Silent Sunday

Sorry to interrupt your Silent Sunday, but this is the first time Winston’s been inside all day. It’s 4:00! He’s been out on his patio at the new house just looking and listening. Now he’s pooped!

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When will this end?

This back and forth is getting old. I thought you said we’d be finished with this stuff soon.

We will Winston. Be patient.

From what I understand, patience is not something I’m good at Momma.

I promise we’ll be moved by Thanksgiving.

What’s Thanksgiving?

It’s the day your Dad Peep and I will give thanks for you being in our lives. We’re so grateful to have you.

Aw shucks. I kinda like you guys too.

That’s so sweet Winston. Come here and let me give you a smooch on the nose.

As soon as I can climb off of these darned boxes I’ll be right over!

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This is significant

To the average person, this is a pretty insignificant photo. But it’s not. This is our Winston in the dining room just about dinner time. On a typical evening, around this time, he’s off somewhere. In the den. Behind a sofa. Anywhere but near us.

But tonight, here he is with us.

Oh my! For this, we’re very thankful.

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Just Do It


Time to vote. Plenty of time left. To just do it. Arrooooo!

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Silent Sunday

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How I love to chase squirrels. And I’m training my parents- uh, peeps – to let me run after them.

Even when I don’t see one.

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What will happen to me?

Thank you Peepstress for sprucing up my new bedroom. But when are we going to stop going back and forth and stay here forever?

Well Winston, the Dad Peep and I are glad you like your new home. We’ll be settled in the new house very soon.

Will we still have all the boxes with things in them that keep coming and going too?

No. Thank goodness. Those boxes will go away.

But will I go away too? What will happen to me?

Precious puppy, we’ll be together like three peas in a pod.

Pee? No thank you. I don’t have to go, but thanks for asking.

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