Watercolor Wednesday – The Nose Knows

Weeee! It’s Wednesday! Time for some StuART! Here’s your weekly dose of artistic splendor. Featuring none other than moi.


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It’s National Pancake Day

And I missed it.

How’s about a little berry pie instead? Like this:

2014_05_17_Nan's Garden_01Oh boy. Can’t wait for my back yard kingdom to look like this again. Remember this photo from the garden tour the peeps and I were on last year?

Oh me. It’s going to snow here again on Thursday and as much as I HATE really hot weather, I’d love a little green grass and daffodillys right about now.

Like this:

okdillysNo wait, like THIS:

Napping in the dillys.

Napping in the dillys. Was I a cute pup or what?

Love me some nappin’.

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No More Slip Sliding Away

snow day 4No more of this stuff! It’s gone. Whew. That’s the way a Monday should be! Thank goodness I can now walk on the sidewalk, grass and everywhere else without busting my a#@ or slip sliding away.

where2Even gravel is better than slipping!

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Silent Sunday


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Where In The World?

In keeping with my hoping-for-all-things warm theme, here you go! Where’s this?

modernartgalleryThese people are wearing shorts and flip flops, so it’s gotta be warmer than my neighborhood today. Gee whiz!

But really, I have no idea. Maybe you do?

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Friday’s Foto Fun and a Special Announcement

OK. It’s Friday. Time for some foto fun and a special announcement. Actually, it’s a pawty invitation and EVERYBUDDY is welcome. That means YOU!

So, save the date!

BARKDAY PARTY Scavenger Hunt INVITEYep. It’s time for me to turn 9 years old in style with two of my grrrrreat friends. Ranger and Dui.

Y’all might remember the fun Ranger and I’ve had over the last two years with our joint barkday pawties. Here’s one and here’s the other one.

This year, we have a wee one who’s turning one. That would be Dui. So, the three of us are teaming up for a Scavenger Hunt and a big ‘ole pawty downunder.

Dui is turning 1, Ranger will be 3 and I will be the old man in the bunch.

Here’s how it’ll work: There will be 13 (for our combined years) items for y’all to find on our blogs.

On March 14th EST (March 15 if you live in Australia) we will each post clues on our blogs. Since it is Dui’s 1st barkday, he’ll have five clues while Ranger and I will each post four clues for the four items you’ll have to find on our blogs. (Four here at The Scottie Chronicles and four on The Adventures of Ranger blog. You can find five on Downunder Daisy blog. Get it? Got it.)

Now, the first three correct emails (send your guesses via email to: scottierangerATgmailDOTcom) listing all 13 items will win a prize. Easy peasy, right? (And, thank goodness I’m not sending them out, because they’ll never get where they’re supposed to go.)

On March 15th EST (March 16th for Dui), we will throw a big ‘ole Australian BBQ Barkday Pawty.  

No finer fun will have ever been had.

So, brush up on your investigative skills and your Aussie lingo and get ready.

And, remember, you have some time from now until the Scavenger Hunt officially begins to familiarize yourselves with us and our blogs. (After all, I’ve got LOTS AND LOTS of archives you might want to breeze through to see if there’s a theme going on about a few things relative to moi.)

See? I’m giving you a clue already!

Now, time for some Foto Fun! This is Oban turning 9! Appropriate, yes?

Oban at 9



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Snow Day! Oh. Boy.

So, I woke up to this today:

Uh, where am I supposed to walk?

Uh, where am I supposed to walk?

Get a move on peep! Clear the path for me! Where's the snow shovel? You'll never get anywhere with that broom.

Get a move on peep! Clear the path for me! Where’s the snow shovel? You’ll never get anywhere with that broom.

How many inches do you think are on this old jalopy?

How many inches of snow do you think are on this old jalopy?

OK. Time for some walking. Come with me.

OK. Time for some walking. Come with me.

Come walk with me in the snow!

Come eat with me in the snow! This is kind of a long little movie, but worth it. Trust me. Especially for those who’ve never heard GrrrrrrRoooROOOOwwwwl. (That’s a hybrid growl and ArrOO ROO.) Or seen me at my cutest on three legs or heard me eat a mini Milk-Bone. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I had so much fun this morning in the snow, that I’m gonna post more movies on Twitter. So, if you don’t follow me, you’ll want to.

A Snow Day! WOOOOT!

OH, and before I forget, I’ll be making a special announcement tomorrow so be sure to come back for a visit. (As if you weren’t planning to already.)

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