Silent Sunday

Dr. Watson

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SCOTTIE Saturday

I’ve been smacked by a Maple Leaf friend. And I don’t blame him/her one little bit.

See, in yesterday’s post comments, we all got wrapped up around America’s political climate. I’m not sorry about it, but this is, after all, A SCOTTIE BLOG. As my northern friend reminded me.

So, here’s to my very FAVORITE Canadian Scottie:

Macleod Beach

It’s an old photo, but I LOVE IT. It makes me happy. (And I won’t say anything else about why I can be UNHAPPY these days.)

Look at that sandy little nose!!!!!! That slight head tilt that only a Scottie can do!!!!!

Leave it to a Canadian to smack some sense into me. Thank you my friend.

Because the world, after all, revolves around Scotties.

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Friday’s Finale Foto


Thanks for the memories Big Guy.

We’re flying a black flag today. We’re in mourning.

Hang on to your seats. This is going to be a bumpy four-year-ride.

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Watercolor Wednesday – A Trio

You KNOW what time it is: StuART time!

beachy-wavesBabyBoyWCWin the rushes

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A Bit of Happy News

The loss of a loved one is life changing isn’t it? And while the Dad Peep and I, the Peepstress, haven’t welcomed a furiend into our home – yet – since Stuart’s passing, several of our friends either have, or are going to add to their households very soon.

That makes me happy.

Stuart would say, “it’s time to be happy peeps, ’cause the alternative takes too much effort and you know I don’t like to exert much effort”.


Who knows? Perhaps the Dad Peep and I will have something to share with you about our own household this year. I hope so. Stay tuned….

Until then, best wishes to all who have suffered painful losses and gained new loving friends in the process. AroOOOOO ROOOOO to you!



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Thank You Martin Luther King Jr.

black and white

Don’t forget the dream.

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Friday’s Foto

A Scottie at sunset. What could be better than that?

Stuart at Sunset

Nosing around the Currituck Sound.

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