Friday’s Foto Fun – The Scots Have Spoken

unionjack.jpgGuess that pretty much sums it up.

OH…and thanks for the POTP you guys. We’ve got a call in to Dogtor Elliott to MAKE SURE she doesn’t remove my regal eyebrow along with that nasty bump on Tuesday. I’m sure she won’t, ’cause she’s a Scottie kind of gal, but it never hurts to ask. While I’m there, I’d like my nails done and the little skin tag on my neck removed, K? We’re gonna ask her that, too. While I’m under, I may as well do it all at one time, yes?

OH…and about Toby. We’re still waiting to hear the news about his biopsy. Then we’ll have to wait to hear the news about mine from next week.

It’s just all too much.

Think I’ll go take a nap.

Thank you for caring!

OH…and about the peep’s allergy to moi. As my friends have said, that’s what Allegra is for! She’s already taking it. Better to take a drug every day than to KICK ME OUT OF THE BED!!!!! Yes?

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Oh Boy. Now it’s MY Turn.

small res 60See those eyebrows? (How can you not….I’m a Scottie after all.)

Right above my right eye… MY right eye, not YOUR right eye, it would be MY eye to YOUR left… (there’ll be a quiz later)… there’s a little black bump. Kind of like a mole, but not really. Kind of squishy, but not really. It doesn’t hurt and I’d never noticed it before. It came out of nowhere.

Yesterday, the peep scooped me up, plonked me in my car seat and off We went to the Dogtor. We waited for a while, but Dogtor Elliott was nice enough to see me, without a reservation, so in We went.

Here’s how it went, from one peep to the other:

“How’d it go? I was getting worried! You’ve been gone longer than I thought and I didn’t meet you guys out there because I didn’t get out of my doctor’s appointment until late, and…”

“Hold on, he’s fine. She did a little needle aspiration and didn’t notice any unusual cells.”

“A NEEDLE???? ASPIRATION???? OHHHH…my poor baby, where is he? Stuart? Come here my baby, where are you?”

“He’s right over there. In the yard. Smelling some dirt. Or maybe eating something. Who can tell?”


“Calm down! He’s right over there. He’s fine. She said, to be on the safe side, she’s going to remove it next Tuesday and send it off for a biopsy. So, we’ll have to take him out there really early and leave him…”


“…and pick him up in just a few hours. He won’t have to stay all day. The only reason she didn’t do it today was because he kept staring at her and she didn’t want him to know what she was doing. He won’t be all the way under.”

“OOOOOOHHHHHHH! MY BOY! Come here my baby!!!!”

“He’s fine. Everything’s fine. And he hasn’t gained any weight since last time – he stepped right up on the scale himself, he knows the routine – and everybody treated him like a celebrity and gave him lots of treats. He had a big time. People just love his eyes. All he did was eat treats the whole time.”

I’m no dummy, but y’all know that. Love me some treats!

By this time, I had sauntered into the house and given Her a little lick on the face. I don’t do that much these days, but I thought She needed one. Geesh.

So, here we go. Off to the land of peep worry. Me? I’m not worried in the least. It’s just an old man wart above my eye. We Scotties get those from time to time. Ain’t nothing but a thing.

But, the peep? It’s Her I’m worried about. See, her dogtor told Her yesterday that She’s allergic to me and suggested that I sleep somewhere else.

I. Think. Not. And so does the peep.

The saga continues. So, stay tuned. Seems lots of us Scots are having things removed and tested these days.

Speaking of Scots…I wonder if my ancestral home will vote “yes” or “no” for independence today? I couldn’t vote anyway because I’m an expat.

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Watercolor Wednesday – My Closeup

closefacewatercolorOh boy. What a week and it’s only hump day….HOLD THE PHONE! That means there are only a few days left until the weekend! My favorite!

Woot. It’s time for some hump day StuART!

What You Learned Today:

  • Wednesdays are devoted to StuART.
  • I love StuART.
  • Even if it is all about me.
  • As it should be.
  • But, hey, when I need my friends, I can sure count on them. That means YOU!
  • Thanks to all of you for the POTP to support Toby this week. I’ll keep you posted on his biopsy results. Right now, he’s dealing with the loss of a few toofers.
  • OUCH!
  • That reminds me, gotta go eat something.
  • To keep my toofers in shape.
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Toby’s Home. Time for a Nap.

DSCN5879Boy, was that rough. Worrying about my friend, Toby, all night. Time to take a nap.

Y’all sure sent some good POTP around, because he’s back home and resting. While his dogtor was taking off his nasty lumps, he cleaned his teeth, too! YIKES!

We’ll all just have to wait and see what the biopsy results say.

Y’all are the best. You really are. Sending the power of the paw to my buddy. It doesn’t get much better than that. So, I’m sending the power of the paw to all who need it today.


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POTP for Toby

Remember my friend, Toby?

Toby Glasses 2012He’s my buddy who loves to play with bubble wrap.

Now, I’m sure he’s going to be just fine, but sometimes we could all use the power of the paw. He’s in surgery today having a few growths removed. His dogtor was worried about one of them. His peeps are a mess (mine would be, too).

Let’s keep him close to our hearts and send him some love.

Thanks for being his friend. And for being mine, too!



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Silent Sunday

new bucket almost home

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Where in the World?

palm tree stuartOh me….I’ve found myself in a time travel tunnel today and have no idea where I am!

What You Learned Today:

  • On Saturdays, I like to take a little trip.
  • Today, I have no idea where I am.
  • Maybe you do?
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