Silent Sunday

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Prize Patrol Announcement

Cherry the Scottie wins the Stuart’s Fund shirt. In celebration of my Barkday.

We have a winner. Cherry the Scottie’s name was pulled from the random drawing celebrating my Barkday last Thursday.

In the event Cherry can’t serve in this capacity, we’ll pull another name. (But why would that even happen?)

Butt, remember, we’re giving away party gifts to all who commented! Weeeeeee!

Thank you all for being a part of my Wonderful Winston Life. (Don’t you love a giveaway?)

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And the winner is….

It’s time for some Friday’s Foto Fun.

Thank y’all so much for the Barkday wishes! I had a great day yesterday. And now I’m figuring out the winners of our T-shirt and Watercolor Wednesday cards.

But I’m still a puppy. A 5-year-old puppy, so my attention span is a bit scattered.

I’ll be back to condogulate the winners!!!


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Yes. I turned 5 years old on the 5th day of the 5th month. Today.

Birthday Boy’s Peepstress needs to upgrade her photo editing skills, oui?
Salmon skin breakfast today.
No wait…add some egg. That’s it! Now smoosh it all up.

She put pumpkin in it too. YUM.

Empty bowls. Why are there three? Don’t ask. Clean plate club though!

Now, to celebrate my barkday, I want to give away a Stuart’s Fund T-shirt. So here goes.

This shirt doesn’t look blue in this picture, but it is. A nice light blue.

All comment submitter names from now until midnight tonight EST, will be put into a bowl. One name will be drawn and that winner will be ….THE winner!

Now, the next five names to be drawn will each receive a pawty gift of Watercolor Wednesday greeting cards.

Woot! So get to commenting! You can comment more than once if you want to.


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Cinco de Winston

Ah me…..turning 5 years old on Cinco de Mayo. I think that’s cause for celebration, don’t y’all?

From my very first day in my new home…..five years ago
To going to school and graduating at the top of my class….sort of…
To getting a nice treat from my girlfriend next door not too long after we moved into our new house four years ago…
To finding out that I really don’t like the beach all that much….
To figuring out that I love to look out of my special window. Guess I’m no longer a child. And THAT is your Winston’s Watercolor Wednesday for today.

Y’all stay tuned because I’m having a drawing for a giveaway on my barkday. Tomorrow. Seems The Peepstress ordered a too-big Stuart’s Fund shirt……

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Silent Sunday

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Throwback Thursday – Dr. Winston

I actually graduated from Obedience School. Waaay back when.

If I were in school now, it’d be some kind of graduate degree program. And I’d be the professor. Just call me Dr. Winston, professor of Stubbornology.

How many of you would be in my class?

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Thankful Thursday – Throwback too

It’s also Throwback Thursday. Here I am as a little puppy.

Friends, Happy Throwback and Thankful Thursday.

Because of your generous and thoughtful support of Stuart’s Fund and the 2022 T-Shirt Campaign, The Peepstress asked that I share the results of the campaign: your $243.91 was matched by the Scottie Chronicles for grand total of $500.00 toward hemangiosarcoma research.

Now THAT’S something be thankful about!

AND, if that weren’t enough, you can still support research efforts because the Stuart’s Fund Store is still open!

Y’all are the best. And I’m happy to call you friends.

I’d forgotton how cute I was.
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Wonderful Wednesday

I thank you…..
Stuart thanks you….
My neighbor Nora in costume thanks you….
My BFF Sherlock and I together thank you….
Each and every one of my Instagram friends thank you….
My friend Tico thanks you…..
Kaci and Kali thank you….

And every family that has ever lost a dog to hemangiosarcoma thanks you.

You made it possible for The Peepstress to send money (from your T-Shirt purchases and donations) to Stuart’s Fund. TO HELP GET RID OF THAT NASTY CANCER.

ARROOOOOOOOOOOO! to all of you who supported this campaign. You’ve made it a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

The Peepstress will let you know the final talley when she’s finished. ArrOOO Roooooo to YOU!

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1 more day

Get ‘em while they last!

Friends, the Stuart’s Fund T-shirt campaign ends tomorrow night at midnight. Thank you for your support.

If you want one and you want to help end hemangiosarcoma, hop over to Stuart’s Fund DOT com and follow the link in the blog post!!!
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Throwback Thursday

Whew. I thought they’d never make up their mind.

It may not look like much, but THIS is me when I made the journey to live with my new peeps. Back in 2017. I was only four months old.

Tail in the water bowl.

And since I missed National Puppy Day yesterday – I was too busy trying to raise money to get rid of hemangiosarcoma, that awful disease that took Stuart’s life – I missed showing you how precious I was as a pup.

Now you know.

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For those who know, it’s time for another installment of WWCW, better known as Winston’s Watercolor Wednesday. It harkens back to StuART – Watercolor Wednesday. We had to carry on the tradition. But switch it up a bit. For Winston.

Now you know. Soooo…’s an oldie but goodie while we create new art of Winston.

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