Today is Blue Apron Day

Just over a year ago, good friends told us about Blue Apron and gave us three free meals so we could try it. Blue Apron is a weekly meal delivery service. Once the box of fresh ingredients arrives at your door, the rest is up to you. Cook it up, serve it up and clean it up. Pretty mindless. And that’s a good thing for minds shattered by a terminal, untreatable diagnosis.

Maybe I shouldn’t say “untreatable”because, theoretically, we could have cracked open Stuart’s chest, tried to remove the tumor on his heart and, if he survived that, put him on chemo for, oh… in the best scenario, maybe six more months of some kind of life.

No. That wasn’t an option for us. Or him. No way baby. Not for our baby.

puppy pic

Who’s now 9 years old.


So, it’s been three weeks. One more week than expected by the specialist at the emergency hospital. He’s in perfect spirits. No pain. No nothing. Just pure, unadulterated, Stuart scrumptiousness.

We don’t know anything these days. Each day at a time, we’re loving our boy and he’s loving us.

But there’s one thing I do know. Tonight’s dinner is seafood. And I didn’t have to catch it myself.




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My New Favorite Thing

Next to you, and the peeps, of course, and my neverending supply of green beans and rainy days to sleep in and my tapas walks (what? you’ve never heard of a tapas walk? kind of like a pub crawl without the alcohol? the walks where you take a few steps and get a treat and keep doing that for about an hour? THAT’S how we do tapas here at my house), my new favorite thing is this bag of goodies:

liver 1.JPG

Take notice of the note attached to the bag. (After you’ve noticed the SCOTTIE art at the top right corner of the bag. Sweet. Smart people these.)

liver 2.JPG

Mac and Jennie’s peep, Helen, dropped by yesterday to see how I was doing. And her Scots told her to leave this gift for me. Smart pups, yes?

So. Now you know. I LOVE LIVER BITES!

Thank you Helen. And Mac and Jennie. Too, too kind.

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Silent Sunday


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To Market, To Market Saturday


So, I’m back from the farmers market where I made all kinds of friends this morning. Let’s see, there’s Avery who is a cute little girl who really knows how to pet a guy. And there’s the lady from Asia who just LOVED me and had to take her picture with moi. Why not?

Somebody told me once that Scotties are the cat’s meow in Japan. Wonder if that nice lady was from Japan?

Cool beans.

Now I’m snoopervising Saturday’s yard work.


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Friday’s Foto Fun

blue star glasses

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Thank you.

Thank you for this day. For this time together. For friendships across the miles. Thank you for the kindness of strangers. For unconditional love. And for all things good in the world. Thank you for your comments and your emails.  Lord, thank you for Stuart. He’d bark at you himself, but he’s busy being Stuart.


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Watercolor Wednesday

Time for some StuART! Why? Because I said so and it’s Wednesday. Woot!

new beach with tongue small

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