Friday’s Foto Fun – Along the Canal

masked stuart

Ah….in a gondola in Venice. Wearing a Carnivale mask!

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Fall is in the Air


… keeping watch for goblins…

Can you believe October is almost here? Time for punkins’ and mums. It’s still too hot for all of this. Are you ready for fall?

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Watercolor Wednesday – BoBo

Woot! It’s Wednesday! Time for some StuART. Or, in this case, time for some BoBo, Stuart’s predecessor.


He was a puppy mill pooch and our first Scottie. We rescued him at four months and it took years for him to let us pet him. Animal abuse is disgusting.

Y’all have a grreat Wednesday.

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Silent Sunday – A Twofer’

SS red bookend.jpg

Stuart's Fund Long sleeve.png

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Friday Fund Fun

Yes folks. We were proud to announce Stuart’s Fund yesterday. Along with the T-Shirt fundraising campaign. We’re off to a rousing start.

ArrOOOO to you all for supporting the cause.

What could be more fun than sporting a Stuart’s Fund T? Or hoodie?


Stuart's Fund T-shirt.png


Nothing. Nothing’s more fun than that so get out there and order one! You have until midnight on Wednesday, October 12 to put your order in. Then, poof! The campaign’s over.

Please share with likeminded souls so that we can all benefit from canine hemangiosarcoma research. People get HSA, too.

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Stuart’s Fund – Don’t You Need a Shirt?

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The Dad Peep and I have been busy. Very busy. Wallowing in grief only goes but so far. So, we decided it was time to do something else.

We’ve established a fund at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine where there are trials going on right now – with Scotties even – to determine the origins of hemangiosarcoma cells.

We don’t want dogs and their peeps to suffer as we did. I’m not saying a cure – let alone a test or treatment – is coming next week, but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Research in Stuart’s name seemed appropriate.

In that spirit – and  you know how spirited and sporty Stuart waswe’ve also launched an immediate fundraising campaign through Bonfire Funds.

Our goal is to sell 300 shirts from now through October 12. International shipping is available so get out there and buy a shirt or a hoodie. Or share the news with your shirt and Scottie loving friends.

Visit the Stuart’s Fund website and Facebook page to learn more. (Like I said, we’ve been busy.)

Thank you Lynn Spencer. The T-shirt campaign hadn’t been live for more than 3 or 4 minutes when I received notice that the first shirt had been sold. It was Lynn at Rocky Creek Scotties.

Stuart made that happen, too. Bless him. And Bless Lynn.

And thanks to you all for being a part of this journey along with me and the Dad Peep. We appreciate it more than you can ever know.


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Watercolor Wednesday – Puppy Squee!

Happy Wednesday with one of my favorite pieces of StuART. Don’t you wish you knew what goes on in a Scottie mind???


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