Where In The World?

on the ferry

Yes. I’m in the car. Going somewhere. But you’ll have to come back on Monday to see where I’ve been. Woooot! I’m a traveling guy!

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Friday’s Foto Fun – Venice

venice stuart

Oh me. Waiting for my love to join me in a romantic gondola ride. Tee Hee!

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There’s a First Time for Everything

Wow. My first bone.

Wow. My first bone.

Can you believe I’ve lived nine years and I’d never had a bone until last night?

Now, I’ve also never weighed as much as I do either, but we’re not talking about that. I went to the dogtor yesterday to check on a little growth on my eye. And, of course, I had to sit on those scales. My eye is fine, but my weight isn’t.

Ouch. Dogtor Elliott tells me I’m too big for my frame. Godmother Carol begs to differ.

Me? I just gnawed on my bone. I’ll think about that tomorrow. (Me and Scarlett O’Hara. We’ve got a lot in common. Except my waist is bigger than hers.)

Oh me.

What You Learned Today:

  • Those who know me know I carry a bit of extra weight from time to time.
  • I was doing really well. Until recently.
  • I prefer to think of myself as a sometimes portly pooch with some winter fat stored up.
  • Scottie weight can vary. A lot. I know some BIG Scotties. I know some small ones.
  • Frankly, I think I’m just right. OK…a tad pudgy, but just right for the most part.
  • So tell me, do y’all eat beef bones?
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Watercolor Wednesday – Tax Relief

Ahhhh…..it’s Wednesday. Time for some StuART!

A Pensive Lad art

I like me some of this style. You? Don’t you love a good eyebrow?

I thought you might like some relief on this tax day here in the U.S. We Scotties are always good for relief. Comic, artistic or otherwise.

Just doing my part.

What You Learned Today:

  • If you’re just joining us here at The Scottie Chronicles, you should mark your calendar.
  • Wednesdays are when I share my stuff with you.
  • StuART!
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A Beautiful Barkday

I gave the peep the day off yesterday. I told Her to skip Monday’s post and go have a grrreat barkday. So, She did.

peep cake land

Imagine. A household filled with a Pisces, a Ram and a Bull. That’s us! Hope you had a good day yesterday peep. Now get to work.

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Silent Sunday

Earth Day? What Earth Day?

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Where In The World – Staying Home Today

pile o sand

I think I’ll stay home today. It’s time to get the garden in shape.

Y’all have fun today. In the garden. Because I said so.

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