

Ahh…to be thin in your clothes.

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Watercolor Wednesday – Monkey Grass StuART

monkeygrassStuartIt’s Wednesday. Time for some StuART! This one is so true. Hunkering down in the monkey grass – it’s that time of year. Better enjoy it while I can, ’cause this weekend it’s getting mowed down to the nubs!

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Tuesday Snoozeday

I just can’t seem to get myself together. One day it’s cold. Another it’s not. One day it rains. Another it doesn’t. Kind of like me. A Pisces kind of day. Back and forth. Back and forth.

sunday snoozing

The only thing to do is sleep. Zzzz…zzzzZZZZZZ….ZZZZZZ.

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