There’s Never a Good Time

I always heard that when planning for a child, there’s never a good time. People seem to wait for this or that, but there never seems to be a good time to add to your family. As a child-free person, I’ve never thought about that stuff.

When the Dad Peep and I finally realized that our house wasn’t going to be a home again without four feet clicking around on the hard wood floors, we never seemed to find the right time to do it.

Then, when we decided to adopt a boy in need, we were turned down. And when a breeder with a little boy – pick of the litter he said – asked if we’d breed him and show him, we knew that wasn’t going to work out either.

We decided that the universe was saying, “it’s not time yet.” Our house still hasn’t sold so we haven’t moved yet but still plan to, we’ve got a trip planned over Christmas, I’ve got a conference on the West Coast to attend in November, and on top of that Sherlock is coming to visit on Friday while his peeps are away.

About a week or so ago, though, we got a couple of phone calls and texts from two different people about a woman in North Carolina with puppies to place. Huuum. Since we were going down there anyway, to see the Dad Peep’s mother, it’d be easy to stop by wouldn’t it? Yes. It. Would. After many phone calls, texts and lots of soul searching, we decided we’d go for a visit, but only for future reference. To meet her. Just in case she had a litter sometime. In the future you understand. So we bought a new crate. Just in case. But we were only going to look.

I think you know how that little visit worked out.

On the way home September 18 2017

Whew. I thought they’d never make up their mind.

There we were. If it hadn’t been for the lead the breeder gave us, we’d have had none. No brushes. No bowls. No collar. No nothing. Couldn’t even get a vet appointment until next week.

Time to start all over.

And we couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you for your encouragement. Your support. Your friendship. Your interest. And your love of all companions who make the world a lot nicer.

Introducing: Winston. A Cinco de Mayo boy. 18 weeks old. Black with brindle feet and some brindle on his tail and ears.

By the way, he’s got an absolutely precious sister. Just in case… I’m jus’ sayin’.



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Look What We Found

This little fella hitched a ride home with us. Guess he’s ours, ya think?

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Friday Pupdate

Look what we just bought:

Hard to tell, but it’s a dog crate. In two pieces to screw together. And an oh-so-soft crate liner. A nice little nappy place, yes?

We’re off to visit the Dad Peep’s momma. Way down South. Who knows who we might find on the way home? Or not?

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A Good Idea?

For the first time in almost two years, I looked at a dog supply catalog today.

Is there light at the end of the dark tunnel? Is it a good idea to think about a dog in our home again?

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Friday’s Foto Fun

Whew we, could we use some fun today? You bet! 

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Watercolor Wednesday – StuART

I don’t know about you, but after the last several days, weeks and months, I think a little StuART would do us all some good. Even if it IS old. From the archives. Maybe more than just a little StuART…..maybe a few. Whew.

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Silent Sniglet Sunday 

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