Life with Winston

As it turns out, Winston’s a grazer. He’ll nibble. Stop. Walk around. Gobble. Stop. Walk around. Go chew a toy in the other room. Come back and graze.

A grazer. I’ve never had one before.

“What’s a grazer?”

Oh! Winston! Geez. You scared me little man.

“Like when I come up behind you and put my nose on your leg?”

Yes. Exactly. You scare me a lot. When I don’t know you’re there. Hey, you’re also good at tripping me up.

“What’s tripping? What does that mean?”

That’s when you get under my feet. And I don’t know you’re there and I almost take a fall to avoid stepping on you. Like I did the other day and almost broke my arm.

“You mean like this…..?”

YIKES!!!!!!!  Whoaaaa there little fella! STOP IT!

“But I like your feet. Especially when you’re wearing those things. What are they?”

You mean shoes? They cover my feet. To keep them clean. To protect them. And sometimes, to help make your Peepstress look flawless. A good shoe is hard to come by.

“What’s a Peepstress?”

There you have it: life with Winston. The grazer. The tripper-upper. The foot biter. The puppy.

Life is good.

I don’t know how I’m going to explain what a Peepstress is.

At the back door


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Silent Sunday

wprofile 1

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Poor Puppy Winston

Precious baby is having his second bout of diarrhea in three weeks. It’s what’s to be expected I guess from drinking puddle and pond water, eating grass and sticks, and just generally being a pup.

He seems to be feeling just fine, though. Loving to gnaw on shoes. While they’re being worn. Giving nose kisses.

Being himself. Maybe he needs to cuddle up with his handmade, flannel, personalized bone? The one with his name on it? The one sent with lots of love from our friends Ozzie and Callie?

Yeah. He’ll like that. Thank you Ozzie and Callie!

winston bone


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Silent Sunday 


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Winston Wednesday 

Winston says “hi.”

Say “hi” back! I promise I’ll read every comment to him.

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Dear Winston

Dear Winston,

Precious boy, just a note to let you know how much I love you. I know you don’t love me yet, but I hope you like me. Even a little bit. Love will come later. It’s something that’s earned. Like trust. And respect.

Two weeks ago yesterday, we took one look at you wriggling with your siblings and we were hooked. You spoke to our souls. And we, I guess, spoke to yours.

Two weeks ago you couldn’t stand a collar much less a leash. Now you’re confidently walking along sniffing the world. Ready to grow, to be curious and to teach us a thing or two.

Two weeks ago you entered your new house as if you’d always lived here. Maybe you have.

Welcome home little man! The Dad Peep and I, your Peepstress, have your back. Be happy. Be healthy. Be yourself. You’re home.


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Silent Sunday

Whew. I thought they’d never make up their mind.

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