Silent Sunday…a day late

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Squirrel Patrol

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Friday’s Foto Fun

Foto Fun Warhol

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Thoughts for Thursday…Bacon?


Yum! I’ve had a BLT this week. Have you? Between the cherry tomato I ate on Monday, followed by a dog biscuit chaser, and the two little pieces of bacon the nice ladies at The Hill Cafe gave me last night, I think I’ve had my first BLT. (Without the Duke’s mayonnaise.)

Now my 2-legged friends are all a twitter about my eating bacon. I’ve never had human food. (At least, not that they know of…but my secret is safe with me. Locked in my Scottie jaws of life. I’ll never open my mouth to tell.)

Have you ever had bacon? Do you eat human food? Isn’t all food human and canine food? What’s the big deal?

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday Shenanigans

Meet our neighborhood geese.

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Friday’s Foto Fun

Happy Friday here in the Northern Hemisphere. Winsta-Coffee and a croissant. YUM!

Foto Fun mug

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