Watercolor Wednesday – You’re Gonna Love This One!

new techniques


Oh me. I amaze even myself in my magnificent glory. I am quite the looker. I know, I know, it’s all about me. Yes. It’s as it should be. I’m a Scottie. That’s the way we roll.

What You Learned Today:

  • It’s Wednesday. Time for some StuART.
  • And here’s my latest example of cul-cha in the artistic vein.
  • Just for you.
  • Every Wednesday I try to share a little art. A little some’in special.
  • So, if you’re just joining us, please be sure to come back. Often.
  • And, if you’re a loyal friend, I thank you.
  • I do all of this for you. Don’cha know.
  • REALLY? Who am I kiddin’????
  • I make myself laugh sometimes……
  • No, really, I do love you. You’re my pals.
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What I Did Over the Weekend

snoopervision weenieYeah, I think that looks pretty good. Don’t you? I snoopervised over the weekend and we’ve got just about all of our howl-o-weenie stuff up.

snoopervising 2I like the wreath and the flag, but these dead bats have got to go.

snoopervising 3These guys have been in the attic for a gazillion years.

Oh me. My favorites are the little orange lights in the big bushes. But we’ve got some other stuff to put on weenie night. Before the spooks come out.

I wonder if the peep is going to put a hat on me again this year?

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The Dual Synchro-Baroo

The Scottie Chronicles:

OH MY DAWG! Check this out.

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

Searching through the C.O. Archives- we have:

* Synchronized Nomming.

* Synchronized Noshing.

* Synchronized Sleeping. (Also here.)

* Synchronized Swimming.

* Synchronized Smiling.

* Synchronized Leecking.

* Synchronized Kittehs.

That said, we’re happy to present a new Synchro-Category…..The Dual Synchro-Baroo, starring Zorro and Zeeka!

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Silent Sunday


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Friday’s Foto Fun – Spooky!

me and my datesOh me….what a laugh! My dates for the Howl-o-weenie Ball from year’s back. Kyla and Kaci!

What a lucky guy. And what a fun foto for today!

One week from today. Howllllllllllllllllllls!

Speaking of fun events, don’t forget about Kyla’s Highland Games. You know you want to be in the parade!

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Calling All Lads and Lassies

kyla-1As you know, I’m ironing my kilt for the upcoming Highland Games in Blogville on October 27th. We’re celebrating Kyla with lots of events, food and fun.

If you’d like to march in the Parade that day, all you have to do is send me a photo of yourself in your best tartan garb. That’s it. Easy peasy.

Send photos to StuartTheScottie@hotmail.com. Send them to me by Friday, October 24.

And, of course, by sending them in, y’all are giving me permission to use them. Yes. I’ve learned a lot from Google. If you give them to me, I’ll own them. Bwaaahaaa haaaaaa!

For a complete list of things you can do to participate in Kyla’s Highland Games, please visit Mollie and Alfie, event organizers extraordinaire!

Please do this for Kyla. It may well be the last shindig we’ll all have together. Chin up! No sadness! Let’s all be present for Kyla!

And let’s all send melanoma packing. Wish we could. Don’t you? Wish we could take all cancers and send them on their way. Outta here. One can only hope.

My Kyla taking a nap. Shhhh! Don't wake her!

My Kyla taking a nap. Shhhh! Don’t wake her!

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A Watercolor of my Kyla

Kyla WCThis is my best girl. She’s striking quite the museum-quality pose, yes? Ah….such a gal she is. I’ve snapped out of my funk from yesterday and made her some StuART. (Since it’s Wednesday and time for some art.) You do know that Kyla coined the phrase, StuART, don’t you? She’s a clever gal.

She’s so clever, in fact, she wants to have a party to celebrate her greatness. And you’re invited.

kyla-1I’ll be hosting the Highland Parade that day, so send me photos of yourself in your best tartan attire. Send them to me by October 24 and I’ll post them on the big day. Here’s my address: StuartTheScottie@hotmail.com.

Lots of Kyla’s friends are hosting events and stuff for the Games; you can check them all out here. (Mollie and Alfie have graciously planned the event and listed all the things you can do over at their place.) Thank you, Sweet William the Scot, for giving me the idea to host the parade. And, hey! I’ll be playing in Sweet William’s band that day! Who knew I was such a musician?

Now! Go get your tartan on and start sending me your pictures!

You won’t want to miss Kyla’s Highland Games on October 27th!

Love you, Kyla.


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