Watercolor Wednesday – Beach Bum

Just in case you’re just joining us, welcome. First things first: Wednesday is StuART day. Time for a bit of Scottie art to brighten up your week.

Today’s a happy memory of strolling along the beach with Stu. Something new. (The StuART, not the strolling along the beach.)


For those of who I’ve promised StuART, I haven’t forgotten you. Patience is a virtue. (With me, that’d get you into Heaven on the express elevator….)


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Chewsday Tuesday

August is National Sandwich Month. Bet you didn’t know that.

Does that mean a Shoe Sandwich? Like this:

puppy 5

Or this?

Easy and the Shoe

This is the closest thing, don’t you think? Yeah, a butter sammich on Stu bread.


What kind of sandwiches are YOU eating?

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Silent Sunday

Scottie Pins SS.JPG

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Friday’s Foto Fun

Oh my. Even from the great Dog Park in the sky, Stuart would do a better job than the man with orange hair. Don’t you think?

breaking news

More oldies but goodies.  PUPPY TIME!

Don’t they look like little sausages with legs? And heads?

I wonder how these pooches are doing these days?

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The Water Bottle

Last night I was rummaging around in the refrigerator and noticed a bottle of water. I don’t usually buy them because I prefer to filter and store my own tap water. The thought of all that plastic hanging around in the environment makes me cringe.

But, I bought some recently and saw that half-full bottle right smack in front of me.

I started to grab it to empty in Stuart’s water bowl. Crap. No more water bowl.

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They say it takes about 30 days to form a habit. Or maybe 21 days. Something like that. Does that mean it takes the same amount of time to break a habit? Or have it just go away?

It’s been roughly 240 days since Stuart crossed the bridge.

You’d think I’d have stopped reaching for the water bottle by now.

Or stepping over the blank space on the floor next to the bed in the middle of the night.

Or expecting to find him waiting at the front door after we’d gone out for a few hours.

Or making sure the gates are closed.

Scotties – anipals in general – are habit forming. Living as a family of three is habit forming. So are pooch kisses, belly rubs and the click clicks of toenails on a hardwood floor.

Maybe it’s time.

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Watercolor Wednesday – Ahhh

A little StuART goes a long way. With all of this dreadful heat that I keep yapping about, here’s a good one:


By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea. You and me, you and me, oh how happy we’ll be. Yes. We Were.



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It’s Still Happening, But It’s OK

Over the weekend, we ran into somebody we hadn’t seen in at least a year.

“So, how’s Stuart?”

He was brought to tears when the Dad Peep told him that our precious boy crossed the bridge.


As painful as it can be when someone asks about Stuart, it’s almost a comfort to talk about him. He really touched lives. More than we knew.

This big ‘ole world can be ugly, can’t it? Lots of it isn’t pretty.

But when someone asks about Stuart, it’s better in a sad kind of way.

And when an unknown neighbor passes by your house and retrieves a stray house flag that had blown out of its holder, rolls it up neatly and leaves it at your front door, that’s kindness.

That happened over the weekend, too.

People amaze me. Just as Stuart did.


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