Friday’s Foto Fun – Noodle Dog

noodleOh me, don’t you love Noodle Dog??? Noodle’s been out in the yard collecting stuff to bring inside. That’s what a Scottie beard is for after all!

This is a good one for today. Bwaaaahhhhhaaaaaaa!

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Help Me Decide

Natural BalanceOK. Y’all remember that I HATE TRIFEXIS. The awful, smelly pill in this photo. When I had to eat a bunch of wet food just to get it down. Gross. Nasty. And general pain in the butt.

Well, the peep finally figured out that – lately – cream cheese is all I need to swallow that little bugger every 5th of the month. (Sorry, I think “bugger” might mean something offensive to my British friends. Uh, that’s not what I meant.)

Anyroo, I need something that works on whipworms as well as heartworms, hookworms and those other nasty parasites.  I’ve had whipworms twice and it ain’t fun.

So, with February 5th coming up, and the fact that Sentinel is back on the market where I live after being unavailable for so long, I need to make a decision.

Here I am trying to make a decision:

new blue potSo, what say you my pooch pals and peeps?

Are all those urban myths about Trifexis true? Should I go back to Sentinel? It’s not that hard anymore for me to take that nasty big ‘ole Trifexis pill. But Sentinel is easier. But I have to go someplace else to get it. My dogtor doesn’t sell it.

Or, should I forgo the meds altogether? Naw, I think not. That would be nice, though, wouldn’t it? If I’d leave the kitty bon bons and other delectable snacks alone…..

Ooh me. What would YOU do? Think I’ll call my dogtor tomorrow.

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Watercolor Wednesday – What a Profile

WW closeupOh me. I just love this one.

Y’all go out there and have yourselves a StuART kind of day, OK?

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It’s Snow Time

Well, the great blizzard missed us last night. But we did get a bit of white stuff.

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I’m Gonna Bug Ya ‘Til You Play With Me

The Scottie Chronicles:

Oh boy. Who can resist a Nigerian Dwarf Goat? I can’t. And I couldn’t resist reblogging this post from Cute Overload. One of my favorites. This dog is to be commended for his patience. If it were me, I’d have gnawed on the poor little thing. Enjoy!

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

You’re a big huge fluffy Dog Mop, and this Knucklehead Nigerian Dwarf Goat named Peppa Lass keeps messing with you. What do you do? Why, you just sit there and take it, of course. You have no choice- Nigerian Dwarf Goats rule the world- we’re all just renting space on it.

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Silent Sunday


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Where In The World?

art in storeNo use asking me where I am today for a haven’t a clue. Maybe somebody is getting ready to take my art to the Antiques Road Show?

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