Silent Sunday

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Foto Fun Interrupted…

We interrupt Friday’s Foto Fun for an important announcement and a question. No wait, you can’t have Friday without a little fun, so here goes:

from Rangertumblr_nabc3d9EJu1qdtee3o1_1280

OK. That was double the fun.

Here’s the announcement: Sherlock is coming to visit me and The Dad Peep for DAYS in April. I’m not talking about an overnight, I’m talking about MULTIPLE DAYS after which he will NOT be returning home because we’re planning to puppy-nap him. (Don’t tell anybody.) So get ready for some Sherlock.

Now, we need your help. Some advice. And recommendations. As you know, Sherlock is just a wee lad. He hasn’t even had all of his shots yet. Including his rabies shots, which he’ll need before he can go to a groomer.

But, he’s quite the fluff ball. In fact, I wonder if he can see out of all that fluff! So, my Scottie friends, what should we do about his coat? His peeps are wondering if they should start stripping now, which I can help them do. And we’re all wondering if we should take some scissors to his face. Yikes! The Dad Peep and I gave his peeps Stuart’s grooming table, so he’s been on it to get familiar with it, but that’s about it. What a mess!!!

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

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StuART – Grasses

WCW seagrass 3

Sometimes it’s fun to poke your nose into the grasses.

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Always a Scottie 

We traveled to Alexandria today for a wedding in DC tonight. No sooner had we checked into the room when I noticed this:

“Is that a Scottie on that tray?”

“Yep. It’s Alex the Scottie for $12.00,” said the Dad Peep.

Welcome to Alexandria. Where there’s always a Scottie to welcome you.

This is going to be a nice trip.

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Thank you Thursday!

Thanks for the Barkday Wishes for Angel Stuart yesterday. It helps, doesn’t it? To have friends? To share with and laugh with and remember with? Y’all are great. The Dad Peep and I are tallying up the Stuart’s Fund donation now. Counting the tweets, comments, reblogs, etc. I know Angel Stuart is proud. And probably tuckered out from all the pawtying over the bridge yesterday.

Gotta add his wings to this little photo.

stuart pawty

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Happy Barkday Stuart!

Stuart is 11 today. Whether he’s here on this Earth or not, he’s with us in spirit. And always will be. What a coincidence that today is StuART day? That boy. Always thinking. Here’s to you little man.

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Let’s have a pawty in his memory. For every comment today sharing your memories of him and for every blog, reblog, tweet or retweet about his birthday today, the Dad Peep and I will donate to Stuart’s Fund.



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It’s Pawty Time – You’re Invited

I love a good pawty. Stuart did, too. March 15 marks his 11th birthday. (In spirit.) So, let’s celebrate the boy. How’s that sound? Here are 11 images of Mr. Stu. The soul who still lives among us. The Stumeister who lived life at his own pace. He lived large.

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Reblog, tweet and retweet his birthday post – scheduled for midnight – and let’s start celebrating. Leave a comment and share your memories.

Woot! Oh…and let’s say NO to hemangio – the dreadful cancer that took his life and so many others. For every comment, reblog, tweet or retweet on Stuart’s birthday, the Dad Peep and I will donate a buck to Stuart’s Fund.

Now THAT’S a pawty! Rock on Studebaker Boy!

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