Thankful Thursday

It’s Thankful Thursday. And we couldn’t be more thankful for this sweet face. And the rest of him, too.
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Silent Sunday

Nora Jane teaches Winston how to eat tree branches.
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Saturday Shenanigans

Winston the Scottie with Nora Jane, his friend
This is my friend Nora Jane. She was my neighbor until she moved.
She taught me how to be a naughty puppy and bite the branches of low trees in her backyard.
How I miss her.
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Friday’s Foto Fun

I guess this is a good hand?
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Throwback Thursday

Sleeping with my head in a planter. Such a puppy I was.
Wish I had that cheeseburger right about now. A real one.
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Throwback Thursday

How about this for a throwback? The peeps knew Sherlock before they knew me!
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The Beans are Back

Beans. Wonderful, garden-fresh beans. Steamed.

2015. That’s the last time green beans were in our house. That’s the last time I steamed them. And the last time I served them. Haven’t eaten them since. I don’t even look at them in the grocery store or at the farmers market any more.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than a order of Loubiyeh from the Lebanese Food Festival. But that’s not the same thing. And we love haricots vert, which aren’t the same things either.

Those of you who have followed The Scottie Chronicles for a while know exactly why green beans are not allowed in our house. (If you’re curious, drop a note in the comments and ask. I’ll tell you. And maybe some longtimers will respond, too.)

Look how beautiful these are! Thank you Sherlock.

When Sherlock’s peeps texted that they had one haul of a garden harvest last week that they’d like to share, the Dad Peep said, “Hecka. Yeah!”

I almost cried. But as with most things in life, all things happen for a reason. And Sherlock must have decided that it’s OK to bring back the beans.

Winston’s first green beans.

Stuart, the king of green beans, would be pleased. He’s probably wondering why it took so long.

It’s time for me to eat them again, too.

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Throw Back Thursday

Snowing in July? Not really. But it feels nice!
Since it’s a gazillion degrees here today, I thought a little snow scene from a few years ago would help. I love snow. Don’t you?
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Throwback Thursday

Just a baby me with my little piggie. I still have my piggie!
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Throwback Thursday


Sorry Peepstress. I couldn’t resist gnawing on your sandal. Five years ago.
DOH! A cat!

Remember when Stuart met a cat? Yikes.

Stuart at the Keswick infinity pool. Neither exist anymore. Sad.
Remember this shoe? I chewed this one up too. Used to love me some shoes to chew!!
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Winston’s Watercolor Wednesday – Something New

Old style art of Winston the Scottie.
I’m not so sure I like what The Peepstress has created. But, oh well.
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Tongue Out Tuesday

Winston the Scottie with his tongue out.
Tongue Out Tuesday. Complete with my wonky eyebrow. Just for you.
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