3 Years Ago

It’s almost that time of year. When Stuart and I took what would be our last walk around the lake at Forest Hill Park.

Saturday, Winston and I took our first.

It was a good morning.

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Next Month…

Next month, the peeps and I are moving to our new place. I’m told it’s my forever home, but really, my forever home is wherever the peeps are. I know, I know. I’m sounding a bit sappy. And I’m not even two years old, but I do like them. Yes, I do like those 2-legged folks.

After all, they gave me a piggy. I love piggies.

piggy on broad

This is the second piggy in my collection. The first one was a gift I found when I came to live with them. This one is a little gift from the peeps to celebrate our new home. I just got it last weekend.

I think I’m going to like our new place.

snoozing on broad.jpg

I get to snooze in all sorts of places.

Hey!!! Hey, you guys!!!! What up??? I just realized that I wrote this post all by myself!!!

Life is good.

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On September 18, 2017, a wiggly foot-loving little boy brought Scottie love back into our home. He grew from the 12-week-old bundle of laughs we met that day into the proud nine-month old you see below.


And from that little boy, grew this handsome man who’s certainly not camera shy.

win edited.jpg

We couldn’t be more in love with him. And, today, we’re 90 percent sure he loves us back. It’s been a long road….but good things come to those who wait. 

We’d waited long enough to bring the warmth that comes from a furry friend back into our home after losing Stuart. And Bobo.

The next chapter of our life together includes moving to our forever home, which is in the background of the photo above. We’re getting there slowly. Just a few things to do to make it our own.

Winston loves it. And that’s the most important thing. He can’t wait to show you his new haunts.

Happy Gotcha Day Winston. I know it’s a term used for rescues, but, hey, as the saying goes, “Who rescued who?” Or should that be whom?

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Dog Show


Wet dogs call for a dog show. We’ve always got a ringside seat in the living room.

This particular talent is the roll scratch. Bark out loud if you’ve caught this act in YOUR living room.

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Our Morning Ride

Winston and Sherlock taking in the sights on the ride to the bus. Wish I could take them with me to work. No wait…..maybe not. They’re a handful. I’d get nothing done but we’d all have a big time!

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The Boys

Winston and Sherlock. Chillin’ on this grand holiday.

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Wash Day

Clean toys. Time for round two of wash day. Actually, there are probably enough for three rounds of wash day.

Do you wash your fur baby’s toys? I have to admit, I’m not very diligent about it.

Next time I’ll have to wash that little baby bunny and the big green ball. He loves them. They were Stuart’s.

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