He’s baaaack…


What a difference a grooming makes.

Welcome back handsome boy! Now we can see your beautiful eyes.

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What a mess


Does this even look like a Scottie? No. It. Does. Not.

Thank dawgness Winston is going to the groomer’s tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but does your precious pooch have wonky hair? I’ve tried to trim his eyebrows – I know, YIKES! – but every time they look even, one side curls up and looks like a train wreck. Not to mention his beard. It curls down! Like Foo Man Chu’s.

It’s handsome, but man oh man, he’s a mess. I think I’m going to ask Mary Beth to lighten up his eyebrows this time. I know I went berserk about this a while ago, but I need to see my little man’s pretty eyes. Don’t you think so?

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What’s a girlfriend?

I know I’m not Stuart, but I’m not quite sure what’s going on.

Oh, by the way, this is me, Winston. 

My birthday was May 5 and I got a present. I went to pick out a tree with my peeps, but that’s not the present I’m talking about. The Peepstress paid a LOT of extra special attention to me, but that’s not the present I’m talking about. The Dad Peep kissed me on the nose all day, but that’s not the present I’m talking about.

Nora gave me a present. And a card. I think she spent a lot of time picking these out for me.


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What do you think this means?

Nora Jane is my special friend. She sticks her nose through the gap in the fences and we bark at each other. We’re planning a date to tear up the bushes in her backyard together. (We had fun doing that before.)

Is she my girlfriend? Does that make me her boyfriend?

Well, she said that in her card so it must be true.

I think I’m a lucky guy. THANK YOU NORA!!!!



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Happy Birthday Winston!

We love you to pieces little boy! Two years old today!

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Sunday Shopping

Pardon me while I pee. Plant shopping requires total concentration. Needing to pee distracts me.

Huuummm. What are these for?

Get these. Lots of these.

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Throw back Saturday. Sweet puppy Winston.

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How do You Plead?

This just in….a special prosecutor has concluded an extensive investigation involving Winston (last name) REDACTED of (address) REDACTED. The furry felon is accused of nearly loving his peeps amidst repeated behavior to the contrary.

When asked recently, he sat stoically never uttering a word.

Evidence includes his climbing the stairs of his two-story home in (address) REDACTED during the wee hours of April 22 and sitting patiently until his peeps’ awoke and kissed him repeatedly upon discovering the nearly two-year-old Scottie at the end of the bed. Evidence shows he responded with licks and kisses of his own.

Evidence also includes his walking perfectly to a nearby outdoor cafe, Union Market, for dinner on April 21. No stopping at every blade of grass or tree trunk to check pee mail. Or snapping at every other dog along the way. Actions he vehemently denies through his silence when asked about the details. Dinner went smoothly with the pooch unexpectedly behaving like a true gentleman. As if he enjoyed it. REDACTED.

Could it be, according to the special prosecutor, that Winston actually likes his home? Loves his peeps? Likes his new neighborhood? And his new friends? Contrary to his behavior and his stubborn attitude?

The special prosecutor came to only one conclusion: the four-legged bundle of lofty attitude clearly enjoys his peeps. Against his will.


What say you Winston? How do you plead? Is it love?


To be continued.

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