Welcome Major and Champ!

What a great day! Dogs are coming to the White House!

Remember this photo of Stuart? Celebrating Veteran’s Day years ago?

I thought it appropriate to use as we welcome Major to the White House today. The country’s first shelter dog in the coveted role as one of two First Dogs.

Hope you enjoy today as much as we are. Time for some fresh air, unification and respect in the United States. And dogs. (I’ve always wondered about people who don’t love dogs.)

The people have spoken. ArrOOOOOOO!!! ArrOOOOOO!

And now, for our usual Watercolor Wednesday…..a wonderful rendition of Stuart.

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Silent Sunday

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Watercolor Wednesday Winston

This is also a “Way Back Wednesday” – from November almost 3 years ago. Enjoy!

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Friday’s Foto Fun

I think this headline is better than what we’re reading around the world today. Especially here in the U.S. Don’t you?

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Watercolor Wednesday- From the archives

An oldie but goodie.

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Happy New Year!

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Yappy Howlidays Everyone

Be safe. Be well. Be happy. Be kind. Be Scottie Strong. Your pal, Winston.

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Silent Sunday

Sometimes I just can’t keep my mouth shut.
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Christmas came early

We’re not a very religious household, preferring to live by the Golden Rule, respecting our neighbor and relishing in the beauty of nature. Over the years at our house, typical Christmas traditions and beliefs have been replaced with thoughts of gratitude and introspection. We don’t even exchange gifts anymore.

But little Winston, the loner who no longer plays with his toys or even us anymore, who prefers to stay a safe distance away with us in his sight, gave me the greatest gift of all this morning.

He sat in my lap. For about 20 minutes he let me stroke his beautiful coat and gently scratch his ears. He turned to lick my nose between licking his toes and looked at me with those brown eyes.

For those who may turn their noses up at letting a dog lick you in the face between toe cleaning, rest assured it’s a gift. Better than anything you can imagine and one that I thought I’d never receive again.

That Winston. A Santa like no other. Thank you my dear boy.

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Winston’s Watercolor Wednesday

A howliday bandana.
A howliday bandana for you. Enjoy!
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Friday’s Foto Fun

It’s that time of year……

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A day late and a throwback Thursday

Oh me. I missed Watercolor Wednesday yesterday, so here’s one for you today.

The Peepstress loves my eyes, which you can hardly see sometimes. So, she created this one.

Because it’s Thursday, here’s a throwback for you.

Hard to believe only two years ago next month I was enjoying the snow at our old house.
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