The Nerve

The nerve of my peeps. While I was away on vacation, They decided to take a break, too. Can you imagine? They even took a train to catch a plane. The nerve.

While I was playing with my pal Snigs:


me and sniglet

"Once upon a time, there was a...Sniglet! Are you listening to me?

“Once upon a time, there was a…Sniglet! Are you listening to me?

The peeps were playing in the ocean:

The nerve.

I even took myself home through the hole under the fence to check on Them. No wonder I couldn’t find Them! THEY WEREN’T HOME!!!

As you can imagine, I. Am. Not. Happy. About. This.

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Friday’s Foto Fun – Puppies! Again!

I’m interrupting my vacay with another installment of Puppy Fridays! Y’all enjoy.


I’m going back to my vacation with Sniglet. I hope I can sneak back under the fence before she gets wind of this latest puppy photo. They look like little sausages don’t they? Leave it to me to compare Scottie puppies with food. WOOOOOT!

Be back next week. Don’t miss me too much. Why not snoop around in the archives until I get back? Yeah. Do that.

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I’m On Vacay!!

So, after all the trauma I’ve been through over the past few weeks, I think I’ll take some time off and go stay with Sniglet for a little while. Y’all don’t mind do you? I thought not.

My belly boo boo is coming along just fine and I no longer need daily belly baths. My peeps packed up my stuff and told me it was OK to go visit.

So, I guess that’s it then.

When I get back, I’ll share some pawsitive news and tell you all about my mischief. ‘Cause you know there’s got to be some of that involved with me and Sniglet. And Mamma Kitty and my Auntie Meredith. Can’t wait!

Snigs 2

Gotta Go. Sniglet is waiting for me.

We've got lots to talk about.

We’ve got lots to talk about.

So, until I get back, some time next week, just scroll around in the archives and have fun. ArrOOOOOOOOOO!

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POTP for My Anonymous Friend


Would you all join with me in a little power of the paw for a friend of mine who wouild rather remain anonymous?

I’ve known this Scot for a while now and of course I know the peep. And my peep knows the peep.

As I sit on my slate beside my little pond, I’m reminded of how important it is for our peeps to check our pee.

Yes. I said check our pee.

It’s easy to check pee if I….say….peed on the slate. Or on concrete. Why? Because if there’s any blood, the peeps can spot it easily.

On grass, not so much.

Why is this so important?

Because the pal I’m talking about and his peep have just received heartbreaking news that at eleven years old, he’s been diagnosed with TCC. (Transitional Cell Carcinoma, known as Bladder Cancer).

Ironically, if he had access to grass everywhere, his peep would never have noticed blood in his urine.  When he goes outside, it is only on concrete decks.  An ultrasound confirmed that it was (in fact) a mass in his bladder.  The peep also discovered, through an extensive study done by Purdue University on TCC, that Scottish Terriers are the dog breed most prone to getting this type of cancer – with an 18-20% higher risk than other breeds.

Now, I don’t mean to make you sad. I’ve been sad enough about this, but We wanted to spread the news about checking pee for signs of blood.

Godmother Carol told me on Sunday that she starts checking Scottie pee when her pups are around eight years old.

I’m nine. And you can bet the peep will be ON THE GROUND LOOKING AT MY PEE.

So, if you see Her doing that, pay no attention. It’s perfectly natural.

For more information about Scotties and bladder cancer and the studies at Purdue, check this out.

Back to business, if you could just join me in some POTP for my buddy, he and his peep would appreciate it. I and my peep would, too.

He’s on medicine and he has his ups and downs, but as his peep reports to my peep, he’s a proud Scot and he relishes his good days with gusto.

Let’s hope his good days outnumber his not so good days and that when the time comes for him to saunter across the bridge, he’s able to hold his head up high and go with comfort and grace.

Thank you so much.

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Monday Movie – Gingerbread Man II

You know something? That little gingerbread man of mine doesn’t say much.

Every time I try to get him to talk, he just lies there.

Huum. Must be doing something wrong.

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Silent Sunday

rob lowe

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Where In The World?

billboard new three

Yes. I’m a worldwide sensation. Guess where I am today? I haven’t a clue.

What You Learned Today:

  • I’m a traveling kind of guy.
  • I share my trips with you every Saturday. So come back often.
  • Today I’ve taken a trip and never left the farm.
  • I’m in Asia somewhere, but I haven’t a clue.
  • Where are you today?
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