On September 18, 2017, a wiggly foot-loving little boy brought Scottie love back into our home. He grew from the 12-week-old bundle of laughs we met that day into the proud nine-month old you see below.


And from that little boy, grew this handsome man who’s certainly not camera shy.

win edited.jpg

We couldn’t be more in love with him. And, today, we’re 90 percent sure he loves us back. It’s been a long road….but good things come to those who wait. 

We’d waited long enough to bring the warmth that comes from a furry friend back into our home after losing Stuart. And Bobo.

The next chapter of our life together includes moving to our forever home, which is in the background of the photo above. We’re getting there slowly. Just a few things to do to make it our own.

Winston loves it. And that’s the most important thing. He can’t wait to show you his new haunts.

Happy Gotcha Day Winston. I know it’s a term used for rescues, but, hey, as the saying goes, “Who rescued who?” Or should that be whom?

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Dog Show


Wet dogs call for a dog show. We’ve always got a ringside seat in the living room.

This particular talent is the roll scratch. Bark out loud if you’ve caught this act in YOUR living room.

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Our Morning Ride

Winston and Sherlock taking in the sights on the ride to the bus. Wish I could take them with me to work. No wait…..maybe not. They’re a handful. I’d get nothing done but we’d all have a big time!

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The Boys

Winston and Sherlock. Chillin’ on this grand holiday.

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Wash Day

Clean toys. Time for round two of wash day. Actually, there are probably enough for three rounds of wash day.

Do you wash your fur baby’s toys? I have to admit, I’m not very diligent about it.

Next time I’ll have to wash that little baby bunny and the big green ball. He loves them. They were Stuart’s.

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All’s Well

Whew. Little Man is resting comfortably.

It was a long day at the vet’s. We’re told he’s a very sweet Scottie who didn’t mind being poked by needles and having a bit of hair trimmed for the snip, snip procedure.

Of course we already knew he’s sweet.

Too bad I can’t say the same for myself.

After leaving explicit instructions to call my mobile phone – NOT the home or office number – I didn’t hear a word all day. I had to call and ask how he was doing.

“He’s just fine. Dr. Elliott called you first thing this morning to let you know because she knew you’d worry.”

I TEXTED THE DAD PEEP IN ALL CAPS ABOUT NOT GETTING A CALL. WHY, I wrote, DID THIS HAPPEN?????? (Multiple punctuation seems to make a difference for some reason.) WHAT IF THERE’D BEEN AN EMERGENCY??????!!!!! WHYYYYY?????? WHAT HAPPENED?????

As we all know all too well, expressing oneself in all caps doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

I was off by one number on the “what phone number to reach you today” intake form when we dropped him off this morning.

One. Number.


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I Met Batman!

Guess where I went this morning? Yes. The Farmers Market. You know how I love to go there.

I’m told I did pretty well, too. Not too much pissyness.

The most exciting thing that happened this morning was Batman. I’ve never seen a Scottie at the market. Until Batman.

He’s 3. And I think we could be friends. Then, I met Erin and Patrick. They grew up with Scotties and asked The 2-legged one – the Peepstress – all about where I came from and who grooms me.

Think that’s a sign. Don’t you?

Bark at y’all later. Gotta go be pissy at the peeps.

It wouldn’t be Saturday without lots of pissyness. Even if it is all show.

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