Twinkle Toes

There’s always evidence after a crime.

Yes. That’s blood on my sweatshirt. Poor Winston.

For me, black hair, black skin, and black nails do not add up to a happy ending. Especially when toenail clippers are involved. But I did it anyway.

Never again.

He’s fine, but last night looked like a crime scene. On top of the quick I cut by mistake, we discovered that the nail had mysteriously split some time ago.

Poor Winston.

And he’d been licking it for a while. But Scotties lick, so I thought nothing of it.

Bad Peepstress. Even though he romped in the snow this morning, I didn’t get a kiss goodbye before work.


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Winston Watercolor Wednesday

Love me some Winston. Don’t you?

Head Rest WCW 1

Hope you enjoy!

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Snoozy Shopping

Time to change our kitchen countertops. What do you think Winston?

He’s a good shopper!

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Silent Sunday

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Stubborn Saturday

Don’t you just love Scottie personalities?

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A Fabulous Friday!

I’ll get right to it….Winston made me the happiest person in the world. Last night AND this morning.

You might recall that the three of us are slow to bond. But only a week from his 8-Month Birthday – only half of his little life has been spent with us – he seems to be turning a corner.

Well, maybe we’re all turning a corner.

First things first, he’s the most peculiar (in a GOOD way!) little friend I’ve ever known. Sometimes his behavior is odd, but always it’s endearing.

He’s not particularly interested in walkies, unless it’s snowing. He’s not particularly attached to us, until his true feelings betray his aloofness.

Weeks ago, he stopped sleeping in his crate in the bedroom. So, he skips off downstairs to sleep in the kitchen. ??? Really? A puppy leaving his peeps?

But, last night, WAIT FOR IT……he and I were playing under the big bed (it’s a tall four-poster). What a cool place for a pooch! All covered and protected by a dust ruffle. Places to look out and sneak a gnaw at his Dad Peep’s feet as he walks by. (Tee Hee!)

My brain cells kicked in and I pulled a soft blanket out of the hall closet and laid it out for him under the big bed. In his hideout of a den.

What did I find this morning? A snoozing Scottie. In our bedroom. On the floor. Next to the bed. I could have cried. But wait….there’s more.

After an appointment before work I came home to change into business clothes. He couldn’t have been more pleased to see me come through the front door. THEN, as if that weren’t enough to celebrate, HE FOLLOWED ME UPSTAIRS.

It’s a Fabulous Friday indeed!


“I don’t know what all this fuss is about. Angel Stuart told me humans do some crazy things, but these people are nuts. Even so, I’m glad I got a nesting place under the bed. It only took four months. Sigh.” – Winston

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Off to a good start. Hopefully.

I just left the following comment on the post about Winston’s 8th Month Birthday. And it occurred to me, after reading the many insights left by commenters, that all of you might like to see it. It’s been altered only slightly.

Your wisdom is immense. I didn’t feel quite right about traveling twice for longer than a weekend when little man came into our lives back in September. But, what’s done is done and we’re a pack now. One thing’s for sure, when we traveled, he was safe and loved. We even had a choice about where he could stay while we were gone! We’re very lucky in that regard. And very, very appreciative of his caregivers led by Sherlock himself.

We’ve been together with no interruption for just over a week now since the howlidays and that tail of his goes nuts when we come back into the house from being gone for an hour or so. That’s a good sign!

We’re back to going to the Farmers’ Market every Saturday and have scheduled a class for the three of us beginning next month.

Winston is one smart cookie. And stubborn. As. A. Mule. (But what Scottie isn’t?) That’s one of the many traits I love about them.

Thanks friends and furiends, for your continued guidance down this road of ours….ArrOOOO!

I have a good feeling about 2018. And you’re all a part of that prognostication. (Doesn’t THAT sound like a word Stuart would use? Winston is soon to develop his own way with words. So stay tuned.)

Head Rest.jpg

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