Scottie Heaven? Apparently Not.

A while ago, I wrote a post about our yard being “Scottie Heaven” and many folks weighed in on how to create such a haven for all beloved Scots. It was part of the Saturday Scottie Scholars series. Remember that?

Apparently, our yard isn’t the heaven or haven I thought it was because we’ve been turned down in our ongoing attempts to rescue a Scottie in North Carolina. We learned this only last evening. And after our home visit on Saturday.

Needless to say, the Dad Peep and are I not only stunned but sad. Incredible. Us? Not suitable to rescue a Scottie in need of a loving home because of our yard?

Unthinkable. A major setback in our attempt to bring a bundle of joy into our loving Scottie home.

It’ll take a while to process this.

Until then, it’s time for some StuART!

WCW Out the Window 2

Here’s waggin’ a tongue at you Angel Stuart!

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Whew Friday and Some Fun

Whew. It’s Friday. Time for some fun right about now, don’t you think?

Butt first, a note of appreciation for all of your thoughtful comments over the past couple of days. (Who am I kidding? WE APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS!! No matter when you write them. I love reading them and I haven’t replied lately, but I will.)

The Dad Peep and I are learning so much about rescue. As it turns out, the little guy in Minneapolis I mentioned yesterday is spoken for. I received a nice automated email reply, then a personal one about their policy of NOT adopting to out of state folks. I don’t get it, but I respect their policies. We wouldn’t have been able to get him anyway. Ahead of our application, there were already three approved ones. I’m not surprised. Hooray for Donovan in Minnesota! He’s got a new home! (And his new peeps got a special Scottie package of love and laughs.)

Before I give you a pupdate, we need to talk about a couple of things. As you know, it takes a village. To do just about everything… to raise a child. To raise a pup or kitty or bird or fish. To build bridges and mend fences. Villages do help.

Please keep Ranger in your thoughts. He’s dealing with a “C” scenario and needs the power of the paw (POTP). It’s been removed, but he’s waiting to get the “all clear” sign.

I hate cancer. Hate isn’t the word, but I can’t think of a word to replace it. I wish I could replace cancer. Just wipe it out. Ranger, we’ve got your back baby. 

Please keep Sniglet in your thoughts. Angel Stuart’s girlfriend next door had a mild stroke a few days ago and is dealing with sight issues. She’s mending well. She has a way to go.

Let’s send some POTP to all in need. Whether you’ve got paws, fins, claws or feathers, here in Blogville, we’ve got your back.

So, until next time, here’s a Friday’s Foto Fun. Heck, here are a few. Y’all go out there and hug your babies for me and the Dad Peep.

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Wish us luck with our home inspection tomorrow morning. We may just be the place for that little North Carolina boy after all.

It takes a village. And I’m so thankful we’re all in this together.

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Thursday Pupdate – Bumps in the road

Have I told you lately how wonderful you are? Y’all are so supportive and helpful. As the Dad Peep and I travel along the rescue road, we’re finding it to be a bit bumpy.

What we thought would be a somewhat easy but lengthy process hasn’t turned out that way. Lengthy: yes. Easy: no. We didn’t think it would be THAT easy, after all, the pups’ lives are at stake.

We don’t know what’ll happen with our interest in the sweet young man in North Carolina. He needs a home. We have a home. But there are bumps in the road.

So, we’re keeping our options open. And this morning, wouldn’t you know I saw a three-month old Wheaten boy in Minnesota? They say they don’t allow adoptions over a 60-mile radius. Seriously? I’ve written to them anyway.

And then….there are a few litters coming up.

What to do. Maybe the timing’s not right.

A little boy needs a home. We have a home. Who knew it would be so difficult? Are all rescues this way?

Speaking of puppies, here’s a pic. Sorry for the blur, but you get the gist! That Stu. What a gem he was. Wish I had a puppy picture of little BoBo. Another gem.

Baby Stuart

Thanks, pals. For keeping us in your thoughts.



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StuART – Thank you!

Pals, thank you so very much for sharing your rescue stories. Each is much appreciated and very, very helpful to me and The Dad Peep. And thanks for the email notes, too.

Whether or not we’re joined with this little guy, remains to be seen. But whatever happens, we wish only the best for him and a bundle of love for us.

AND, my heart goes out to every one of you who rescued a loved one, and for some, multiple furiends. As a friend said, “it’s amazing what love can do”. How true. You’re the best.

Now. It’s time for some StuART, yes? Yes!

Here goes. Now get out there and have yourselves a happy Wednesday. Because Angel Stuart and Angel BoBo say so. And you can’t ignore a Scottie. No matter where they are.

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Tuesday Pupdate

Well friends, we’ve done it. Not only do we have folks actively looking for a Scottie boy to bring into our lives, we’ve submitted an application for a 14-month old gem in North Carolina. A puppy mill boy. Who had to be taught how to use the stairs and how to eat out of a bowl.

Can you imagine?


Don’t get me started.

Now, here’s a question for you. We’re going back and forth about this.

For those of you who have rescued your companions, what pitfalls might we expect? Do older rescues really “get over” their early life experiences? Are they more resilient than we give them credit for? How many questions can I ask at one time? Too many. (Keep in mind, we don’t know if we’ll be chosen for this little man. And, if we get to meet him, we don’t know that he’ll CHOOSE US.)

One can train a new puppy from the get go. With an older rescue, it may not be a good match. (Our BoBo was four months old when we rescued him. Still a puppy.)

I know plenty of happy, delightful, joyful rescue stories.

Please share yours in the comments.

Now, here’s your dose of StuART. A day early!



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Silent Sunday 

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Friday Fun. We’re baaaack.

The Dad Peep and I are back in the saddle after being away. Well, not really in the saddle completely, but we’re getting there. Vacay is always fun and this one was beautiful. Peaceful – even serene – a nice time to be together away from the hopeful house sale (we had a showing while we were gone – but no contract), my new job (yes, I took a vacation after being on a new job for only three months – SWEET!) and other stressors. Thank you, Bermuda, for another gem of a visit. If you’ve never been, you must go.

Isn’t it funny how things work? No sooner had we learned while we were gone that the upcoming litter was not to be (sad about that), than we heard we’re on another list for a Scottie Lad. Who knows what’ll happen, but we’re so grateful for our friends who are keeping their ears to the ground for us and keeping us in their thoughts. We are sooooooo ready for a pup. (Stuart and BoBo are sure taking their sweet time choosing one for us. But, as we all know, one can never rush a Scottie.)

Now. It’s time for some fun. Why, oh why, are Scotties used as the overall sign of dogs not allowed to do things? Like ride a metro?


I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to cooler weather. Like Howl-O-Weenie weather! (That would be fall where we live.) Aren’t these guys cute?

Braeden Seth

Kissing cousins!


Now go out there and have yourselves a grrrreat weekend!

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