How do You Plead?

This just in….a special prosecutor has concluded an extensive investigation involving Winston (last name) REDACTED of (address) REDACTED. The furry felon is accused of nearly loving his peeps amidst repeated behavior to the contrary.

When asked recently, he sat stoically never uttering a word.

Evidence includes his climbing the stairs of his two-story home in (address) REDACTED during the wee hours of April 22 and sitting patiently until his peeps’ awoke and kissed him repeatedly upon discovering the nearly two-year-old Scottie at the end of the bed. Evidence shows he responded with licks and kisses of his own.

Evidence also includes his walking perfectly to a nearby outdoor cafe, Union Market, for dinner on April 21. No stopping at every blade of grass or tree trunk to check pee mail. Or snapping at every other dog along the way. Actions he vehemently denies through his silence when asked about the details. Dinner went smoothly with the pooch unexpectedly behaving like a true gentleman. As if he enjoyed it. REDACTED.

Could it be, according to the special prosecutor, that Winston actually likes his home? Loves his peeps? Likes his new neighborhood? And his new friends? Contrary to his behavior and his stubborn attitude?

The special prosecutor came to only one conclusion: the four-legged bundle of lofty attitude clearly enjoys his peeps. Against his will.


What say you Winston? How do you plead? Is it love?


To be continued.

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Saturday Snoopervising

A little garden snoopervising is always in order.

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Doggie Vacay

It’s important to take a vacation every now and again.

Winston’s wore him out.

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Across the Pond

Mystery solved.

The pretty golden red dog from Friday’s post (mistakingly described as a Saturday post) was snoopervising in Richmond, England. She’s a beautiful 7 month old English Cocker and very well trained. So far. Her Peep was working with her when we crossed paths on Saturday.

Look closely at the second photo.

Why, oh why, can’t we welcome dogs into all parts of our lives in the US? Restaurants, shops and everywhere else?


Winston is on vacay. He’ll be back on the blog later this week.

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Something’s Up Saturday

Really? This doesn’t look like Richmond. Maybe it isn’t. Or maybe it is.

It certainly doesn’t look like me.

What’s going on here?

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Squirrely Sunday

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I Love a Fireman. You Should Too. Here’s Why.

Back when I was twenty something, I had the cutest Norwich terrier named Molly. It was irresponsible and selfish of me to adopt her. I lived alone and worked all day, but she was cute. Eventually, I rehomed her to the nurse of my gynecologist, perfect!

One night I was baking a cake and went outside to chat with my neighbor and locked myself out of my apartment.

The building had a lock and my 2nd floor apartment had a lock.

We all discussed what to do when someone said “borrow a ladder from the fire department and go in through the window.”

That sounded good to me so I called. Remember: I was 20 something.

“Ma’am, we don’t loan out our ladders.”

“But you don’t understand, my oven is on and my dog is inside.”

Well, that did it and the hook and ladder truck was on it’s way. With the lights flashing and the siren blasting.

Molly was fine.

Winston didn’t care though.

See, today I did it again. Locked the house with Winston inside and water boiling for eggs on the gas stove.

Crap. Again!????

This time, I walked the two blocks to the fire station and lo and behold the hook and ladder followed me home. But without the bells and whistles. Thank Dog.

This time the Dad Peep broke the kitchen window before my new friends and I got back.

And Winston slept through it all.

So if you’re wondering why his food and water bowls are in the dining room, just picture me cleaning up the broken glass for years to come.

Everyone should love a Fireman.

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