Celebrate Your Independence!

Veterans Day

Y’all stay safe out there. Fireworks are one of the biggest reasons dogs go missing. And we don’t want that to happen do we? I’ll be either in the shower stall – my new place – or beside the toilet. Safe and snug as a bug.

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Friday’s Foto Fun – PUPPIES!

No funny stuff required to soup up this grrrreat photo. Maggie had puppies last Tuesday. Not even a week old!!! See….

puppies 1

Can’t you just smell these beauties? I love how puppies smell. They’re just so cute. The two red brindles at the bottom are boys and the rest are girls.

Personally, I’d like to pinch those frog dog feet on that little boy on the bottom left. He’s not related to me, but he sure has that frog dog down pat.

Woooot! Pawsitive Puppy Photos for Friday! Weeeeeeeeeee! Welcome children.

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I’m on the story

ace reporter

I’m all about telling it like it is. So, here I am in my new role as Editor-in-Chief/Publisher at The Scottie Chronicle’s Pawsitive News Service.

Yes. Just call me Edward R. Murrow. Or Frank McGee. Or Edwin Newman. Or, yes, Barbara Walters. (If Caitlin can do it, so can I. I think I’d look smashing in a pair of maribou mules. Make that two pair. I’ve got four feet.)

Thanks to Riley Puppy who reminded me to put a pencil behind my ear. Leave it to a Scottie to catch the details.

Thanks, too, go out to Kismet who’s the Mid-West/Southwest Bureau Chief. And to Corkscot who’s covering the Southeast. They’ll be submitting their news so I can get it out to you. Those hungry for news. Real news. Not this made up, sensationalized stuff.

If you want to climb aboard the Pawsitive News Service fleet of global reporters, just Tweet me @StuartTheScotty or send me a peemail to StuartTheScottie@hotmail.com. It must be pawsitive. Nothing negative. If it involves those with paws, all the better, but it doesn’t have to.

Now. I just got a tip that there’s a new litter of Scottie puppies just down the road a piece. I’m on it.

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Watercolor Wednesday – And Pawsitive News Installment #1

WW closeupAh. My lovely profile. What’s better than that? NOTHING…’cause it’s time for some StuART!

And, today I’m adding in some pawsitive news. When I mentioned yesterday my thoughts of starting a Scottie News Channel because I’m so tired of bad news, the response was pawsitive.

And Kismet is my Midwest Correspondent/Bureau Chief. That means Kismet, Kali and Kaci are on the trail of pawsitive news to report from their neck of the woods.

Now. Here goes. The first installment of Pawsitive News on WTSC:

  • From Macy’s to Donald Trump: “You’re Fired”. The venerable U.S. department store reportedly cut ties with the presidential hopeful because of inflammatory remarks he made about Mexican immigrants. Trump has served as spokesperson for the store. He also sells a number of consumer goods through the chain including a fragrance and clothing line. According to sources, Macy’s officials said, “We have no tolerance for discrimination of any kind.” You GO Macy’s!

THAT’S PAWSITIVE NEWS FOLKS! You just can’t go around inciting hatred now can you?

Calling all news hounds: if YOU want to be a part of my Pawsitive News Service on The Scottie Chronicles channel (WTSC, or for those on the other side of the Mississippi River – KTSC, neither of which are affiliated with broadcasters of the same call letters by the way), send a peemail to StuartTheScottie@hotmail.com and I’ll forward your news item to my producer: Peep Extraordinaire/Bureau Chief, and We’ll get it on the air right here at WTSC. Your news submission must be PAWSITIVE. If it’s about those of us with paws, all the better. Submissions from around the globe are welcome.


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The Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man

A dear pal ‘o mine sent me this stuffed gingerbread man as a howliday present. Cute, huh? It was a thoughtful gift. And I appreciate it. I hadn’t played with it in a loooong time. So, this morning I was in a feisty mood and the peep fetched it from my toy bin. (Yes, I have a toy bin. Hard to believe, I know.)

Well what do you know? We played and played and played. Me, the gingerbread man and the peep.

Go figure.

I think next time, I’m gonna gnaw off his little green bowtie. Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do. Tomorrow. Just like Scarlet O’Hara.

What You Learned Today:

  • I don’t play much anymore. Not with toys anyway.
  • But sometimes I surprise myself. And the peeps.
  • Today was one of those days.
  • I do still like to bite on Sniglet’s ears and legs. That hasn’t changed.
  • The peep watched me on the steps this morning. Since I took a tumble over the weekend.
  • See, for some reason, I get down on my chest and carefully put my paws one-by-one on the first step, then slide myself down. Success.
  • Then, I kind of lose my balance as I’m tawdling down the rest of the steps.
  • But, this morning I caught myself before I fell and said, “no way, I’m heading back up this step and She’ll carry me down.”
  • Yep. She did. Then I made it down the third little flight of steps with no problem. And I have no trouble on the outside brick steps going up or down.
  • Maybe I’ll have my vision checked out. Or maybe I’M TOO FAT TO FIT ON THE INSIDE STEPS!  Woooooot! Naw. I don’t think so.
  • Thanks for the comments yesterday about y’all’s feet getting all tangled up sometimes. Glad I’m not alone. You know it takes a village with me.
  • Oh, and sorry I was musing about sad things yesterday. I’m done with THAT. Gotta stop watching the news. Wait…. I don’t watch the news. I’m too busy watching reruns of Hogan’s Heroes and Andy of Mayberry. Gotta love you some Andy.
  • Sigh. Maybe I’ll start a Scottie News Network where everything is pawsitive.
  • I’m on it Danno.
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Monday Musing

OK. Y’all had too much fun with Saturday’s Where in the World photo.


Your guesses were funny and some of you spent time thinking lots about it. Here’s the answer: I HAVE NO IDEA! But I might agree with a French or Dutch studio somewhere. Sadly, I haven’t a clue but I love to read your guesses.

Thanks for playing along.

So now. It’s Monday. And I’m musing.

  • I’m musing about the ugliest dog contest. Here’s the winner. But I agree with so many of you who think there is no such thing as an ugly dog. All dogs are beautiful. We’re all unique and need love and care. Just like people.
  • I’m musing about the Supreme Court’s actions last week. There were two key rulings. One, about health care and the other, about love. It’s simple: everybody needs access to affordable health care. And everybody needs somebody to love. No matter who it is. Why did it take a court ruling to figure that out? I’ll have to muse on that some more.
  • I’m musing about violence and crime. There’s just too much of that and not enough love in the world.
  • I’m musing about the fact that I’m getting older. And I don’t like it. I fell down a small flight of stairs over the weekend. I simply lost my balance and took a tumble right into the wall. It scared the peeps something fierce. Do you ever lose your balance?
  • Speaking of getting older. It’s something we all do. Like it or not.
  • Oh me. Tomorrow’s Tuesday. I gotta snap outta this mood. HEY…WAIT A MINUTE…The moon looked pretty big last night. Whew. Glad I figured that out. That’s probably why I’m a bit moody. In a musing kind of way.
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Silent Sunday

me and sniglet

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