Toby Did Well: Meet Sherlock

Hold on to your hats. Stop the presses. Shut the front door. Here comes Sherlock:



His peeps just sent us this photo of his ears standing UP. We met him on Friday night. When his ears were floppy.

He is the most adorable bundle of joy. He only weighs about 2 lbs. If you sneezed, he’d blow away. He’s no bigger than my shoe.

But, dear friends, his personality is bigger than life and he’s definitely a Scottie through and through. At only eight weeks old, he takes no guff from anybody. (And I’ve got bite marks and holes in my jeans to prove it.)

My own photos of him from our visit were epic fails and until I increase my Cloud storage, you’ll just have to wait for one of the little movies I took of him. I can’t get them off of my phone!

Toby, you did well. You picked a beauty of a boy for your peeps and your housemate Banks.

ARrOOOOO to you little Sherlock!

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Silent Sunday


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Friday’s Foto Fun and Puppy Breath

You remember Toby, right?

Toby Glasses 2012

Toby and The Bubble Wrap? Yeah. THAT Toby.

Sadly, you’ll remember, Toby went over the bridge last summer. So now he and Angel Stuart are romping together with so many other friends who’ve left us. (Like Mac. To Mac’s peeps and pals, I’m thinking of you during this sad time.)

Well, Angel Toby sent his peeps – hold on to your hats – a teeny, weeny Scottie puppy last week. Yep.

There’s now a little black ball of love nipping at brother Banks’ toes.

Guess who gets to meet this precious baby tonight? That would be ME. And The Dad Peep.

Yes, friends. In several hours we’ll be sitting on the floor with a Scottie puppy crawling all over us.

I CANNOT WAIT for puppy breath in my face.

And for those of you wondering when Angel Stuart is going to send us a new friend, we’ll all have to wait. It’s not time yet. And he knows it. (We’re putting our house on the market in two weeks and moving. Somewhere. We’re not sure at the moment. Not a good time to be Scottie peeps again, no?)

Here’s hoping you’ll be seeing images of Angel Toby’s puppy here at The Scottie Chronicles very soon!


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Why, Oh Why?

Sometimes I wish Scotties weren’t the universal graphic symbol for dogs.

Spotted on a Washington, DC, metro car earlier this week:


Get a closer look:


Sorry we missed Watercolor Wednesday yesterday. Here’s one to tide you over ’til next week:



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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Silent Sunday



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Watercolor Wednesday – A Dilly Day

Those of you who knew Stuart knew he loved dillys. Daffodillys. I was pulling the trash cans back into the yard yesterday and saw them. The first dillys of the season.

I like to think Angel Stuart sent them. It’s the second season of dillys since he left us.

Scotties love routines. Habits. Whatever you want to call them. Schedules. Whatever. And so it is that, I too, love rituals.

This one’s for you Angel Stuart. Because it’s Wednesday. And a perfect day to celebrate your dillys.

snoozing in dillys.jpg

Yes, Stuart loved routines. He knew what time it was. Time for an afternoon walk (around 4:30). Time to visit Sniglet. (Only in the morning on weekdays and several times a day on the weekends.) Time to go to bed at night. (After watching MeTV’s Perry Mason.)

Why not share your Scottie routines in the comments? Let’s all have a little chat about our anipal schedules and rituals.

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