Friday’s Foto Fun – See Ya Tuesday

Keep Calm




I know, I know. I just posted this recently, and it’s not really a foto, but given the somber subjects I’ve written about this week and the sadness We’ve all been feeling lately, I thought it appropriate to post it again.

And, hey, while I’m at it, I think I’ll take the weekend off. To rest with the peeps. Give Them some extra licks and love. Maybe They’ll give me some extra belly rubs. Yeah! That’s an idea.

So, y’all take care and Happy Labor Day to all my U.S.-based friends and expats around the world.  And for those not familiar with our holiday, just have a good time and take the day off on Monday. And eat a taco for Jazzi.

Because I said so.

What You Learned Today:

  • It’s a long holiday weekend where I live.
  • I’m going to take THE WHOLE weekend off. Including Monday.
  • To rest a bit. To keep calm and Scottie on. (You don’t have to be a Scottie to do that.)
  • So, y’all come back next Tuesday and we’ll catch up then, K?
  • As they say over at Mitch and Molly’s blog, Love Ya Lots! (Why not hop on over there to visit them?)
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Plan Ahead

at the shorelineAh…the ocean, the sand, the sunset. You know I love that. Can’t wait for Our annual holiday trip. That’ll be in a couple of months, but I’m tapping my toes in anticipation.

Until then, I’ve been thinking. You know I always think.

And you know I’ve been thinking about sad things recently with many of my pals leaving this worldly earth. And I can’t thank y’all enough for your kind words, your encouragement and your help to get me out of my funk. Your words mean a lot to me. And I got to thinking about what it all means.

So, one thing it means is that it’s time to plan ahead. Yes. Now. Don’t wait another moment.

(I’ve written about this before but a refresher is always in order.)

  • Have your peeps made provisions for your care if something should happen to them? Make them do that right now. There’s no time like the present.
  • Suggest to them that they choose a loving person to take care of you. Someone they know and that you know, too.  And, if they don’t know a person to take care of you, ask your Dogtor about it the next time you go for a visit.
  • Bark at them to include a dollar amount in their estate plan to help this person take care of you. And include your favorite Dogtor’s name, too, and maybe some money for him/her so that things are easier.
  • Also, here’s a question: have your peeps made plans to make sure you’re not in any pain if you should ever get really, really sick or hurt? It’s very, very, very hard to let a loved one go over the bridge, but, as hard as it is to say goodbye, suffering’s even harder. Especially if you don’t need to. It’s hard for our peeps to talk about, but make them do it. For your sake. And theirs. They might think they’d do whatever it takes to help you feel better and be out of pain, but when it comes right down to it, they may be hesitant. Help them know that you’ll be OK, and that you’ll see each other later.
  • This isn’t pleasant stuff, but, trust me, you and your peeps will feel better once these things have been discussed and written down somewhere.
  • For the record, I made my peeps do this a few years ago. After They realized They hadn’t written anything down. Right in the middle of a plane flight. A long way away from moi.
  • Do this out of love. Because, as y’all have pointed out, that’s what it’s all about.

Now go out there and have some fun and think happy thoughts today!



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Watercolor Wednesday – A Brighter Day

wc small square ffOK. I’m feeling a bit better today. Because it’s Wednesday and time for some StuART! And, because y’all helped me out of my funk about going over the rainbow bridge. If you’re just joining us, don’t worry, I’m fine. But some of my pals crossed over recently.

Then I got sad. Then I got sad thinking about my peeps – what would They do without me if I go over the bridge? What would I do without Them if They go over the bridge? At the same time? oh. dear. Maybe We three just plan to go together? Yes? Yes. No. Uh. Lemme think about this…wwwooOOOOooooOOOOoooOOOOO. (That’s kind of an arrOO ROOO, but not officially. I do that sometimes.)

You know what? All of my friends would be waaayyyy mad at me for wallowing in sadness.

So…on to the celebration of life and how we all help each other along when we need to, right? Right.

Enough of sadness. Whaddya think of this little new watercolor ditty?

What You Learned Today:

  • It’s Wednesday.
  • That means it’s time for some StuART.
  • A little kulcha’ never hurt anybody. So ponder this watercolor I made just for you.
  • WoooOOOoooo.
  • Now. I feel better.
  • Thanks you guys.
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Oh Me. What Would the Peeps Do?

new blue pot

I’ll still so sad about Jazzi going over to run the taco stand at the rainbow bridge. I can’t thank y’all enough for all the supportive comments for her and her peeps yesterday. And for me, too.

See, I’m confused about this going over the bridge thing. Yesterday, I learned that another pal of mine went over the bridge. And then there’s Sadie, the 2010 Westminster winning Scottie who, again, was very young and left this worldly world not too long ago.

If I ever go over the bridge, what on earth will become of my peeps? They can barely put one paw in front of the other now, I can’t imagine what they’ll do if I ever leave them. Alone. To Their own devices. (They don’t have any devices, only me.)

But I won’t really be gone, will I? I’ll be hanging around snoopervising. Just like I do now, only I won’t be on this physical world. Right?

This concerns me. It really does.

Maybe I can just walk up to the bridge and check it out. Make sure it’s OK. Then come right back and let the peeps know everything’s fine on the other side and folks are having a BIG time. Running, playing, eating whatever they want without getting big, playing bitey face without causing any trouble, no pain, no need for collars and leashes (everybody’s naked!!), no fence aggression which leads one to lose a tooth (I wouldn’t know about that) and, most of all, no sadness. Nope. No sadness. Just happy time.

Lots of happy time! And nobody’s sad because they know their friends and loved ones will join them at some point. But I don’t get why that’s not sad? I’d miss my peeps terribly. Maybe there’s something in the water over the bridge that keeps sadness away. Yeah. That’s it. And those on the other side just sit on the shoulders of those still on earth. To help them. Like guardian angels. Something like that. NO sadness.

I’ve had enough sadness for one pooch.

But wait, it makes me happy to think about my pals. And the good times. And the love. Would that make my peeps feel better after I’m gone?

Oh me. I’m gonna take a nap. This is just too much.

I miss you Jazzi. And Shady. And Duffy. And Daisy. And Brandy. And Lucy. And my wonderful BoBo. Too many to name…

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Jazzi’s Taco Monday – For You My Friend

Huum. What's this yellow thing? Filled with green beans? I'd better grab it quick. And investigate.

Huum. What’s this yellow thing? Filled with green beans? I’d better grab it quick. And investigate.

My pal, Miss Jazzi, is running free today. She had some things wrong with her that came on suddenly. She was only 8-1/2 years young. Many of you know her. She was always telling tales and making me laugh. And boy did she love tacos! (Did you ever know a Scottie to love tacos? No. You. Did. Not.)

To her peeps and all of her friends and family, this one’s for you. I’m eating a taco in your honor today, Jazzi.

PIZZA! And my favorite biscuits! YUM! Thanks Miss Jazzi!

PIZZA! And my favorite biscuits! YUM! Thanks Miss Jazzi!

Jazzi sent me this pizza toy during a gift exchange back in 2011. Boy did I love that thing. I played with it all the time until I tore it up!! Along with it, she sent me some chewies to eat. She was so thoughtful. And kind. Thank you, Jazzi.

I’m so sad. So very sad.


I think I’ll just sit and think today. About my friends who’ve left us. And about the peeps they left behind. I’ll try to think about all the good things and happy things about having my friends around rather than think about the sad stuff.

Those who are left behind are the sad ones. The ones who go before us are running when they couldn’t walk, eating when they had trouble, and having such a good time when once they were diseased and sick.

I wonder if they miss us? I know we miss them. Terribly. I’m sad to think they’re missing us who are left behind. Oh boy…I’ve worked myself into a bad state. Gotta get myself outta this. OK. When they leave us behind, we’re sad. But they’re waiting for us. Patiently. Remembering all the good stuff. And they’re happy. OK. That makes sense. Feeling better now.

I miss you Jazzi.

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Silent Sunday

silent sunday vinca

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Where In The World?


Huuum. Wonder where this is. I have no idea.

What You Learned Today:

  • I like to travel.
  • I travel in the virtual world on Saturdays.
  • Sometimes I know where I am, sometimes I don’t.
  • I KNOW! I’m on a wall!!! And it’s raining!!!!
  • Duh. Just call me Sherlock.
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