Silent Sunday – Baby Stuart. Awwww…


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Where In The World?

DSCN1839??????? North Pole? South Pole? My house? Naw…

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Friday’s Foto Fun

I’m gloomy today, but I should just try to snap out of it. What better way to do that than with a little Friday’s Foto Fun. Here goes:

mayzie photo funOh boy. Miss Mazie sure looks pretty! That cheered me up a bit…

Miss you Kyla.

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Watercolor Wednesday – This One’s for Kyla

new techniquesThis one’s for my KylaHow I miss you girl.
I’m sure her sisters Kaci and Kali and her peeps would appreciate hearing from you, so go over and bark at them to tell them you care.

Kyla. Jalisco, Mexico, July 26, 2002

Anthem, Arizona December 17, 2014

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It Just Gets Funnier Doesn’t It?

Oh my. The howliday card race isn’t close to running neck and neck at Our house. Take a look:

cards 2This is my “see, I told you so” look. Nice, huh?

cards 1And this is my snoozing with the cards look. Complete with my chin on the side of my comfy bucket. Sweet!

I’ve lost count of mine. The peeps are up to, let’s see, I think it’s about four. Yeah, that’s it. Four. And if it weren’t for the nice car detail man, it wouldn’t be that high. Oh me.

I haven’t put them on my card tree or displayed them. I like to look at all of my cards. So I keep them where I can see ‘em. Just the way I like it. OH…and see that pen on the side of my bucket? I got that yesterday from Lucy and Mac. How nice was that?

Thank you Lucy and Mac! What a surprise!

And thanks to all of my card buddies (by the way, my card count doesn’t include the electronic greetings I’ve received). LOVE ME SOME E-CARDS! Thanks y’all!

Howlidays are such fun! But it can’t get much funnier than this, can it?

Love you, peeps. But face it, when the mailman asks, “What’s your dog’s name?” when you’re out in the yard and I’m snoopervising, and you say, “Stuart” and the mailman says, “He gets some awesome cards!” then tries to pet me, there’s no doubt about it: I. Rule. The. World.

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My New Clothes

Yeah. You know I don’t wear clothes. But this is different.

my bandanaIt’s a Scottie Bandana. And it’s a gift from my Godmother Carol. I love her. She made me all bee-you-ti-fied yesterday. A cut and a shave. Two bits.

Is this side better?

my bandana 2Or maybe this? But it kind of looks like a napkin here.

my bandana 3Speaking of a napkin, how about some performance art? Huuum? Yes? OK. Like Tilda Swinton Sleeping in a Glass Box. Here goes. I call it StuART Eating Off of a Plate. Enjoy!

Thanks so much Godmother Carol!

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Silent Sunday

green pot

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